ReCverin 50/50™ Vitamin C Skin Care Product

The Best Vitamin C Serum for Sensitive Skin?

ReCverin ReCverin 50/50™ Vitamin C skin care product is one of the very few gentle and also effective sensitive skin care products I have tried that can actually provide effective anti-aging skincare support, as well as a natural approach to inflammatory skin conditions.

I was contacted by one of the ReCverin team and asked to review the product, and was sent a sample bottle. The product arrived promptly and I was pleased to note several things about this product that can be helpful for sensitive skin.

There are many benefits of using vitamin C for skin care, however if you have sensitive skin, you may have discovered that some of these products can be extremely irritating.

Previous to ReCverin 50/50™, I had no positive experiences using vitamin c face cream or serum. All other products I had tried left me with a massive skin rash!

How to Find the
Best Vitamin C Serum for Sensitive Skin


When you have sensitive skin, it can react to almost anything. The more ingredients in the product, the more at risk you are for having an allergic reaction to one of them!

Also, sensitive skin can react to even small amounts of chemical preservatives that are commonly added to skincare products.

One of the challenges of using vitamin C for skin health is that it is difficult for skin care product manufacturers to find a stable form of Vitamin C that can retain its potency without spoiling. That is why so many vitamin C face creams contain chemical preservatives.

The best vitamin C serum for sensitive skin will be one that has very few ingredients, and no irritating chemicals.

The ingredients in ReCverin 50/50™ are very simple, and the product has a very short ingredient list.

ReCverin vitamin C skin care product has three ingredients:

  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin C (as dehydroascorbic acid and ascorbic acid)
  • Water

Another benefit that this product has for sensitive skin is that it is fragrance free. Artificial fragrance is one of the top five allergens in skin care products.

ReCverin 50/50™ contains no harsh chemicals or preservatives which can irritate sensitive skin.

The active ingredient in the product, which is Vitamin C, is safe and non-toxic, and there is a lot of scientific research indicating that it can benefit the skin.

Initial Impressions of ReCverin 50/50™

For the purposes of this review, I did NOT read any of the research studies beforehand, as I wanted to have my own experience of the results.

You will see when you read my results, that many of the benefits I experienced were exactly those that research indicates.

I am not an expert on Vitamin C for skin and so am not familiar with the benefits of different forms of Vitamin C. The reason for this is that all previous vitamin c face creams or serums I have tried made my skin break out!

ReCverin 50/50™ comes in a generous 2 ounce container, along with a smaller bottle which is provided so that you can store most of it in the refridgerator, and keep a little of the product out on your dresser or wherever you keep your other skincare products.

ReCverin is a clear gel-like serum with no noticeable scent. The instructions recommend adding a little water to apply to the skin. I found that it also worked well applied to moist skin, straight from the bottle.

This product is formulated without harsh preservatives, and so will last about a month or more at room temperature. If you want to use it for longer, the company recommends you store it in the refrigerator, which is why they provide a smaller bottle so that you can easily keep the entire bottle fresh.

The serum is very concentrated and after 10 days use I still had three quarters of a bottle left, so I found it to be a good value.

My Results with the ReCverin Vitamin C Skin Care Product

The product feels very soothing on the skin. I did a skin test and was pleasantly surprised to have no skin reactions.

In the past, I've tried lots of vitamin C skin care products, vitamin c face creams and serums, and all of them produced a skin reaction or inflamed skin, especially on my face.

This is the only Vitamin C serum I have tried that did not inflame my skin!

I used the serum for ten days, and I applied it to my face, and also arms, hands, and to a stubborn skin rash behind my knees. I was so encouraged by the results that I even tried it on my lips, a sensitive area that usually breaks out in reaction to almost anything!

Fast Results with ReCverin 50/50™
Vitamin C Face Cream

What I was most pleased with was the fast results I experienced in using the ReCverin 50/50™ Vitamin C Skin Care Product. 

