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Skin Care Advertising

This unique skin care advertising package offers the most affordable and effective exposure for your business, at a fraction of the cost of most online advertising.

We don't do boring banner ads that get no response!  

We don't charge you monthly!  Your product remains listed on our site for as long as our site is online.

We offer a custom created advertising solution that reaches your target audience both through organic search engine traffic and through our social media, newsletter, Youtube and podcasting channels. 

What Really Works To Grow Your Business

I have been in the internet publishing business since 2001, and have discovered that traditional advertising methods such as banner ads are only minimally effective in sharing excellent, high quality skincare products.

What I have found that REALLY works to create new customers for your business is a personal recommendation.

That is how My Sensitive Skincare began, through my sharing of my own personal experiences with sensitive skin. I was really surprised at how many people have responded, and continue to visit my site.  We average a million or more visitors a year, every year since 2011.  

I am happy to share your excellent, high quality products with my visitors ... but only IF they meet my own personal high standards of product safety.

My visitors DO trust my recommendations, and so if your business qualifies, our advertising package may be just what your business needs.

 Available for Products That Meet Our Guidelines

My Sensitive Skincare has been online since May 2009 serving the needs of people with hyper sensitive skin, allergies and chronic skin conditions.

I am humbled and honored to have earned the trust of  millions of website visitors from all over the world.  For this reason I am extremely selective about the skin care advertising we feature on the site.

Advertising opportunities are available to companies that meet our product ingredient guidelines.  Please read this FIRST before contacting us.

Your Customized Skin Care Advertising Package 

Skin Care Product Reviews

This is a smart and affordable method of skin care advertising for several reasons.

  1. We do a Review, NOT an Ad - Trust me, I know you want to make product sales, but your potential customers have found their way to because they are looking for honest information.  You need to earn their trust!  I can help, by getting to know you and your products, and by sharing my honest experience.  My readers trust me, because I am not a big skincare company ... I have suffered with sensitive skin my whole life, and I know what they are going through.
  2. Your Product Review is Search Engine Optimized - I am expert at getting honest, real, organic search engine traffic.  I do keyword research and write our review using the unique search terms that are most likely to be found by your potential customers. You can visit some of our existing reviews such as this one which already have Page Rank and traffic.
  3. Permanent, Ongoing Exposure For Your Products - Your product review will remain as a webpage on our site and continue to gain organic search engine traffic and exposure every month for the life of our site.
  4. Expertly Written Reviews - Your product review will be engaging, fun to read, and expertly written by myself and our top quality writing team. All of our review writers are people who have sensitive skin themselves. See an example of our high quality skin care reviews here.
  5. Readers Trust My Recommendations - Some of our readers have been visiting our site regularly since it began in 2009. Your company will benefit from the credibility of having your product reviewed by our team. We live with sensitive skin every single day!

How The Skincare Advertising Process Works

I will use your products and report our results from the perspective of a customer who is trying your products for the first time. I will provide our honest assessment of both the benefits and drawbacks of your products.

I then create a podcast and a detailed 1000 or more word review of your products which will include custom photos and links to your website.

Your review will be featured in our blog, on our Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube and podcasting platforms, and our newsletter.

I will personally do keyword research to learn about the search terms that your potential customers are most likely to use, and will search engine optimize your review so that it will gain organic traffic from search engines.

In addition to promotions through our website, newsletter, Youtube, podcast and social media platforms, your review will be permanently placed in our Skincare Reviews page.

BONUS - I will prominently feature your review on every page of my website with a special right column banner graphic ad for 3 months.  You can purchase additional months as needed.

IMPORTANT - Your products must meet our product ingredient guidelines.

Time Limited Offer

$499 one time payment 

Instructions - Once you've made a payment, you'll receive instructions on where to send the products for review.

The whole process takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete, depending on how quickly you send the products for review.

I will use the products for one week or longer, and then begin the review process.  This includes producing a podcast and creating your 1000 word product review.

After the review is complete I will begin publicizing your review on our site and social media channels.  

Skin Care Advertising Policies

  1. All advertisements placed on our site are in full compliance with Google webmaster policies which require the "nofollow" link attribute on all text and banner ads.

  2. Your ad payment is non-refundable, unless your site does not meet our product ingredient guidelines. If that is the case, we will refund your fee, minus our Paypal Fees.

Not Sure Your Products Meet Our Guidelines?

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