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My newest discoveries in safe sensitive skincare and body care.

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Hello, everyone, and welcome to the My Sensitive Skin Care show.  This podcast is part two of my latest skin care finds, or actually it should be latest skin care and body care finds.

As you know, I have had sensitive skin all of my life which is quite a while now, since I'm in my 50s, and what I've learned is that each person is so unique in our needs and in how we respond to different products, to different foods.

What I have learned especially in these last few years, as my life has changed quite a bit, my physiology has changed.  The natural hormonal changes that women go through at my age, and other things too, life changes, levels of stress may increase and all of these things contribute to the health of my skin and what I might need.

I have been in the learning process, and I know that most of you can probably relate, because it's part of life that our bodies naturally change.  What may work for us at one time in our lives or even during one season, may not work in another season.

I have learned, now that I have lived in this current location that I'm living in for several years, that my body responds during different seasons to different skin care products.  You may also find that too!   In my climate, it's extremely humid in the summer, and it's very, very cold in the winter and dry, and so there's lots of change, from the winter to the summer. 

I wanted to first share with you a whole experience of revelation that I had related to my skin and skin care, and it had to do with a product that I discovered. I'll tell you the name here, I have it in front of me, it's called Cellfood Oxygen Gel.

Now, years ago, I used to take this little drops called Cellfood, which were supposed to help increase oxygen in the body in some way.  At that time, I found them helpful. I don't need them anymore, but at that time, it was very useful.

So I was browsing one day online looking for a simple summer time skin cream, and I decided to try this product. It's called Cellfood Oxygenating Skin Care gel.  I have the most wonderful experience of feeling refreshed when I put it on my face. It's almost like my whole face is breathing. It's really, really nice.

And this particular product, it has a little bit of an astringent quality, so it's tightening, not in an uncomfortable way, but I find that very helpful in the hot and humid weather.

Its ingredients are very simple: purified water; aloe vera; the Cellfood proprietary blend, whatever that is that seems to bring oxygen; lavender blossom extract, it does have a lavender smell; glycerin; polysaccharide gum; and some natural preservative.

So I have found it really helpful and I wanted you to know about it, because it seems like a simple product that wouldn't be too irritating for most people, unless you have a problem with aloe vera. It does have a lavender sense, so if you're sensitive to fragrance, you might not want to use it. I find it, the lavender smell goes away within about a minute or two of applying it to my face. 

So after this experience, I started becoming curious about oxygen skin care because I thought, well, maybe there's some other products it may be useful. At the same time I was speaking with my naturopathic physician about some of my more chronic health challenges, and I discovered that she uses oxygen therapies for some of the challenges I have.

She recommended oxygenated oils for me to try. So I ordered some samples from a company that's called Pure O3. This was the brand that she recommended. What these are are oils that have had ozone put into them somehow. I don't know much about how this works yet, I'm still learning about it.  Then you apply the oils to your skin, to your body.

In my case, I am dealing with joint paint and inflammation, so I ordered two samples. One of the ozonated castor oil and one of ozonated jojoba oil, because those are two oils that generally work well for me.

I wasn't planning to try them on my face, but I've since learned that ozonated oils are very good for things like eczema, acne, that kind of thing or at least that's what I've heard from my initial research. You know, I would say I've been learning about this for maybe a week or two, so it's not too much knowledge yet. 

But anyway, I wanted to tell you my experience, which was as soon as I put this ozonated castor oil on my joints, I actually felt this wave of relief go through my body and I actually felt the pain go away.

It was really something. It was very unusual because I don't have those kind of experiences with this particular problem. It's been rather persistent, since I was bitten by a deer tick several years ago. And it's a problem for many people nowadays, in certain regions of the world. 

So this ozonated castor oil, it was sticky, you know, so I had to put some water over it so it wouldn't be too sticky, but it immediately relieved the pain and I again had that feeling as though my body was breathing.

