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Naturally Clear News, Issue #002 -- September 2009
September 18, 2009
Hello Friends!

This is a short, sweet update on the NEW resources we have for you this month, and what's coming soon!

NEW Updates to Our Free eCourse

Thank you to everyone here who has taken the time to write to me and let me know what kinds of skin challenges you are dealing with, and how our site can best serve you!

We are a new site and so your feedback is very helpful to me.

Based on the responses I have been receiving, we've made a number of adjustments to our eCourse. Initially this course was available by e-mail, and I sent you one lesson each week.

You have let me know that you prefer to read all of the material on your own time, and so I have transferred the course to a NEW eBook format!

Those of you who were in the middle of the e-mail lessons can now download the entire course here: Download Here

It's the same great information, arranged in five simple lessons, the only thing that is different is that you can now download the course to your computer to read offline, or print out to your computer.

Another update is that I changed the name of the course to more accurately reflect the benefits that the course offers you! Soon I will be upgrading the eBook formatting and graphics on the course, and I think you'll be pleased! :-)

If you have been receiving the eCourse by e-mail and would prefer to receive the remainder of the course by e-mail, please contact me and let me know WHICH lesson was the last one you received, and I will set you up to receive your remaining lessons by e-mail.

NEW VIP Member Area and More to Come!

For those of you that have been with me for a while, I have created a fantastic new collection of online reports which will eventually include a number of eBooks on natural skin care and natural health.

I've set this up in a new VIP Members area. Take a look and tell me what you think of it! Right now there's no password required, although starting next month I will be password protecting this valuable information.

I will be adding one or more NEW eBooks and Free Reports every month according to the topics that YOU request!

These will not be available on our site, and will ONLY be available to you through our VIP Area and newsletter list.

Homemade Sensitive Skincare Recipe of the Month

This months new Homemade Sensitive Skincare Recipe of the Month is a VERY simple, affordable and nourishing natural skin care recipe that I discovered quite by accident when I was making myself a "green smoothie".

Luscious Flaxseed Scrub

  • Grind one or two tablespoons of whole, organic flaxseeds.
  • Add a little water or yogurt to form a thick paste.
  • Apply gently to your face and hands, using small circular motions to gently exfoliate your skin.
The flaxseed is filled with moisturizing oils that make it gentle on your skin. The natural fiber from the flax seeds creates gentle exfoliation which leaves your skin refreshed and smooth! I like this because it FEELS great on your skin.

Do you have a favorite homemade skin care recipe to share? Let others know about what you've found here at our Skin Care Forums

NEW Ask a Question or Answer One

We created a new place for your to ask questions about sensitive skin care and connect with others at our Skin Care Forums!

If you have a question or concern about sensitive skin care, or would like to share what has worked well for you in caring for your sensitive skin, please Share Your Experiences. Thank you to everyone who has participated so far!

Coming Soon ...

  • New, safe hypoallergenic cosmetic products and product lines
  • Discounts on our recommended safe hypoallergenic skin care products
  • A new line of eBooks to help you stay healthy and beautiful!

How Can We Help?

We're still a very new site and what I need most right now is YOUR input! What sensitive skin problems are you dealing with? What are the most challenging skin issues you are facing? Let me know how we can help!

Thank you again for joining us at My Sensitive Skin Care {!firstname_fix}!

Best wishes,

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