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Clear ANY Skin Problem Naturally - Create YOUR Natural Beauty Plan
July 15, 2009
Hello dear friends!

This is your fifth and final step of our free Natural Beauty Makeover program.

Week #5 - Creating Your Natural Beauty Makeover

In this final lesson you will learn how to put together the information from this e-course to create a dynamic, flexible, FUN and creative daily natural beauty makeover program that works for YOUR skin, YOUR needs and YOUR schedule!

We all know what it's like to have bad habits. It's just TOO easy in today's stressful world to not pay attention to our bodies, our health, or to what we are eating or putting onto or in our bodies.

When we're rushing and too busy, often it is easier, or so it seems, to just eat what is most convenient, or to drink some caffeine and sugar, rather than to take the extra time to rest, or drink a green smoothie or a healthy herbal tea!

It's way too easy to just coast along in our lives, not paying attention until one day we look in the mirror and go YIKES!! Where did those acne pimples, wrinkles, dark circles or extra fifteen pounds come from?

The SECRET to Making Lasting Positive Change

When we are stressed out, our bodies react with MORE aches and pains, more food cravings, and more exhaustion. If we respond with older, unhealthy habits, we end up looking and feeling worse rather than better!

Today's lesson will help you to break the cycle of stress and replace less healthy habits with NEW, healthy, natural beauty habits.

Daily habits WILL create results, and you will be amazed at the changes you will see in your skin within a few months!

What you will learn:

  • How to identify which daily habits you are ready to "makeover" into healthy, natural beauty habits.

  • How to pick and choose three natural health and beauty activities that YOU most need in order to look and feel great.

  • How to create a simple and flexibile daily skin care and natural beauty program that can grow and evolve as YOu do!

First Let's Review

Last week we focus on rejuvenating and repairing your skin by activating your body's innate natural healing abilities. We talked about the six ways that our bodies rejuvenate, and you chose ONE rejuvenating activity to focus on doing more of this past week.

  • Sleep
  • Pure water
  • Nutrient rich foods
  • Good elimination
  • Rest
  • Recreation
Which one did you focus on {!firstname_fix}? How did that go for you? Did you notice a different in how you felt during the week? Is this a change that you'd like to continue in your daily life?

If you missed last week's lesson, you can find it here: Lesson #4 - Rejuvenate and Repair Your Skin

As always, you can let me know how you are doing by sharing your own experience here at your own free Natural Beauty Journal. I will be able to comment and respond to your questions directly on your page!

Now, on to creating your Natural Beauty Makeover Program!

Where to Begin

Take a look at your skin, your face, your body and your life. Where is your greatest pain? What bothers you the most about your appearance or how you feel?

  • Acne?
  • Wrinkles?
  • A sagging double chin?
  • Constant skin inflammations?

Identifying the CAUSE of Your Problem

This can take some detective work. Where does your problem BEGIN? You will need to pay attention to your daily routine and then intuitively sense which daily habits are affecting your body. If your challenges are more severe, you may need to engage the assistance of a qualified natural health practitioner.

For example, you may discover:

  • The cause of your acne is hormonal imbalance related to menopause.

  • The cause of your wrinkles is too much sun exposure and not enough antioxidants (which prevent sun damage).

  • The cause of your double chin is that you gained an extra 15 pounds and you stopped exercising.

  • The cause of your skin inflammations is allergies to your skin care products.

What Are You Ready to Change?

In creating your natural beauty makeover program, it is VERY important that you be realistic with yourself.

How Much Time do I Have?

Whether you are changing your diet, doing a new exercise routine, or using a new skin care product line, it always takes a little more time to learn something new and to create NEW daily habits. Plan for that time by allocating at least 15 minutes to one half hour per day in the first week to your new activity, depending on what it is.

For example, using a new skin care line will only require a few extra minutes in the first week. Learning to make a healthy green smoothie may require a half an hour a day, until you learn the ropes. Then it will take just 10 minutes!