So it was wonderful, and it really motivated me to learn more.  I immediately went and ordered samples of all of their other types of oils, because I've since learned that different types of oils are good for different types of challenges, that you might have on your skin or your body.

Apparently, ozonated sunflower oil is used by some podiatrists for toenail fungus, and other things like that. Again, I'm still learning about it, but I wanted you to know about this because it's a really wonderful, simple product. 

Now some people have a problem with the smell of ozonated oils. I don't find it to be problematic at all. It more has a fresh air kind of smell, but some people do have a problem with it. So they sell, in addition to the unscented oils, they sell oils that also have some kind of scent, like lavender essential oils to cover that fresh air smell of ozone. So anyway, I wanted to share that with you, because it's a simple type of product, and I really find that those are the most helpful for my skin challenges. 

Now, those of you that might be reading my website or have gone through it, you may know that my very favorite skin care line is Cleure. Those skin care products, I have used faithfully since I found them in 2008.  I use their hair care products especially, and all their skin care products.

What I have found in this last year that my skin has become more combination or oily, so I've had to actually change the type of Cleure products that I'm using.  Cleure has a day cream and a night cream and they're wonderful for me in the winter time, or during dry skin season. But in the summertime, those particular products are a little too heavy for me.

So I am still working on finding some products for more oily-combination skin, or what I'm now calling my summertime skin. And also I'm still in the process with Cleure, because they have some new oil-free products and I haven't tried all of them yet. So I'm looking forward to learning more about that also.

So let's see, I'm just looking here at my...some of the new skin care, hair care, and body care products that I have been using. And oh, there's one other face cream that I wanted to tell you about. And this is a new product by MyChelle Dermaceuticals, and you might know that's another one of the safer skin care product lines that I recommend. MyChelle is only available in the United States unless they've expanded.

I try as much as possible to share products that, you know, you can get from anywhere in the world, but unfortunately, I don't think MyChelle is international yet. But for those of you that are in the United States, I like this product, because it's... Well it's called Bio-Firm Hydrogel Concentrate and it's got a high hyaluronic acid.

I can't even pronounce that well. But it's a gel,'s firming. They say it lifts the face, but I don't experience that. But it's just nice. It's light and it's moisturizing without being greasy. And it is not at all irritating for me. 

MyChelle does use botanical products like most skin care companies, except for Cleure, but I have never had any problem with their products, which is wonderful, because some skin care companies that use plant-based ingredients like herbs and botanicals, sometimes those can be irritating for those of us with sensitive skin. I've never had any trouble with MyChelle. So that's another new product for the skin.

 I also have discovered a couple of hair care products that actually do not have fragrance, so I wanted to tell you about these also, because I look at them and think, "Oh my website visitors would just love this."

So this is a product I found on Amazon, it's called Alba Botanica, Leave-in Conditioner, and it's fragrance-free. It doesn't have obnoxious toxic ingredients that I can see, and I've read through them several times.  What you do, this is something that you can put a little teeny bit in your hand, and put through your hair and leave it in during the day. Or you can also put it on your hair at night, if you tend to have dry hair.

If you put on too much, it'll make your hair greasy. My hair is extremely fine, so I can only use a little bit, but depending on your hair type, maybe you could use a little bit more. It's very nice, its affordable, and you might even be able to get it in stores. So that's something that I recommend and have been using for years, and I'm very happy with it. 

So now, there's one other product line I wanted to tell you about. They're very unique and I've actually found their hair care products to be quite helpful, even though these are all botanically-based, and some of them have a lot of essential oils. But these particular products that I'm going to tell you about have not bothered me, so some of you may have heard about the Morocco Method Hair Care Products.

They have some very unique shampoos made out of clay and essential oils. And those, I cannot use. They're wonderful. They smell great, and they're wonderful, but they don't really work for my hair. But they make some really nice hair products. 

So one of them is of them that I have been using regularly, it has funny name. It's called, Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel. That's an herb actually. And its main ingredient is aloe vera, along with some kelp and various algaes, and some herbs and essential oils.

