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My Top Recommendations for Sensitive Skin, Hair and
Personal Care in 2017  

safe skin care products

Here's where you can find all the safe skin care products for sensitive skin that I use and recommend, in one place!  

All these product lines are paraben free, nontoxic, and free of added fragrances and perfumes. You can choose from botanical free hypoallergenic products, as well as safe skincare products that address specific skin concerns such as aging skin or inflamed skin.

Please note that sensitive skin often will react when you change skincare products, so we recommend going slowly, by making transitions gradually and always doing a skin test before you apply to your face.

Hypoallergenic and Botanical Free

Gentle Antiaging

Organic and Natural Antiaging

Our Cleure Review Our XtendLife Review Our CFF Review

Rated - 4.75





Best for:
very hypersensitive skin, acne, allergies, all chronic skin conditions

Rated - 4.5





Best for:
very sensitive aging skin, has a noticeable wrinkle reduction effect.

Rated - 4.3





Best for:
sensitive aging skin, a complete natural anti-aging system

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My #1 Recommendation - Cleure Hypoallergenic
Skin Care

These safe skin care products are still the best choice I've found for sensitive skin. They have no added fragrances, toxins, parabens, plant allergens or other irritants, and are gluten free and salicylate free.

I keep trying other product lines for comparison, but Cleure is the only one that actually helps me to look better, without irritating my skin.  I've been using these products since 2008 and they keep getting better.  

This is the ONLY product line I've found which is hypoallergenic (free from plant allergents) AND which also is free from irritating chemicals which cause skin rashes... AND it actually makes me look better!

A lot of sensitive skincare and haircare products may be gentle, but almost all the ones that I've tried are simply not that effective.  If you want results, I recomment you start with Cleure.

New products for 2017 are their new and  extremely effective hypoallergenic eye cream, an oil free facial moisturizer, and a strong hold hypoallergenic hair gel.

These safe skin care products contain no added fragrances, they work REALLY well, are affordable, and packaged in generous sizes so you save time and money by not having to order very often.  .  Available worldwide.

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing

Eye Cream, Facials Mask and Gentle Scrub

Cleure Safe Hair Care

Cleure hypoallergenic shampoo

These are THE best hypoallergenic hair care products I've ever used on my hair. See my before and after pictures over at our hypoallergenic shampoo page.

Volumizing Shampoo

Repleneshing Conditioner

Cleure Safe Body Care

Cleure hypoallergenic Body Care

These products are extremely affordable and will last a VERY long time. You need just a little of each product to get a good result.

Hypoallergenic Hand & Body Soap

Hypoallergenic Body Lotion

Hypoallergenic Sunscreen

Hypoallergenic Deodorant

Hypoallergenic Lip Balm (fragrance free, looks like lip gloss on your lips!)

Pure Emu Oil

Salicylate free gylcerin soap - this comes in unscented or mild Gardenia or Vanilla fragrance, one of the very few salicylate free scented soaps!!

Cleure Safe Dental Care

These products were created by a dentist and do an outstanding job of whitening and cleaning teeth with no harsh chemicals.

Contains NO sodium lauryl sulfate which can cause canker sores and allergic reactions.

Hypoallergenic Toothpaste

Cleure Safe Cosmetics

Cleure hypoallergenic cosmetics

These are the least irritating hypoallergenic cosmetics and safe skin care products that I know of. The mineral makeup contains NO bismuth oxychloride, no nanoparticles, no parabens, fragrances or other irritants for sensitive skin, and comes in a wide variety of shades which you can mix and match to get just the right look.

Loose Mineral Foundation

Loose Mineral Blush

Rice Veil Setting Powder

Mineral Mascara

Safe Lipstick

Cleure hypoallergenic nail polish

It is extremely difficult to find a hypoallergenic nail polish that will disclose ALL their ingredients. Cleure is one of the few companies that will tell you exactly what is in their products.

Safe Nail Polish - free of toxins, contains NO Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde, Pthalates or other harsh chemicals

Please note that some older product formulations this company makes still contain parabens... these are clearly marked when you visit the site, so please read the labels.

Safe Skin Care Products - Acne Treatment Program for Sensitive Skin

Cleure hypoallergenic toner

Use these four safe skin care products together for two weeks and you are guaranteed to see a reduction in acne or the company will refund your money! 

Hypoallergenic Cleanser

Hypoallergenic Toner

Hypoallergenic Moisturizer

Loose Mineral Foundation

Concealer (optional)

Safe Skin Care Products - Help for Wrinkles and
Aging Skin

It is VERY difficult to find safe, natural skin care products that will help to improve the appearance of your skin WITHOUT irritation. I've tried so many products marketed as gentle and natural anti-aging products that end up causing terrible breakouts!

These are some of the products that I've found to be safest and also most effective. Please see my comments so you can choose the products that are best for your needs. Be sure to do a skin test before applying anything to your face!

