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Naturally Clear News, Issue #007 -- February 2010
February 11, 2010

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Hi {!firstname_fix},

Welcome to our February Naturally Clear News! Spring is beginning to spring :-) here central Oregon where we are finally seeing a bit of sunshine for the first time in a looooong time, and buds are beginning to pop up on our one amazingly hardy lilac bush.

There's nothing quite like the springtime air which contains new life and the promise of new beginnings!

I am getting ready to create some new books and courses on sensitive skin and I need your opinion {!firstname_fix}!

Would you take this brand new, 1 minute poll and let me know what kinds of information you'd like to have for your sensitive skin? Let Me Know What You Need! I really appreciate your input, and I will let you know what I learn. Thank you so much!

You don't even need to include your e-mail unless you'd like a response. AND you can see what others shared. Thank you to everyone who has responded! Click To Let Me Know How We Can Help!

New Anti-Aging Product Line for Sensitive Skin

My friend Carolyn who created the facial exercise program that I use has just launched a new anti-aging skin care product line!

It is very difficult to find antiaging skin care products that are safe, natural, and not irritating to sensitive skin. I've shared with you some of the products I use, and I'm looking forward to trying Carolyn's new line. It has all natural and mostly organic ingredients and you can see them here at Carolyn's site

P.S. Be sure to take a look at Carolyn's photos and watch her video ... you'll never believe her real age!

Newest Discussions and Visitor Contributions

Our site is still quite young, however our traffic is growing and I am always inspired by those who stop by and share with us. Please join in and share your ideas and comments!

Natural Remedy for Eczema - has some great information you will love.

Home Remedies for Sun Allergy? - do you have any recommendations to share?

Meds and Lifelong Skin Problems - an inspiring story.

Skin Care Recipe for Natural Toner - shared by one of our visitors!

New Topics on Our Site

These are just a few of the new articles we've added recently. Please let me know what you think of them!

Fragrance Allergies

Gluten Allergy Symptoms

Cure for Hives

Fruit and Veggie Skincare Recipes

Don't have a lot of money to spend on skincare products? Do they make your skin break out? Try some of these simple, fun skincare recipes from Mother Nature!

Soften Your Skin - If you have hardened spots on your face, try the humble lettuce leaf! Blend in a food processor and apply to your face, or try lying down with a few leaves on your face!

Lighten Your Skin - If you have age spots, use strawberries to lighten them! You can cut a piece and apply directly to the age spot, or mash and apply to your face. This can also be blended with yogurt for extra moisturizing and exfoliation.

Exfoliate Your Skin - There are several simple ways to exfoliate without using more abrasive methods that may irritate sensitive skin. Yogurt as I mentioned, has natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids which exfoliate. Another gentle natural exfoliant is carrot juice! Use in moderation as a gentle facial cleanser but don't leave on your skin too long as it can color your face!

Remove Dark Circles - I've been sleeping too little and today I got up and looked in the mirror and ouch!! I looked like I had two black eyes!! I'm going to try this home remedy I just learned.

Grate a raw potato and place in a clean cloth and rest it on your eyes. You could also try slicing the potato and resting it on your eyes, like those spa photos of women with cucumbers on their eyes! :-)

A BIG Thank You!

I am very grateful to everyone who has written in and who has taken our newest poll and shared How Can We Help?. This has been so helpful to me in creating new pages for our site, and in preparing for future books and articles. I hope our site continues to be helpful and I look forward to sharing more with you soon. Thank you so much!

{!firstname_fix}, it has been a pleasure to share with you today. I wish you radiant health, and as always, please let me know how we can continue to support you and your sensitive skin!

Best wishes,

P.S. If you'd like to stay updated with our newest articles and discussions throughout the month, please visit our My Sensitive Skin Care Blog which you can also add to your RSS reader!

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