Nonsurgical Face Lifts

Natural, Non-Invasive Face Lift Alternatives

Nonsurgical face lifts are affordable and can dramatically improve the quality of your skin without invasive surgical techniques and risky side effects. These non surgical face lift procedures are safe, natural and will work even for sensitive skin. See my results here! 

my before facial exercise photo
After Facial Exercise Left

April 2009                           August 2009

Yes, that's me ... the picture on the right was taken in April 2009 and the picture on the left was taken in August 2009.

My no surgery face lift took a little longer to accomplish results, but I am getting a ton of positive comments from people who are saying "You look great!"

Over a few months I watched the puffiness around my eyes reduce, the sagging, sad lines around my mouth lifted up, and my neck became firmer and less, well ... saggy! :-)

Best of all, the benefits continue over time, as I am seeing my skin improve more and more each day. I am also experiencing fewer skin breakouts.

A good quality nonsurgical face lift will save thousands of dollars and you will reap far more permanent rewards such as:

  • Greater health
  • A smoother and more beautiful complexion
  • Firmer and clearer skin
  • Fewer wrinkles
  • Less skin inflammation
  • A more energized and youthful appearance

Learn more about non surgical face lift options below.

Some Good Reasons to Avoid Facelift Surgery

If you have sensitive skin, anything you do can have an unexpected consequence. Use the wrong face cream and "poof", your face erupts into a mass of skin sores. You can understand why a person with sensitive skin would NOT want to face a surgical face lift!

Some of the possible complications of face lift surgery include:

  • Blood or fluid retention under the skin
  • Nerve damage, tingling and numbness
  • Reaction to anesthesia such as nausea
  • Hematomas, which are swelling blisters filled with blood that require surgery
  • Difficulty healing the skin, which is frequent for smokers
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Skin loss
  • Hair loss
  • Discoloration

Although neck lifts and brow lifts are less risky than full face lift surgery, any kind of surgical procedure carries some risk.

After a while, your surgical face lift will require additional touch up as you get older. If you've experienced complications you may need additional surgery to correct the problems.

This all sounds pretty risky to me. I prefer a non-invasive face lift approach!

Nonsurgical Face Lifts - Alternative to Face Lift

A surgical face lift cuts your skin and then stretches it, which reduces the sagging and bagging that most of us experience when we get older.

Nonsurgical face lifts accomplish the same thing using more natural methods of tightening and toning. These non-invasive face lift procedures are simple, fun and they do not hurt.

A no surgery face lift can create positive changes both in your appearance, and in how you feel. Your face is where you express yourself and share with others, and natural face lift procedures can tone and strengthen ALL parts of your inner AND outer being!

Best Nonsurgical Face Lift

The most powerful and effective nonsurgical face lift alternative is...

Facial Exercise!

Yes, some doctors say there is no proof that it works, but I guarantee that if you actually do a good program of facial exercise for three months, you WILL see an improvement.

See my before and after pictures below! (See More photos at the bottom) People are starting to notice and telling me that I look great!

Facial fitness exercise creates a lasting change in your face that actually improves over time. See these before and after pictures of people who have been doing this for years!

How is it that we are willing to spend $6,000 to $25,000 for surgery, and to allow someone to cut into our face, when we could accomplish the very same result, or EVEN BETTER, with a SIMPLER and more natural method?

Even the most hugely expensive facial exercise programs cost just pennies by comparison. Once you've learned the program, it is with you for as long as you want to use it.

Most anyone who wants to look and feel better can spare an extra 15 minutes a day for a simple no surgery face lift with exercise. See the Facial Exercise Program I Use

More Natural Face Lifts

Some other natural, nonsurgical face lifts that you can do to improve the quality of your skin and the firmness and tone of your face include:

Acupressure and acupuncture - these natural, holistic methods rebalance the energy flows in your body and in your face, to lift, tone and rejuvenate the face.

Facial Massage - a regular program of facial massage stimulates the blood flow, helps release toxins from the skin and will create a radiant and smooth skin tone.

