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by Rhea
(Volga SD)

I have flaky, dry, sensitive skin. I am 43 years old in January, and just starting the downward droop to my face. I want to find ways to keep looking younger, and more beautiful, for my husband. I have always looked younger than I am, and want to keep it that way, I guess.

I currently use Burt's Bees, as it is the closest to organic product line I can get here, along with mineral makeup, from a company that does not micronize their powders. I love my mineral makeup, and want my skin to stay hydrated under it.

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Dec 01, 2009
Thank you and welcome!
by: Mashubi

Hello Rhea, thank you for sharing the products that work well for you, and these great homemade skincare recipe for maturing skin! I know our visitors will appreciate them and I look forward to hearing how it goes for you.

Yes, I can totally relate to your experience with "drooping" in the face. I noticed this after passing the five decades mark and I was upset that I looked sad all the time even when I didn't feel that way! I started doing facial exercise which seems to help a great deal, and also is a great way to relax tension in my neck.

Dec 01, 2009
Trying new things for Mature Skin
by: Rhea, LadyCullen

I am going to start facials at home, with recipes that my 18 year old daughter has recommended to me, as she tried them already, herself.
One of those recipes, for mature skin, is using an organic tomato and sugar. You lob off the top inche of the tomato, with the stem still on, as it makes a nifty little handle, dip it in sugar, and using small circles, clean your face with it. The natural acids and antioxidants in the tomato make for a wonderful exfoliant, and a moisturizer, in it's own weird way. Since the skin absorbs what is put on it, the antioxidants get absorbed as you clean your face, and the sugar helps to break up the dead skin cells, and leave your face amazingly smooth. The best part is that there is no flaking skin, since the sugar works to remove that, and you have no worries like you do when you use the over the counter acid peals, which leave you literally peeling your skin a week later.

Also, for mature skin, do try the oat flour and honey mask. Our skin needs the extra moisture that we don't always carry in our bodies. I would recommend a little extra time if you have flaky skin, and also, try moisturizing with the honey, alone, as there are plenty of vitamins in the honey, to restore skins lusture.

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