My Experience With Rosacea

by Kristy
(Miami, Fl)

I just turned 30 this year in February and up until then I had clear skin. Even as a teenager I never had a problem with acne. In July of this year I noticed one afternoon I had what looked like a rash on my cheeks, chin and nose along with bumps that looked like pimples.

I went to the doctor to rule out any medical issues such as Lupus. My results came back negative for Lupus but my doctor told my I had Rosacea. Since then the flushing and pimples have gotten worse. My face is constantly dry and peeling, my skin is getting thicker especially on my chin. I've tried using the medication the dermatologist prescribes to me but it only makes it worse. I've tried antibiotics but they didn't help. I've decided to try natural treatments but I haven't really found anything that works either. I've tried the following that has given me small relief at times:

Tea Tree Oil - doesn't help too much
Aloe plant - soothes my face
Chamomile tea - helped with the inflammation

I'm also taking vitamines now
Omega 3, 1000mg
Vitamin C , 250mg
Vitamine B

I've tried massaging my face with Jojoba oil but that really irritated my skin. I've now purchased two books for raw/alkaline diets. I should be receiving them vial mail some time this week. I've done plenty of research and reading on Rosacea and a lot of it indicates and internal issue so i'll be chaning my diet as soon as those books come in. I also deal with anxiety on a regular basis so i'm sure that doesn't help my Rosacea since i've read that a huge factor is stress in the outbreaks.

So thats my story, i'm hoping with this site I can find some relief from my Rosacea and finally find something that will give me clear and healthy skin again.

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Jun 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

I had rosacea the whole time I was growing up. At about age 22 I read that it is a sign of gluten/wheat intolerance. So I stopped eating ANYTHING that contains wheat (even things like canned soups or things in which the ingredients listed "thickener"). I cut out wheat semolina pasta, bread, pizza, and EVERYTHING that has wheat as an ingredient. Immediately my rosacea cleared up and I have not had it ever again. I am on a very good gluten-free delicious diet and totally free of rosacea.

Nov 16, 2009
by: Mashubi

Thank you Kristy for sharing your experience with Rosacea, and the things you are doing and what you are learning from research. I wish you much success in finding out what your body needs. Yes, diet can make a huge difference in rosacea, and also reducing stress, which is a real challenge in today's world.

The more I learn about skin problems, the more evidence I am seeing that acupuncture and chinese medicine are having good results in treating many skin conditions. They have a different approach to the body which regulates the energy flow to disperse the excess heat that causes the facial flushing.

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