Acne, sensitive and thin skin

by Kikihsc

I have experienced acne problems for more than 6 years. However, I started to have sensitive skin, starting from last 3 years. I do not know what is the reason behind it, but most probably its because of skin care products.

I realized that when I use oil control products, my acne heals faster.Once my acne all healed, my skin started to feel itchy and inflamed. Red spots are all over my face. My face will also feel dry due to the oil-control property.

However, if I use gentle and hypoallergenic products, my skin will not experienced the allergic symptoms. But, my acne will starts to pop out after few weeks of using these gentle products.

So what kind of skin care products that I should use for my 'oily but dehyrated' and 'sensitive but have acne problems' skin?

*I really need good advice to save my skin*
Thank you. :)

Our reply

Thank you Kikihsc for your message. Yes, acne prone sensitive skin is a real challenge, and I so understand the frustration you are experiencing. If skin care products alone cannot help, you may need to look at your overall health to find a solution that will work for your unique body.

Have you noticed that your skin breaks out at certain times of the month, or after eating certain foods? You may want to keep a diary for a while that includes everything you eat every day, and any unusual stresses that you experienced. That way you can begin to learn what your body and your skin are telling you.

Another option is to experiment with homemade skincare remedies for acne that require just one or two ingredients. For some people whose skin is very sensitive, this can sometimes help. We have a number of articles on this, one is Home Remedies for Cystic Acne and another is our Homemade Acne Treatments for Sensitive Skin.

I hope these can be helpful for you! If you have further questions, you can reach most quickly at our Mysensitiveskincare Facebook page.

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Nov 11, 2013
response from kikihsc
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot for the great feedback!
I have been controlling my diet ever since after I experience the sensitive skin.
I have completely get rid of food such as seafood, chocolate, cheese, pasta, eggs, shrimps, chilies, and fried food, whereby I thought that these might be the reasons behind the acne-sensitive skin.

I do experience breakouts/sensitive red spots at certain time of the month, almost monthly. So that's why my skin didn't have the time to rest from any breakouts.

Just last question, do you have homemade remedies just for sensitive skin?

Thank you.

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