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Naturally Clear News, Issue #010 -- May 2010 - Gifts and a Big Suprrise!
May 22, 2010

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Hi {!firstname_fix}, and happy May of 2010! I hope that you are well!

Spring has sprung where I am and our Naturally Clear News update has LOTS of goodies for you this month, including one big surprise!

In this issue...

Wonderful News
Asking for your Help
New Safe Products Shopping
New on our Site
Skin Care Product Review
Free Shipping Special Until May 26
This Month's New Homemade Skin Care Recipes
A VERY Special New 177 page Free eBook

Wonderful News - and a Big Surprise!

Last month you may remember that I was saddened to say goodbye to Cleure, one of our few affiliate skincare companies. At that time, their site had undergone a sudden and abrupt change, and I was not able to get my questions answered about what was happening. I lost my entire customer base, and all the links on my site that went to their site no longer worked.

This was upsetting for me, and the most difficult part for me was that I was not able to get my questions answered about what was happening. I was very concerned and so I reluctantly ended my partnership with the company.

Well, in the amazing ways that life can work, last week I was inundated with requests for hypoallergenic products. Literally every e-mail I received was another product request. It went on for days and days!

After some prayer I felt that this was somehow a message from the universe! I actually had first received the inspiration to work with Cleure through prayer, and I've learned to listen to my intuition! :-)

So, I contacted them again. This time was very different. I immediately received a call back, and ALL of my questions and concerns were responded to immediately.

I learned that they had suffered a very severe and sudden loss of service from their former website provider, with absolutely no warning. This was the reason for the abrupt change to the site and the loss of their previous records. They were in crisis mode, and simply did not have the staff available at the time, which is why I wasn't able to get through to find out what was happening.

The amazing thing is that Cleure has survived this crisis, and they are working hard to restore their database. Their new website program is now functional, my communication with the company has been restored. They continue to make and ship the most unique products I've ever found, the ONLY botanical free hypoallergenic products that do NOT contain irritating toxins.

We are now able to welcome Cleure back as one of our top hypoallergenic product recommendations! They too have graciously welcomed us back as their partners, and I am very grateful!

Asking for Your Help

{!firstname_fix} when Cleure lost their database, they also lost all records of those customers that I referred to them since My Sensitive Skincare has been online. This has been a huge loss for us. We strive to provide an abundance of free information and support to our readers, and we are supported by our advertising and referrals to a few select product lines.

The only way that Cleure can restore my customer database is if those people that I referred to Cleure make their next product purchase using my NEW Cleure website link.

So, if you found out about Cleure products from me and you'd like to continue help support our work, would you make your next Cleure purchase from my new Cleure link?

The link is:

This does not cost you extra, and may actually save you some as I am periodically able to negotiate special discounts and free gifts!

Thank you SO much, I am humbled and grateful for your help. In these very challenging times that we are living in, I am very appreciative of the kindness I have received from those of you who have written to me!

NEW - Safe Products Shopping Page

I've been meaning to do this for ages! I've always wanted to set up a shopping section on our site, but I don't have a lot of technical skill yet.

I finally figured out a really SIMPLE way to arrange our TOP hypoallergenic and sensitive skin care products recommendations.

I think you'll like it, as you can find everything pretty easily, and there's a LOT of options that will help even the MOST sensitive person (like me!!) to find something that will work for you.

Check out our NEW Safe Skin Care Products!

Oh, and you can ALSO find this new page by going here ... I set up this special web address so you can easily remember how to find it:

Newest on Our Site

These are some of the newest areas of our site:

Mineral Foundation Makeup - I continue to get a lot of requests for mineral makeup suggestions, so we will have more articles on mineral makeup coming soon!

Homemade Body Cleanse - Sometimes a gentle program of cleansing and detoxification can help to clear up skin problems. This is one simple way to do a cleanse, using simple, natural foods.

Juice Recipes for Healing contains some simple, healthy recipes for making fresh juice that can help to heal your skin naturally.

Wholesale Skin Care Products - I set up a page based on the incredible product experience I had last month with a new natural antiaging skincare program for sensitive skin. I still look like I had a facelift! :-)

A Simple Acne Sensitive Skin Treatment Program - This shares a simple two week program for clearing your skin of acne using just three or four hypoallergenic products.

Skin Care Directory - Did you know that we have a free Skin Care Directory here on the site? If you have a skin care business you can list yourself for free.

Skin Care Product Review - Carolyn's Facial Fitness Skincare

I've had such a great experience using Carolyn's Facial Fitness facial exercise program ( see my results at our nonsurgical face lifts page ) that I really wanted to try her new all natural and mostly organic skincare line!

Read my Review of Carolyn’s Facial Fitness Skincare

Free Shipping Until May 26

Now that Cleure is up and running again, they are running a free shipping special on orders over $75 until May 26.

Here's how to get free shipping on your order:

The offer is available to orders of $75 or above, and is good until May 26.

I have tried most all of their products and so if you have any questions about them, please contact me.

More Product Discounts

I have set up a special mailing list which will alert you to Cleure's discounts, free gifts and special offers.

I only send our the Naturally Clear News update once a month, and this new Cleure mailing list will let you know about whatever specials they may be running even if they happen in between newsletters!

Newest Home Recipes for Sensitive Skin

Avocado Facial Scrub - this provides you with the nourishing health benefits of avocado on your skin! Get a fresh avocado, eat it or use it as a facial mask, and then save the avocado seed.

Dry it for a few days and then grind it in a food grinder! You will have a fine powder that you can add to water, yogurt or your favorite facial moisturizer for a gentle facial scrub.

Sunny Facial Mask - this gentle facial mask is high in vitamin A which has many healing and anti-aging benefits. It is made by combining cooked, mashed carrots with a very small amount of your favorite natural oil, such as vitamin e oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil or jojoba oil.

Apply to your face and leave on for no more than 15 minutes. Don't leave it on too long as it may color your skin!!

Corn Flour Scrub and Facial Mask - mix a small amount of organic corn flour with yogurt or egg white. With a gentle circular motion, apply the mixture to your face. You can leave this on your face for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. This provides gentle exfoliation and freshens your skin.

More Skin Care Recipes for Sensitive Skin

These areas on our site have LOTS more skin care recipes for sensitive skin. Enjoy!

Natural Beauty Recipes

Natural Skin Care Tips

NEW - A VERY Special Free eBook

This book is SO special that I usually ONLY offer it to my customers or clients. It is perhaps THE most useful book on attaining health naturally that you will ever find.

It contains pretty much everything I've ever learned about how to be healthy, and MORE.

The amazing thing is that the author has allowed me to share it with you for FREE! The information is absolutely priceless, and I hope can be of service to you in your own journey towards healthy, radiant skin and a healthy body.

I encourage you to download it now, as I won't be sending it again. This is 177 pages of extremely important information that can transform your life AND your health.

Lessons from the Miracle Doctors

If you have already read this book, I encourage you to read it again as there is always something NEW that you will learn from it.

{!firstname_fix}, I wish you radiant health and blessings, and a fantastic month!


P.S. If you'd like to stay updated with our newest articles and discussions throughout the month, please visit our My Sensitive Skin Care Blog which you can also add to your RSS reader!

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