I have very fine, thin hair, and since I've grown my hair out long, it can just look very, very thin and limp. But when I use the Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel, I just comb it through, and then either blow dry a little bit or just kind of plump it up and let it dry, and it gives my hair some body.

It doesn't have any scent that I can detect, and that's wonderful, they don't have a lot of essential oils in it that I can see, except for a little orange extract, so I don't really smell anything. So it's very nice, and I recommend it and it lasts quite a while also. 

This one other, it's more like a home remedy skin care secret, that I wanted to share with you.  I'm doing this simply by opening up my bathroom cabinet, and remembering all the things that I've accumulated in there!

There are things that I've learned as I try and deal with my sensitive skin. One of the challenges that I have had since I dealt with having a tick bite several years ago, and then after that, it was hard for me to move, you know, and to exercise. Most exercises created some form of joint pain or injury, but I discovered that I could swim and that I didn't have any pain with the swimming.  The only challenge with swimming is the chlorine on my sensitive skin. 

So I did some research about how to deal with that, like I'd get out of the pool, and then, of course, my skin would break out from the chlorine. If there was too much chlorine in the pool, you know, take all the hair off of my body!  So what I've discovered is that vitamin C is a wonderful way to dechlorinate the skin. 

Now, there's all these fancy ways that people use to dechlorinate their skin after swimming in the pool, You know, you can find vitamin C sprays for swimmers. You can find faucets with vitamin C in them. And all of those seem rather, you know, expensive and a hassle, you know, to deal with, and I never like to add two more pollution on the Earth by having more spray bottles.

What I finally came up with that seems to work well for me is I've discovered that if I take a little vitamin C powder and I dilute in water, and I put it in either a spray bottle or just a bottle that I can shake over my body, and after I swim, I douse myself with the vitamin C water. 

I also experimented with adding vitamin C in my Cleure body wash, but I found that using the vitamin C water first, and then doing the body wash afterwards was more effective.  That worked perfectly! I don't get skin rashes and my skin does not smell like chlorine after swimming.

So that's a wonderful tip that I learned, and I did have to do some research about the vitamin C, because I wanted to get a good quality one that was actually going to be stable, just to last for the few minutes that I would be diluting it in water.

You know, most vitamin C will not be stable if you let it sit. Like, you can't really make it up ahead of time. So now, after I swim I just scoop a little of this vitamin C powder into my spray bottle and, you know, into some warm water, and then I pour it over my body. It's very simple. 

 I found a good brand that I liked, that was made in a way, to the best that I understand, without a lot of toxic ingredients, because depending on where vitamins are made.  Sometimes they're not so healthy even though they're supposed to be.

So that's a long story, but anyway I found a brand called Doctor's Best Vitamin C Powder with Quali-C, that's what they call it.  I'll have a link there on my website to that. Some people take that internally, you know, they'll scoop a little into water and drink it, but I just put it on the outside of my skin, and it's perfect for swimming. 

So anyways, that is my update for my latest skin care finds!  I wanted to encourage you to continue with your own process of dealing with your sensitive skin to remember that you are beautiful no matter what is going on in your skin, and that you have the capacity inside of yourself to find the answers that are going to work for you.

Those answers might not be the answers that your doctor has, or your family, or partner, or your friends who might have other ideas, so I encourage you to trust your inner wisdom to find the solutions that you need, and to remember that your skin is your protection in life.

It's also the part of us, it's one part of us, that eliminates. So if you're excessively stressed out, your skin is one of those areas that's going to show the results of that. So anything that you can do to create some peace in your life, even if it's just for 5 minutes, anything you can do to create enjoyment, a little bit of fun and laughter, even in the midst of very difficult times, something that makes you happy is actually going to help your process of dealing with your sensitive skin and finding a way for healing, for yourself. 

Alrighty, so I send you lots of love & blessings. I hope you're well, and I hope this information has been helpful to you. Bye-bye!

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