By the way, a green smoothie is a healthy drink you make in the blender, and is one of the quickest ways to get more nutrition and to create a radiant complexion. Place 2 cups water, some greens like spinach or chard, and some fruit like blueberries, apples or bananans in a blender and then blend on high, You can add protein powder, stevia for natural sweetening, or other goodies. It's a fast and delicious way to start the day!

How Much Change can I Tolerate?

We all have a part of us that wants to grow and change and be healthy and be the best that we can be. We also have another part of ourselves that resists change and would rather stay just the way we are, even if we are unhappy! You need to honestly look at yourself and decide just how much change you are willing to embrace!

DON'T judge yourself. Be GENTLE and go slowly. This is MUCH better than creating an overly enthusiastic natural beauty makeover program that is too overwhelming and that leaves you frustrated and discouraged.

The Key to Success

Don't do everything at once. You and your body will feel overwhelmed. Make positive changes gradually!

Pick ONE area of your daily life to focus on EACH week, just like we did here in our e-course. For example, if you know have acne and you just KNOW you need to change your diet, pick ONE food you are eating that you know causes skin breakouts, and give it up ... JUST for a week!

It's much easier to think about giving something up for a week, than it is to think about NEVER ever eating that food again! So take it one week at a time, and at the end of the week, see how you feel. See how your face looks.

Choosing NEW Daily Habits

After honestly looking at yourself, your skin and your health, pick and choose one or two problems that need the MOST help right now.

If you have five problems, which is the one that MOST bothers you? Which problem, if addressed, will make you look and feel the BEST and give you the most satisfaction?

A Program of Baby Steps

You will create your Natural Beauty Makeover in steps, just like we did in this course!

You will choose one NEW healthy habit at a time. We call these Natural Beauty Makeover Activities.

A Natural Beauty Makeover Activity can include any health or beauty producing activity that will HELP your skin problems.

Some examples of Natural Beauty Makeover Activities include:

  • Drinking more water
  • Eating more fruits and vegetables
  • Using gentler skin care products
  • Doing facial exercise

Your plan will include ONE new Natural Beauty Makeover Activity EACH week for three weeks.

At then end of your first week, add the second new Natural Beauty Makeover Activity. If all goes well, on the third week, add the third activity. By they you will have added three new healthy habits to your day and made three positive changes to your daily routine!

At the end of three weeks you will step back, see how you are looking and feeling, and then decide whether you want to continue or not.

If you're looking and feeling GREAT, then you can decide if you want to continue this program, or whether you want to add a few NEW steps.

Some Examples of Natural Beauty Makeovers

Example #1:

Let's say you are a busy 36 year old mom with three kids and NO extra free time. You have always eaten convenience foods and have a sweet tooth.

You're noticing more acne and wrinkles and have gained a few pounds. You spend a lot of time in the car, driving the kids to their soccer practice, dance lessons and after school activities.

You want to get rid of the wrinkles and look healthier, but you don't have the energy to make a lot of changes. Even though you have very little time, you are very motivated and you want to REALLY make some positive changes.

Example #1 Natural Beauty Makeover Program

Week One - Give Up Sugar

Week Two - Drink Green Smoothies

Week Three - Do Facial Exercise

After three weeks, you are still having trouble giving up the sugar but you ARE eating about half the amount and you notice you are less tired!

You have had some trouble integrating the green smoothies into your diet, as it takes extra time to buy the extra vegetables and fruits, and about 10 extra minutes in the morning to whip them up in the blender and then rinse out the blender and the glass. You manage to drink about three green smoothies a week.

Even though you wanted to drink one green smoothie every day, you already are noticing a difference in your energy levels. Though you haven't lost any weight yet, you are feeling more energized and more willing to eat healthier.

You don't have time to do facial exercises at home, but you've managed to do a few while you are driving in the car after you drop the kids off. It's fun but you haven't managed to do them consistently yet for five days a week.