You need to do this properly so you don't stretch out the skin or accentuate wrinkles. The nonsurgical face lift exercise program I use contains specific massage instructions that tone and firm the face without causing further wrinkles!

Facial wraps (like body wraps) - these use minerals and herbs that are applied to your face, which help the skin to release toxins, tone and firm the skin.

Natural anti-aging skincare - it's quite difficult to find a really good quality, effective antiaginging skin care product for sensitive skin.

I've tried a lot of them, and the very best ones that actually work well and will also improve your appearance are here at our safe skin care products page.

Update: - I recently discovered the MOST amazing antiaginging skin care products for sensitive skin, which gave me dramatic results and actually brought healing to my skin as well as reducing the wrinkles. You can learn more at our wholesale skin care products page. 

Homemade anti-aging treatments - these use ingredients found in your kitchen that have natural antiaging properties to lift, tone and firm the skin.

Nonsurgical Face Lifts - My Experience

After I turned 50 I noticed that my face was sagging and bagging. On top of it I was having some terrible skin breakouts and eruptions.

I look perpetually unhappy, even when I wasn't, because of bagging and wrinkles around the corners of my mouth. I felt that this was the result of many years of intense stress, and I found it sad to look so worn down.

Somehow, I felt that this was NOT how I am supposed to be looking. Surely there was something that I could do?

I knew right away that I'd never do any kind of face lift surgery. Just going to the dentist is a major trauma for me!

One day when visiting a friend's website, I came upon information about facial exercise. She referred me to a site she liked, and I was amazed at the before and after pictures . They were pretty incredible!!

So, I spent a little time learning more about natural face lift facial exercise programs. I tried many free facial exercise programs and it DID feel good to exercise my face ...

BUT I also noticed that my face looked a little funny and that the wrinkles around my mouth were actually increasing!!

Why Not All Natural Face Lifts Work

Hmmm, more wrinkles wasn't exactly the results I was looking for!!

I went back to some of the facial fitness experts to see what they said about this.

I learned that different exercise programs build the face differently, depending on which exercises you do.

Some exercises can create a more bulky appearance to the face, or can actually accentuate some wrinkles.

When I learned this, I set out to find a well researched, professionally designed facial exercise program.

After a lot of careful research and comparison I chose Carolyn's Facial Fitness program. She's been doing this for a number of years and tests every exercise herself and with her students.

Of all the programs I looked at, hers demonstrated the best results .

So far I've been doing this program for a little over three months. It takes me 15 minutes a day and you can see my before and after pictures here!

By the way, PLEASE don't laugh!! These are NOT great pictures.

Carolyn gave me instructions to take pictures of myself WITHOUT smiling, which look really pretty awful to me ...

My Nonsurgical Face Lift Results

The "Before" picture shows how many skin eruptions I had at the time.

In addition, BOTH sets of pictures were taken when I badly needed a haircut!

Neither of these photos is great, but the DO show the difference that a natural face lift with facial exercise can do!!

Before - April 2009            After - August 2009

Before Facial Exercise Left
After Facial Exercise Left
Before Facial Excercise Right
After Facial Exercise Right

These are just the beginning, as I've only been doing this a few months. Facial exercise is THE best nonsurgical face lift!

What I have noticed most so far since starting facial exercise is that the wrinkles and drooping around my mouth are disappearing, so I don't look so unhappy all the time!

My skin is clearer, my face looks and feels more alive, and there are less wrinkles and "bags" under my eyes.

Another bonus is that I get less headaches!

I've had so many people tell me that I look great, and I think they are seeing the results of my facial exercise. I haven't tried any new skin care products ... in fact I ran out of some of my wrinkle reducing creams right before this photo was taken!

(By the way, I DID have a bad headache when the "After" photo on the right was taken, but I STILL notice the results of the facial exercise)

Remember, no laughing!! My "Before" picture here is pretty rough... actually they both are!! :-)

Before - April 2009            After - August 2009

Before Facial Exercise
After Facial Exercise

Visit Carolyn's Facial Fitness

Nonsurgical Face Lifts - More Information

My free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally program has more information about natural face lifts, and includes some free facial exercises that you can try that are a good introduction to facial fitness!

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