My #1 Antiaging Skincare RecommendationCarolyn's Facial Fitness Facial Exercise Program

Carolyn's Facial Fitness Facial Exercise Program

Carolyn's Facial Fitness Facial Exercise Program is truly one of the most brilliant and affordable all natural anti-aging treatments available today.

This will make an incredible difference in your skin, and you only need to buy it once!

Now, in order for this to work you DO need to actually do the exercises for 15 minutes a day, three to five times a week.

I do these and not only do I look SO much better but my whole face and neck area feels energized, and I get less headaches. People are always telling me that I look much younger than my age!

My #1 Least Irritating and Most Effective Antiaging Skincare Recommendation

Xtend Life Antiaging Skincare products are incredibly effective and so far have been very gentle for my sensitive skin. I have noticed a distinct reduction of facial wrinkles within the first day of using them.

I also noticed their body cream reduces wrinkles as well! I have sun damage on my left arm from when I lived in sunny central Oregon, and the wrinkling is much less noticeable now.

New for 2017, they have developed a gentle and extremely effective age defying serum,  a new sheer day and night cream, and a nourishing hand cream.

Xtend life develops, formulates and manufactures their own safe skin care products to maintain an extremely high quality, and so they are very affordable compared to many of the high quality anti-aging skincare lines.

They offer a women's and a men's line, which are similar but have some differences to provide additional help for the specific needs of men's skincare.

The products are free of parabens, dyes, colorings, fragrances, and most allergens.

They do have one product which has added fragrance, their facial cleanser, which I do not recommend if you have sensitive skin.

All their other skincare products have no fragrance added, and provide fantastic results without a lot of irritants.  It's one of the few product lines that address aging skin that I can use.

The Xtend Life products are effective because the active ingredients are used in high concentrations that bring safe and noticeable results to the skin.

I first tried them during a stressful time in my life when I was getting skin breakouts from everything. I was amazed that I did not break out, and had no skin rash or bad reactions. I began seeing results in just a few days! Xtend Life Skincare products are available worldwide.

These skincare products are also the ONLY men's skincare that my husband uses.  He is very hard to please and has extremely sensitive skin, and he loves them!

Xtend Life Men's Skincare is one of the few safe men's skin care for sensitive skin, developed specifically for the needs of men's skin.

The Xtend Life line includes moisturizers, day and night creams, facial fluid for men, body lotion, eye countour cream, hand cream.  Available worldwide.

Xtend Life also makes one of the highest quality and most affordable safe skin lightening products.   If you suffer from age spots, acne scars or hyper pigmentation, this produces a noticeable improvement in the appearance of your skin.

My #1 Most Potent Antiaging Safe Skin care Products RecommendationCarolyn's Facial Fitness Skincare

Carolyn's Facial Fitness Skincare

Carolyn's Facial Fitness Skincare Products are designed to go with her facial exercise program.   I find them very effective and potent, but some were too stong for my skin.

They are quite nice, and go on your skin luxuriously. The products are pure, free of fragrances, colorings, dyes or harmful chemical, and highly effective for their anti-aging benefits.

New for 2017, Carolyn now has haircare and bodycare products! Also, she now has a certified facial fitness trainer to help you to customize your facial exercises.

These are all natural and mostly organic formulations, available worldwide. The most potent products in her line are the serums, so if you have VERY sensitive skin, I recommend you start with her Basic Therapy Pack first, and that you do a skin test on the inside of your elbow and then try just one new product at a time.

My #1 Fastest Results Antiaging Skincare Recommendation

MyChelle Antiaging Products

MyChelle Skin Care products were designed for sensitive skin and extremely safe and also very effective. They are available in the U.S. and they have a wide variety of products however I am only able to use a small number of them, as most are too intense for my sensitive skin. The link I provided is to my own hand picked collection which I use.

The two MyChelle products that will give you a VERY fast facelift are the following: MyChelle NoTox  which is a light serum that you apply after cleansing and toning your skin, and before applying moisturizer. I notice the wrinkle reduction effects within days, and it does not cause my skin to break out.

MyChelle G2 Instant Firming Serum which does exactly what it says. It firms up your skin and provides a noticeable facelift. I apply this after using the Notox, and before applying moisturizer. The ingredients have some scent but there is no added fragrance.

Safe Skin Care Products - More Choices for
Sensitive Skin

I've been putting together a hand picked collection of safe skin care products for many years now, which is based on my searching for various safe natural skin care and natural beauty products for my friends and family YOU, my valued visitors!

These products noted below are not necessarily hypoallergenic or botanical free, however they are free of added fragrance and harmful chemicals. They are products that I would buy, although please be aware that companies change their product ingredients periodically, so always do your own research if you have very sensitive skin.

Natural Hair Color

Hypoallergenic Hair Spray and Hair Gel

Hypoallergenic Soaps

Men's Skin Care

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