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Naturally Clear News, Issue #005 -- December 2009
December 12, 2009
Hello Friends!

Welcome to our December Naturally Clear News update. I'm feeling a bit stressed out today, as many are at this time of year, and so I hope our newsletter can help you and me both to relax and have some fun!! :-)

We had 18 degrees below zero weather here earlier this week, which caused a number of problems in our area. Water pipes froze, (yes, ours too) and our elderly next door neighbor lost his house to a fire when he tried to warm his frozen pipes.

I am still recovering from the experience of going out on my porch on Thursday, trying to relax a bit since the temperature had warmed up finally, and then seeing a massive wall of flames and smoke erupting across the street! Thankfully no one was hurt, and our neighbors all pull together to help one another.

Today it's over 50 degrees out and like springtime!

I hope you are well {!firstname_fix}, no matter what challenges life may be bringing you. Please let me know what you think about our latest news!

A New Place to Share - And a Free Gift

NEW! We have new place to share on our site. Found a Great Skin Care Product - Or an Awful One? Share Your Product Story!

Between now and December 21, I will be sending everyone who shares their skin care product story on our site the NEWEST version of our My Sensitive Skin Care free eBook which contains over 120 pages of the most popular articles on our website, which you can save to your computer and read at any time!

When you are finished your product story, be sure to sign up for e-mail alerts, which will notify you when your story is published, AND will also include the download link for your free eBook!

P.S. I am also extending this offer to anyone who wants to create your own Natural Beauty Journal between now and December 21!

I don't know about you, but I really love swapping tips with others who have sensitive skin, and learning what works for them. It helps me, and it helps other people who visit our site. Thanks for sharing!

Visitors Sharing Their Skincare Recipes

We've had a number of people who have shared some helpful and very informative information on their sensitive skin care challenges, and which products and home recipes work best for their skin. Thank you everyone who has shared! You'll love these tips! Please visit and share your comments!

Bronwen's tips for sensitive skin care products

Rhea's Tips and Home Recipes for Mature Skin

Beth's Sensitive Skin Story and Home Recipes

Janice's experience with Cleure products

Kristy's skin care recipes for rosacea

Questions Needing Answers

If you know something about these topics, please jump in and share your experience!

How do folks deal with easy bruising?

Suggestions for Mineral Makeup?

New Sections of Our Site

We opened up several new areas of our site recently! Please visit and let me know what you think, and what you'd like to see added to these areas!

Scarring Healing - also contains links to several acne scar healing articles.

Common Allergies and Symptoms - also contains links to article on home remedies for allergies, strange allergy symptoms, hair dye allergies and mold allergies.

December Free Products

My favorite sensitive skain company Cleure is giving away free products this month when you make a product purchase. I stocked up on my favorite shampoo, conditioner and skin care products, and I got two free facial creams and a free body lotion! :-)

See December Free Products

New Home Recipes for Sensitive Skin

Sometimes when you can't find products that will work well on your skin, it is easier, and less expensive to make your own! These are some of the newest skin care home recipes we found this month. Remember to skin test these first to make sure they will work for you!

Aloe Vera and Honey Facial Mask

Soothing, healing, moisturizing, with natural exfoliants! Great for winter OR summer weather!

Mix equal amounts of organic honey and pure aloe vera gel and apply to your face. Leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off with cool water. Can be used daily and stored in the refridgerator to maintain freshness

Gentle Strawberry Exfoliating Mask

Provides both moisturizing and also natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids which exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.

Blend together an equal amount of organic strawberries with organic, full fat yogurt. You won't need a lot, so you can mix by hand although it is a smoother mixture if you put in the blender.

Apply to a clean face, and if your sensitive skin can tolerate the strawberries well, relax or lie down for a few minutes.

Rinse gently by splashing warm water on your face and using a face cloth to remove any remaining mask.

Your skin will be moist, fresh and radiant!

Natural Skin Lightening Facial Scrub

Mix a small amount (a teaspoon or half tablespoon) of fresh squeezed lemon juice with enough organic sugar that the sugar is not dissolved.

Apply gently to your face. Use regularly to bleach facial hair, lighten skin and age spots, and to prevent acne.

See You Next Year!!

{!firstname_fix}, as I look back on 2009 I am grateful for so many things. We began in May of 2009 and the site now has 100 pages of information on safe, natural solutions for sensitive skin. I thank you for joining me in this journey! I'll see you in 2010!! (wow!!)

Best wishes,

P.S. I'd like to knowhow we can continue to support you in finding solutions for your sensitive skin challenges!

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