There is a lot of research to support the healing benefits of Vitamin C on the skin, however because my skin is so sensitive I was never able to find a Vitamin C serum that I could tolerate. All other Vitamin C products produced an instant rash on my face and so I’ve never before had the opportunity to experience the benefits of Vitamin C on the skin.

Body Care Results

This is where I saw the fastest results from using ReCverin. I think this may be because I generally do not use a lot of body care products and so it was very easy to see the results.

  1. The skin rash behind my knees cleared up in one day after using ReCverin.
  2. Wrinkles on my shoulders and arms became less visible. Yes, it’s possible to get wrinkles on your arms! I live in a very sunny area and despite using sunscreen, after about 2 years here I began to notice wrinkles on my shoulders and arms, especially the left arm which is exposed to sun when driving.
  3. I noticed a visible lightening and reduction in age spots and a smoothing of the skin on my hands.

Trying ReCverin 50/50™ For Facial Skincare

It took me a little longer to see results on my facial skin, as I use other skincare products on my face like serums and moisturizers. 

When you have sensitive skin, less is more! It is easy to run into problems by mixing products or using too many products.

I tried several different ways of using ReCverin on my face. First I simply added it to my regular skincare routine. I already use a cleanser, serum and moisturizer.

I was not able to perceive noticeable results right away with this approach, although amazingly, my skin did not break out!

I wanted to see if ReCverin could deliver some of the rapid results I saw on other areas of my skin to my face, so I decided to stop using my regular facial serum aReCverin 50/50™ nd replaced it with ReCverin. I then applied my regular moisturizer afterwards.

Encouraged by this result, I tried ReCverin on one of the most sensitive areas of my face, the lips. My lips were cracked and dry (regular lip balm has not helped) and had a painful red spot right in the middle.

Most of my regular skincare products, if used on the lips will cause a breakout and so I am very careful what I use there.

The ReCverin when applied to the lips brought a little moisture, tasted great, and did not cause the lips to breakout!

Facial Skincare Results with ReCverin 50/50™

I experimented with different ways of using the product both with my other facial skincare products and on its own. I found that I got the fastest and most noticeable results by just using ReCverin by itself.

The glycerin in the product creates moisture for the skin, so that my skin did not dry out, even when I did not use my regular moisturizers.

  1. After two days of using ReCverin instead of my regular serum, I noticed a chronic, slightly discolored scaly spot on the side of my face had lightened and softened.

  2. Within a few hours of applying ReCverin to dry, cracked, painful lips, the red sore has disappeared!

Is ReCverin 50/50™ Affordable?

Now, the bad news … sort of! Like most Vitamin C serums of its kind, the product is definitely pricey. 

The good news is, from my initial price research, it was not more expensive than other brands of Vitamin C skin care product, and in some cases was less expensive.

Prices for vitamin c face cream and serum will vary depending on the brand and also the strength of the serum.

ReCverin 50/50™ is a 5% Vitamin C serum, which is great for sensitive skin. Vitamin C serums also come in 10%, 15% and even 20% concentrations. 

The other brands of Vitamin C serum I found contained fragrance, artificial preservatives and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which are all product ingredients that I do not recommend.

Other brands of vitamin C skin care product that I researched were packaged in smaller containers which are less environmentally friendly, and which also add to the cost.

From my initial research, ReCverin 50/50™ was the only brand of vitamin C skincare that did not contain irritating chemicals or preservatives.

The 2 ounce bottle of ReCverin will last you for a while as it is very concentrated. You can put it in the refrigerator to keep the natural ingredients fresh, and use the smaller bottle that is provided for daily use.

In my opinion, the product is definitely effective, and did not irritate my sensitive skin, and it will last for a while, and so it is an excellent value.

Depending on how much you use it, one bottle can last up to several months if kept in the refridgerator.

Summary of my Experience with ReCverin 50/50™ Vitamin C Skin Care Product

I had a great result using ReCverin, and I highly recommend the product to anyone who is looking for a very safe and natural approach to wrinkles, sun spots, age spots, skin inflammation or other skin problems. 

You can purchase ReCverin at their website

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