For the next three weeks, you decide to continue this program until you can be more consistent. After another three weeks, you are drinking four to five green smoothies a week, and you found yourself craving more salad! You have less craving for cookies and have started taking a short walk with the kids after dinner. You have managed to do the facial exercises four or five days a week and notice your complexion is more radiant and your wrinkles are starting to fade!

Example #2:

You're a 19 year old runner in your first year of college. You eat pretty healthy but feel very stressed out from living in a new environment, and working so hard on your classes.

You're up late a lot and the college dormitory doesn't have as much healthy food as you would like. There isn't a lot of free time to make your own food and so you've been eating more pizza lately and notice your skin is breaking out.

You have been using skin care products from the drugstore and just realize they are loaded with artificial colors and colors, fragrances and other irritating ingredients.

Example #2 Natural Beauty Makeover Program

Week One - Sleep one extra hour and meditate for 10 minutes a day

Week Two - Switch to a a hypoallergenic skin care routine

Week Three - Get a fruit bowl for your dorm room and keep it stocked with apples, oranges, and other fresh fruit to snack on instead of pizza

After three weeks, you found it difficult to sleep more but managed to get at least a half hour extra sleep a day. You found it easier to meditate at night before bed and this helped you to sleep better. Your skin had a good response to the hypoallergenic products and your acne has mostly cleared up, except around exam time!

You have trouble keeping fruit in your dorm room because your roommates like to eat it! You work out an agreement where they replace any fruit they take, and you find the fruit is much better for your skin than pizza.

You are happy with the results and decide for the next three weeks to continue this program and to add ONE new natural beauty habit.

You decide for the next three weeks to continue these actions AND to drink MORE pure water and healthy teas and to give up sugary sodas.

After another three weeks on this program, your acne has cleared up completely, and you notice you are running faster!

Example #3:

You're a 58 year old executive with an intense and high pressure job. You travel a lot and make a lot of presentations. In the past few months you have developed all kinds of allergies.

You are working with your doctor to find out the cause of your allergies and to find a solution, but in the meantime your skin is breaking out left and right, and it is getting so bad that it is beginning to impact your job.

The doctor has given you some medication for the rashes but it only helps temporarily and then you get another outbreak!

Example #3 Natural Beauty Makeover Program

Week One - Start an Anti-Inflammatory Diet (no wheat, no dairy, no sugar)

Week Two - Stop all skin care products until the outbreaks have cleared, then use a safe hypoallergenic skin care line.

Week Three - Start a stress reduction program of daily gentle exercise and meditation.

After three weeks, you notice you are beginning to feel better. First you had a "detox" reaction to the new diet. Your skin eruptions got a little worse and you felt achy and like you had the flu. You needed to sleep a lot but then felt better.

You stopped all skin care products and have just been using water on your face until all the inflammation has gone down.

You managed to do 15 minutes of gentle exercise a day. Meditation was harder, you could only manage 5 minutes before feeling like you wanted to jump up and do something!

You decide to continue this program for another three weeks. Then you notice your skin is FINALLY becoming to clear up!!

Now Create YOUR Natural Beauty Makeover Plan

As you can see, you can create your natural beauty makeover program to be as simple or challenging as you would like, depending on YOUR needs.

Make a list of the problems you want to address first. For example:

  • I want to smooth out my wrinkles
  • I want to heal the sun damage on my face

Then, make a plan for how you will address them. For example:

  • Facial exercise for wrinkles
  • Use an anti-aging sunscreen
  • Eat more fruits and veggies and take a nutritional supplement with antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent sun damage!

If You Need a Review

If you're stuck for ideas on how to help your skin problems, please review the previous lessons of our e-course for some great ideas!

Lesson #1 - Cleanse and Purify

Lesson #2 - A Natural Face Lift

Lesson #3 - Nourish Your Skin

Lesson #4 - Rejuvenate Your Skin

Putting All Together

You want to make a plan for ONLY three changes that you want to make in your daily routine over the next three weeks. Arrange your plan like this:

Week One - Your First Natural Beauty Makeover Activity

Week Two - Add Your Second Natural Beauty Makeover Activity

Week Three - Add Your Third Natural Beauty Makeover Activity

If you like, you can write your makeover plan in your Natural Beauty Journal!

