Suggestions for Mineral Makeup?

by Valerie
(United States)


I read all the harmful ingredients that can cause irritation towards the skin and noticed you suggested ***z-cleure.shtml*** as a safe mineral makeup...yet the powder contains the harmful ingredients you listed on your site.

I was wondering if you have other suggestions as to which mineral powder would be more appropriate? I am currently suffering from allergies on my face and I suspect my powder is irritating my skin.

I am currently using BareMinerals which contains an active ingredient of titanium dioxide and inactive ingredients of bismuth oxychloride, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxides. My skin is very sensitive and tends to breakout.

bareMinerals makes certain parts of my face swollen, itchy, raised, red and irritated. Ive been trying to find natural powder without some of these ingredients and it seems a bit impossible. Any suggestions?
Thank you.

Hello Valerie,

Yes, at the time you were searching the ***z-cleure.shtml*** site, they had a cosmetics line that was in transition, and although their mineral makeups and powders have never contained bismuth oxychloride, which is likely the source of the skin irritation you are experiencing.

For more information on the effects of bismuth oxychloride and why it can cause skin irritation, please see our Best Mineral Makeup for Sensitive Skin page.

Cleure is in the process of revamping their mineral makeup and cosmetics line. Their new products are all paraben free, and all of their mineral makeup powders have always been free of bismuth oxychloride. You can see their loose mineral powders, which are the newest products, listed here on our safe skin care products page.

Some of the older Cleure cosmetics may still have parabens, and are in the process of being reformulated. These are clearly marked, so check the ingredients of each products.

See if the newer Cleure Mineral Makeup will work better for you and let me know how it goes for you!

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Aug 24, 2009
Make-up free
by: Bronwen

Hi Valerie,

I wanted to comment on your question about suitable make-up for sensitive skin based on my own experience.
I have very sensitive skin and find a lot of products on the market today make my skin break out in all kinds of rashes. As far as make-up goes I have tried most brands. Years ago I used to wear a lot of make-up but in recent years I decided to greatly reduce the amount I wear, especially in the form of face powders/foundation creams. Since I have been eating a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and veg, drinking plenty of water and getting lots of exercise outdoors and not using face powders or foundation creams I find my skin has been so much better. I have found a brand of eye shadow and mascara that seems to suit me and tend to stick to just wearing eye make-up and lipstick. It felt very strange at first not wearing make-up but you soon get used to it.
I also started to realise that even though many of the so called 'sensitive' products contain reduced chemicals and toxins they still have to contain some in order for the products to have a shelf life and work. I found allowing the skin to breath naturally without being clogged up with face powders, concealers and foundation creams was so much better, the rashes soon disappeared and my skin seemed to find its own natural balance. Now I get comments all the time on how healthy my skin looks. I hope this will help and wish you all the best in achieving your natural beauty goals.
Kind regards

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