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I have created a FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions section below, which will answer some of our most common questions.

At the moment I am not accepting advertisers.  The skincare products I do recommend are here at our Safe Skincare Products page.

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My site provides information and links to products that I use and recommend, however I do not manufacture skincare or ship skin care products.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers to some of the most common questions I receive. I hope this information is helpful for you!

What skin care products do you recommend for sensitive skin? 

Almost every hypoallergenic products that I've tried contains chemicals or plant ingredients that can be irritating to sensitive skin.

I've looked since 2009 and I've only found one company that uses safe ingredients that will not irritate sensitive skin. These products work really well, (your skin will look great!), they are affordable and will last a long time.

Cleure products are excellent for hypoallergenic skin, body, dental and hair care, and their shampoo is the absolute best I've ever used.

There are several other product lines that I have personally tested that work well for antiaging skincare which you can find at my Recommended Products page.

How do I advertise my products on your website? 

In the past we offered an affordable advertising package that is designed to make use of our most powerful and effective methods of sharing your products with our visitors.

Although this is not currently available, please check for availability at another time.

I have severe acne that nothing seems to help. What do you recommend?

Many people with very severe acne have found that they need to do more than simply apply an acne cream. Many people, myself included, have completely eliminated acne breakouts by modifying their lifestyle, diet and by using botanical free, nontoxic hypoallegenic acne skin care products.

For more severe acne breakouts I recommend a good holistic acne treatment program. The Acne No More program is the best and it also includes a personalized consultation.

I have rosacea. What skin care products do you recommend?

Our visitors with rosacea have written in to let us know how much the Cleure Facial Pack has helped them to control rosacea.

What cosmetics do you recommend for people with acne, rosacea, eczema or other sensitive skin?

Mineral makeup that does not contain bismuth oxychloride is a good choice as it provides both coverage and also some protection against environmental pollutants. Please see our recommended Cosmetics for Sensitive Skin

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