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Clear ANY Skin Problem Naturally - Rejuvenate Your Skin
June 28, 2009
Hello dear friends!

Welcome to your Week #4 lesson of our free Natural Beauty Makeover program.

Week #4 - Rejuvenate and Repair Your Skin

In this lesson you will learn how to activate your body's innate healing and rejuvenating capabilities!

What you will learn:

  • How your body can repair sun damage, acne scars and other skin problems naturally.
  • How to reduce or eliminate chronic health challenges that create skin inflammation.

First Let's Review

Last week we focus on nourishing your skin by nourishing your whole body. Nourishing your whole body helps to balance all the amazing natural hormonal and chemical interactions in our bodies, so that every part of us works together. When that happens, many of our sensitive skin challenges have an opportunity to improve or even reverse themselves!

Did you find the information helpful? How was it for you to eat more vegetables and fruits during the week?

If you missed last week's lesson, you can find it here: Lesson #3 - Nourish Your Skin

I'd like to hear how you are doing with the course so far. Have you had a chance yet to create your own Natural Beauty Journal?

If at any time you have questions or are feeling stuck, please don't hesitate to contact me.

You can reach me most easily by sharing your own experience here at your own Natural Beauty Journal. I will be able to comment and respond to your questions directly on your page!

How Your Body Repairs and Rejuventates

Our bodies are miraculous instruments that carry countless innate self healing mechanisms that we are usually unaware of ....

Until something goes wrong!

When our skin breaks into rashes all the time, it is trying to tell us something. The skin ends up functioning as one of our organs of elimination when our other body systems are not working well.

It is our hope through this course to help you to listen to what your body is saying, and to discover some of the root causes of your sensitive skin challenges, so that you can enjoy a radiant, glowing complexion!

Our bodies are repairing themselves all the time, and there are several things we can do that help them to do their jobs more effectively.

  1. Sleep - our bodies need to sleep in order to repair and rejuvenate themselves. Everyone's sleep needs vary, but generally seven to eight hours per night is best.

  2. Pure water - water is necessary not only for life, but to help carry away the excess toxins that we accumulate in our bodies. Most people need half their body weight in ounces each day, or more. Without sufficient water your blood carries more toxicity and you feel sluggish and heavy. In today's world you will likely need to filter your drinking water AND your shower water to remove toxins.

  3. Nutrient rich foods - when you get adequate nutrition, and all of the miraculous self healing mechanisms in your body can function at their peak capacity.

  4. Good elimination - it's hardly ever discussed in polite company, but good elimination is essential in order for your body to repair and rejuvenate. Poor elimination often causes skin eruptions and inflammation. Good elimination means that you are having one bowel movement for each meal you eat per day. You can help your elimination by drinking more water and eating more fiber through whole grains, legumes, and raw fruits and vegetables.

  5. Rest - Not all rest happens while we are sleeping. Sometimes it is necessary to simply take a break for a few minutes from whatever you are doing to clear your mind with a walk out in the fresh air. Done regularly, short rest breaks actually will improve your performance AND your efficiency, no matter what you are doing. This is crucial to reducing stress and helping your body rejuvenate itself.

  6. Recreation - This is a very neglected area of life in today's modern world. Children teach us the importance of play, and this need not disappear from our lives when we are adults! What kinds of activities do you enjoy, that are fun and that feel healing and rejuvenating to you? Make a point to do this regularly, not just once a year! Your health depends on it!

Extra Help for Rejuvenating Our Bodies

Sometimes if we are very much out of balance, and have a lot of chronic health challenges, we might need some extra help to rejuvenate our bodies.

If that is the case, there are some natural ways to give your body some extra help to rejuvenate. Some of these methods include:

  • Nutritional supplements - These can help correct nutritional imbalances and to give us a boost when we are feeling depleted. The best way to know what you need is to consult a qualified natural health practitioner like a naturopathic physician.

  • Herbal cleansing - Done at the right time, a good cleanse can really help you "clean out the closet" internally. Generally a cleanse consists of herbs to help the colon to work better, and a fiber product that passed through the intestines and absorbs toxins.

    An added benefit to doing a cleanse it that you often feel lighter and freer in other areas of your life as well! Cleansing is best done with a qualified health practitioner, and should not be undertaken if you are very sick, very depleted or are pregnant.

  • Colonic irrigation - Is another method for helping to cleanse the elimination systems of the body which uses water and a special colonic irritation device. Colonic irrigation therapists offer this service and generally recommend several treatments. Some people prefer this method to doing an herbal cleanse, some people do both.

  • Mineral springs, saunas or steam baths - Mineral springs are naturally occurring hot springs which over time, people have found to have healing properties. If you are lucky enough to live near one, it can be a profound experience to spend a day at a hot springs! For the rest of us, a sauna or steam bath can help to cleanse the body by increasing perspiration so toxins are eliminated through the skin.

Action Step #4 - Choose One of These for Rejuvenation

From our list of the six ways that our bodies rejuvenate themselves, choose ONE to focus on this week.

  1. Sleep
  2. Pure water
  3. Nutrient rich foods
  4. Good elimination
  5. Rest
  6. Recreation

Your body and your inner wisdom will know what your body needs help with. Look over the list and see what your body tells you that you need.

Do you need more sleep? More water? A better diet? Some help to get the elimination flowing? Or are you stressed out with hardly any time for yourself? Do you need more play time for yourself?

Choose just one of these to focus on this week, and do it once each day, consistently. Then, at the end of a week, see how you feel!

Write it down in your Natural Beauty Journal.

If you haven't yet created yours, you can go here to make your own free Natural Beauty Journal!

Have a Rejuvenating and Healing Week!

Thank you so much for joining me in this weeks lesson! I appreciate your participation in this e-course and I hope it has been helpful for you.

I look forward to seeing you next week for our final lesson, and a special bonus gift for "graduating" from our course! :-)

Best wishes,

P.S. I know I am repeating myself here, but I want to make sure that you know about this, because hardly anyone is talking about this yet!

I have recently discovered that many personal care and skin care products that claim to be safe for sensitive skin contain ingredients that are not really good for sensitive skin!

Some of these ingredients can cause allergies, acne, and skin breakouts, or can cause organ toxicity in our bodies, which can also increase the sensitivity of our skin.

Another thing that I found shocking is that some hypoallergenic products which claim to be all natural contain herbs, botanicals or essential oils which can cause allergic reactions and skin break outs for sensitive skin.

And even if you are not allergic to the herbs or essential oils, you may be allergic to the preservatives that are used to keep the herbs fresh! These are not required to be disclosed on the product label!

Then ... if you are lucky enough to find a product that is both chemically safe, non-toxic and ALSO free of plant based allergens, it performs so poorly that you might as well use nothing at all!! :(

In my experience it has been almost impossible to find a really effective hypoallergenic product line that actually does it's job by NOT being toxic AND making you look and feel better!

So far I've only found one. Thank you again for your participation in our e-course! I will see you next week for our last lesson.

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