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These are the Products I Use for Sensitive Skin

These are the best skin care products I have found for sensitive skin treatment. I use them myself for my hyper sensitive skin, which is why I can recommend them.

My choice for the safest and LEAST irritating products are those that contain little or no botanical allergens, no fragrances, dyes, parabens, SLS, nanoparticles or other toxic chemicals.

For more information on why this is so important for sensitive skin, please visit my Safe Cosmetics Guide.

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Best Skin Care Products - Safe Hypoallergenic Products

The best skin care products for super sensitive skin contain no botanical allergens AND also contain no toxic chemicals, added fragrances or skin irritants. AND of course, you want them to actually work!!

Honestly, it has been almost impossible to find these two simple things in one product line!

These products I've listed here are so far the ONLY ones I've found with NO botanical allergens and NO toxic chemicals or skin irritants. I have found these to be the LEAST irritating of any brand. For me that have worked well and I've never had a reaction from them. I believe that they will work well if you have sensitive skin, acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or any other inflammatory skin condition.

Cleure Facial Pack

The Cleure Facial Pack includes cleanser, toner, day and night cream. The products are simple, affordable, and they work really well. They are good for all skin types, and lasts a long time.

The Day and Night Cream have no scent, the toner has a little scent from the ingredients themselves (there are no added fragrances) and the cleanser has the most noticeable scent but does not bother me ... and for me is infinitely preferable to using no cleanser!

There are no added fragrances in any of these products, but some product ingredients may have some scent. I've heard that some fragrance free product lines need chemicals to mask the ingredients scents! I personally would rather use products with no fragrance and no masking chemicals.

I've been using these products since 2008 and I've noticed that the mild scent in some products can vary from batch to batch. Also, I've noticed over time that the company seems to improve their formulations so they are less noticeable now than many years ago.

See my skin care product review for more detail on my experience with these four products. Cleure Facial Pack.

Cleure Essentials Pack

The Cleure Essentials Pack are the best skin care products for GENTLE exfoliation and anti-aging. This pack includes newest products in their line such as exfoliating scrub, facial mask and eye repair gel.

The exfoliating scrub makes your skin incredibly silky without irritating or drying, and one tube lasts you for a really LONG time! Like, a year at least! You can use it on your body as well as your face.

I love it, and it has no scent at all, for those who are sensitive to fragrances. Actually all three of these products, in my experience, are completely scent free. Cleure Essentials Pack.

Hypoallergenic Hair Care Products

You might have read my long saga with hypoallergenic hair care products. This company makes not only the best skin care products for sensitive skin, they also make fantastic hypoallergenic hair products.

Cleure Shampoo

Cleure shampoo is my favorite shampoo of all time. Clean, pure, concentrated, no fragrances, and so you don't need much. Works for all hair types, and leaves hair shiny and soft, like a "regular" shampoo. No more dull, flat hair! See my Before and After Photos.

Cleure conditioner works great with the shampoo, and adds a beautiful body and shine without making hair greasy or flat.

Both of these products have no added fragrance, but the conditioner does have a very mild scent from the ingredients themselves. It is not a perfume so it does not bother me or cause any allergies or head symptoms.

Best Skin Care Products - Hypoallergenic Personal Care

Cleure Trio Pack

Cleure Body Lotion is a luxurious, creamy formula that creates a protective barrier for your skin, without being greasy. A little goes a long way and it has cleared up my skin rashes when my skin gets too dry.

You can get a discount on this product by purchasing it as part of the Cleure Hair and Body Pack.

This is one of the absolute best skin care products for any kind of dry, sensitive or inflamed skin.

I also sometimes use coconut oil, joboba oil or other pure, natural oils on my skin or hair at times, although I'm finding that Cleure products work better than the oils.

Cleure hypoallergenic sunscreen

Cleure sunscreen is one of the more effective of the non-toxic, natural sunscreens I've tried. It is moisturizing and definitely protects my skin against the sun, unlike some natural sunscreens!

This sunscreen is not waterproof and so you'll need to reapply after swimming. I still haven't found one hypoallergenic sunscreen that is absolutely perfect for my needs, but so far this is the one I use the most. This summer I will try some others and let you know what I learn on our sensitive skin sunscreen page.

Cleure hypoallergenic deodorant

The Cleure alum mineral crystal is a safe and effective deodorant that uses natural mineral salts. It will not irritate sensitive skin, but I wouldn't use right after shaving as it may sting.

It contains the same mineral salts and alum formula in a long lasting stick form. It lasts practically forever! This can also be applied to acne eruptions as the mineral salts and alum will dry and heal them naturally. This formula also comes in roll on or spray form, but you will get the most for your money with the stick whichs lasts me for years.

Cleure toothpaste

I also use the Cleure Toothpaste which whitens much better than my previous brand of so called "healthy" toothpaste which I discovered actually contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate!

Cleure Toothpaste is free from mint so it will not interfere with homeopathic medications, and like all their products, is free from salicylates.

Actually this toothpaste is quite sophisticated and was created by a dentist, I love it!

Best Skin Care Products - Anti-Aging Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

For very hyper sensitive skin, the botanical free products I've mentioned are likely to be the safest and best skin care products to keep your skin from breaking out.

If your skin break outs are under control, or if you don't react too much natural botanical products, there are some very nice new brands of safe cosmetics skincare lines that really help us older folks! :-)

First though, I have found that skincare is only PART of a good antiaging skin care program. In fact, on of my best skin care products for sensitive skin are NOT creams or lotions!

I use a daily facial exercise program from Carolyns Facial Fitness which tones and firms my skin.

As I said, I really don't like to sag and bag! This program has been amazing for me. I've actually watched some wrinkles disappear over time!

Before Facial Exercise Left


        3 Months After

This program also helps to control my sensitive skin rashes and outbreaks. Facial exercise and the special massage technique that Carolyn shares in her program (I've never seen it anywhere else) increases the blood flow to the skin and so it helps our bodies to heal more quickly.

The key to facial massage is to do it in a way that does not further age the skin. There is a special way of doing it and that's why I like Carolyn's program because it helps to tone and firm the face, increase the blood flow, remove toxins, all naturally and without further aging your face. You can see more of my experience here at our nonsurgical face lift page.

In addition to the botanical free hypoallergenic products which I use on a daily basis, I sometimes rotate these with some other anti-aging products from MyChelle

Mychelle Notox

MyChelle products are quite effective, completely safe, and I've tried almost every product in their line. Some of their products DO irritate my skin as they are potent and they contain some botanical ingredients, but I have found some that are less intense and still quite effective. Depending on what kind of allergies you may have, these ingredients may or may not work for you.

The Notox Anti-Wrinkle Serum is a very effective wrinkle reducing serum which DOES work, and I notice the difference when I don't use it.

Another of their newer products actually provides an instant and noticeable difference in my skin is the MyChelle G2 Instant Firming Serum. I like to put in on those days when I feel a bit tired and under the weather. It really makes a difference in how I look!

About once a year I like to use the MyChelle Supreme Polypeptide Cream which also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. I honestly don't mind a few wrinkles, but I don't like my skin to be sagging and bagging!! So far these are working well for my sensitive skin.

As I said, some of the other products in the MyChelle line DO cause my skin to break out, but these three I have listed here have not.

Best Skin Care Products - Stay Updated!

I'm always in the process of testing out new brands of anti-aging skincare products and I will be sharing my results with our members in our occasional news updates. You can sign up for free here at our free eBook page.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about these products or about your own sensitive skin needs.

I wish you radiant and beautiful health! Blessings and best wishes,

My Sensitive Skin Care

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