Looking at Your Results

At the end of your third week you will be doing three new things to support your natural beauty and health. Now, how do you feel? How do you look?

Do you want to continue this program? Or do you need to make some MORE healthy changes?

If you need to add more changes, do it gradually, one week at a time. Here is a sample plan for your next three weeks:

Week Four - Add another new Natural Beauty Makeover Activity

Week Five - Add another new Natural Beauty Makeover Activity

Week Six - Add another new Natural Beauty Makeover Activity

After Six Weeks

At the end of six weeks, see how you look and feel! Are you beginning to see some results? How are you feeling?

I recommend you continue your program, just as it is, without adding any new activities, for at least another month. That will give your body time to assimilate all the healthy changes.

Your Makeover After Ten Weeks

At then end of ten weeks, you will have established some healthy NEW natural beauty habits. Your body is likely looking and feeling better, and your skin will reflect this!

Now, you can once again reassess your progress. You can continue the program as is, or if you are feeling the need for more change, you can add some NEW Natural Beauty Makeover Activities.

I'd Like to Hear How You are Doing

I'd like to hear how you are doing and how this course has been for you. Please drop me a line! You can write me here at your Natural Beauty Journal and I will respond as soon as I can.

Your FREE Graduation Gift

That brings us to the conclusion of our five part e-course i>Five Steps to Natural Beauty for Sensitive Skin. Thank you so much for participating with us!

I have a free gift for you to thank you for participating in this course. Please accept this FREE Ebook which contains all the information we covered in this course, in a simple file that you can save to your computer so you can refer to it in the future! Download Ebook Here

Bonus Gift

There is one other free gift I'd like to offer you!

It's a FREE subscription to our monthly newsletter the Sensitive Natural Beauty News. This is a BRAND NEW publication that will make its debut in August 2009. I think you'll love it!

Each month we will bring you a SHORT and sweet summary of the newest and hottest natural beauty tips for sensitive skin, as well as our most recent discussions, articles and visitor contributions to

If you have sensitive skin and you want to continue to look and feel amazing, I guarantee you'll love these tips and news items!

Best of all you don't even have to do anything to receive your copy of the Sensitive Natural Beauty News. It will simply come to you once a month in your e-mail inbox. I ONLY send this newsletter to my e-course graduates! You are among the VERY first to receive this information.

If you would prefer to NOT receive the Sensitive Natural Beauty News, I will be very sad to see you go, but you can easily remove yourself from our mailing list by clicking the link at the very bottom of this e-mail!

Thank you again for joining me in this e-course! It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I wish you health, radiant beauty and all blessings.

Best wishes,

P.S. I recently discovered something quite shocking, and I want to make sure that you know about this, because hardly anyone is talking about it yet!

I have recently learned that many personal care and skin care products that claim to be safe for sensitive skin contain ingredients that are not really good for sensitive skin!

Some of these ingredients can cause allergies, acne, and skin breakouts, or can cause organ toxicity in our bodies, which can also increase the sensitivity of our skin.

Another thing that I found shocking is that some hypoallergenic products which claim to be all natural contain herbs, botanicals or essential oils which can cause allergic reactions and skin break outs for sensitive skin.

And even if you are not allergic to the herbs or essential oils, you may be allergic to the preservatives that are used to keep the herbs fresh! These are not required to be disclosed on the product label!

Then ... if you are lucky enough to find a product that is both chemically safe, non-toxic and ALSO free of plant based allergens, it performs so poorly that you might as well use nothing at all!! :(

In my experience it has been almost impossible to find a really effective hypoallergenic product line that actually does it's job by NOT being toxic AND making you look and feel better!

So far I've only found one in over four years of searching. Thank you again for your participation in our free Natural Beauty Makeover!

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