Skin Bleaching Cream

The Benefit of Choosing Natural Skin Lighteners

Women of all backgrounds use skin bleaching cream for different reasons, however most of these products contain hydroquinone which can produce serious side effects.

Now there are safer and more natural skin lighteners which can produce the same benefits without the potential health risks.

Why Do People Lighten Their Skin?

First, it is important to note that there is an inherent bias in some parts of the world, which consider lighter skin to be more beautiful. This motivates some women to want to lighten their beautifully tan or brown skin to conform to a cultural stereotype.

This type of cultural bias is not founded in reality but on beliefs. Just as many years ago, excessively thin women were considered beautiful, now as consciousness has evolved, there is more understanding that women of any size can be beautiful.

Some women bleach their children's skin because they believe that lighter skin will give them greater advantages in life.

It is understandable that a loving mother wants to give her children every advantage, but they may not realize that this could have unwanted health effects later in life.

It is also common for people with lighter skin to try to darken their skin by getting a tan, which also can potentially cause health problems from too much sun exposure!

True Natural Beauty

Our world still carries many misconcenptions and cultural biases. Lighter skin is not better, however as long as some people think it is, there will be those who want to conform to this ideal.

We are each beautifully unique the way God created us. Natural beauty is all about enhancing what is already present, rather than trying to be someone that we are not.

All this being said, there is nothing wrong with trying to look and feel the best that we can be! I encourage you to find safe, natural beauty solutions that will not compromise your health.

Why People Use Skin Bleaching Cream

There are people who are struggling with some conditions that are less noticeable when the skin is lightened. Some of these include:

  • Uneven skin pigmentation
  • Acne or blemish scarring
  • To fade age spots
  • To make wounds appear lighter
  • Brown or gray discoloration of skin
  • Uneven skin tone on the neck or arms
  • Freckling

Side Effects of Bleaching Skin

The primary ingredient in most skin bleaching creams is Hydroquinone, which is also used for the removal of tattoos, in some anti-aging skincare, and even for some psoriasis treatments.

Hydroquinone effectively inhibits the creation of melanin in the skin, which is what gives skin it's coloring. Unfortunately, over time, this ingredient can seep into the skin and enter the body, producing some potentially severe side affects.

What are the long-reaching affects of this type of skin regimen? The research is ongoing, but the preliminary studies indicate some of the potential hydroquinone side effects:

  • Mercury poisoning
  • Skin disfiguration - called ochnronosi, which results in thickening and discoloration of skin
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Kidney and liver damage
  • Possibly cancer - Europe has banned this ingredient from their products

Safer Skin Bleaching Creams

There are safer ways to bleach skin by using natural ingredients to inhibit the melanin production in the skin. You won't have the nasty side effects, but can still achieve lighter skin in a more natural and gentle way.

There are even homemade skin lightener remedies that work using food items you commonly find in your pantry and refrigerator. Ingredients such as lemon juice, cucumber, coconut milk, honey, and cream are all natural foods that people have used to lighten their skin.

What are the benefits of opting for a safe natural skin-bleaching product?

  • No dangerous side effects now or later
  • Lighter, brighter skin without using harsh chemicals
  • Natural products contain antioxidants which encourage new skin cell growth
  • Even skin tone - no blotches or dark patches
  • All natural ingredients ensure safe use, even for long-term
  • Safe enough to use daily if desired

Keep in mind that everything that comes into contact with the skin is absorbed into the body. The ingredients in the products we use will eventually end up in our bloodstream and work their way through our vital organs.

Wouldn't you want to use products with all natural ingredients and know that you aren't putting harmful chemicals and compounds into your body?

Natural skin bleaching cream products can achieve the same skin lightening results as the ones that contain Hydroquinone, but you can use them without worrying about possibly encountering negative side effects in the future. The all-natural products are more expensive, but that peace of mind is worth every penny!

My Recommendation for the 
Best Safe Skin Bleaching Cream

One of the skin care lines we recommend makes a safe and very effective natural skin whitening cream which safely reduces the melanin production in skin using safe, nontoxic botanical ingredients. The active ingredient in this cream is a root that is used in Chinese medicine, Asia, India and also by Native Americans.

The root was originally discovered to have many healing properties and it reduces skin irritation, and so is soothing to the skin. The skin cream that contains this natural lightening remedy also has anti-aging skin care benefits.

Research studies with the product have produced some dramatic results. Like most natural remedies, they take a little longer to show results, however the benefit is that you have healthier skin and no side effects. People get the best results from using this natural skin lightener for three months, which produces a healthy, natural lightening in your complexion.

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