Home Remedies for Sun Allergy?

My daughter who is 30 years old has developed sun allergy since 2 years. whenever she goes in sunlight there are rashes on the exposed part of her body and it causes itching too. can you suggest some home remedy for this?

My reply:

Hello, and thank you for sharing. Yes, sun allergies can cause itching and hives after exposure to sun. Once you have been exposed, there are some gentle home remedies that people have found helpful in reducing the itching and helping your skin to clear the rash.

Have your daughter do a skin test first to make sure she is not sensitive to these home remedies. Even natural herbs and foods can cause irritation for some sensitive skin.

Baking soda bath - Use lukewarm water and add a cup of baking soda.

Oatmeal bath - grind oatmeal in a food processor or blender and add to your bath.

Milk can soothe the itching and rash, if you don't have dairy allergies. Apply to the skin with a clean washcloth.

Coconut Milk and Yogurt drink - some people say this helps the rash to go away more quickly. Blend equal amounts of coconut water and yogurt and drink immediately.

Cucumber sliced and applied to your skin can provide cooling and soothing relief. You can also try mashing or mixing it into a paste.

Raw potato grated can be applied to the skin and will provide some cooling and soothing relief.

If you can handle using herbs or essential oils, there are some herbal remedies for sun allergy:

Aloe Vera gel is soothing and cooling.

Pure lavender essential oil can help reduce itching, and can also be added to Aloe Vera gel.

St. John's Wort - mix one part St. John's Worth liquid herbal tincture to nine parts water and apply to skin. This is said to reduce the sensitivity of the nerves on the skin.

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Apr 22, 2014
Suffering from sun allergy
by: Suzita

Hi, I m suffering from sun allergy since 4years.
I went to skin specialist also bt no effect of tablets
And lotion :(( do u have any home made tips for my
Sun allergy

Jan 12, 2011
sun burnt patient
by: janardan

i am greatly sufferde from sun allergy..i dont like to take umbrella and go outside ...people laugh at me

Jul 20, 2010
by: Anonymous

hi my name is gina i am sentive to the sun and got really sun burnt and got sun poising what should i do i hate putting on sun screan please tell me what to do to help it go away

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