Rosacea Cures for Sensitive Skin

Reduce Facial Redness With Natural Rosacea Remedies and Treatments

Looking for rosacea cures? Don't listen to anyone who tells you that there is nothing you can do to reduce or eliminate this embarrassing facial redness and uncontrollable facial flushing. There are so many simple things that can help!

Although medical science has not yet found a permanent cure for rosacea, the symptoms CAN be treated and in some cases, completely eliminated.

The problem is that everyone's body is different and so what works for someone else may not work for you.

The good news, however, is that there are a number of options for natural rosacea cures that are affordable and can help you reduce or prevent the relapse of your symptoms without drugs or surgery which may have side effects.

Even better, many of these are free or very low cost, and do not require that you try yet another facial creams or lotion!

rosacea cures

What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disorder that affects mostly women, and people between 30 and 60 years of age. Initially it may appear as redness like sunburn on the face, but over time gets darker and may eventually develops bumps and pimples on the face and thickened skin.

Rosacea Causes

There are no conclusive studies that can pinpoint exactly what causes rosacea. That is partly where there are not yet rosacea cures. Some possibilities that researchers think MAY cause this skin condition include:

  • Excessively acidic diet
  • An immune system disorder
  • Microscopic mites on the skin
  • The helicobacter pylori bacteria
  • Stress
  • Heredity
  • A history of blistering sunburns

Rosacea Symptoms - What Does It Look Like?

Rosacea appears on the face as flushing that at first looks like sunburn. Later the face may develop spider veins and more persistent redness. Some people experience pink bumps or painful, pus filled nodules on the face.

More severe forms of the disorder produce thickening of the skin and increased redness. Sometimes the nose becomes swollen. About half of people with rosacea experience some irritation of the eyes.

Many people who have this chronic skin condition are not aware that they have it. All they know is that they have very sensitive skin which tends to break out into a rash.

Rosacea Cures - Your First Steps for Treatment

Here are some first steps you can take to minimize your outbreaks. These are lifestyle rosacea cures that don't require expensive creams or medicines, and can be accomplished by a simple change in your daily habits.

  • Stay out of the sun.
  • Stay away from excessively windy, hot or cold environments.
  • Avoid hot tubs, saunas and hot baths.
  • Drink cool or room temperature liquids ... let go of drinking hot beverages.
  • Do not clog your pores with astringents such as witch hazel, alum, camphor, menthol, alcohol or , very cold water.
  • Choose water soluable cosmetics ... although it is less convenient in rainy weather, waterproof cosmetics need to be removed with a solvent which equals MORE skin irritation.
  • Avoid products with sodium lauryl sulfate which cause irritation for rosacea. Most shampoos and many facial cleansers and toothpaste contain SLS. See our article on hypoallergenic shampoo for more information.
  • Choose gentle and nontoxic hypoallergenic skin care products. Avoid using products that contain irritating or hazardous ingredients.

    This is not as easy as it may sound, since MOST skin care and personal care products ... even so called hypoallergenic ones, unfortunately contain all kinds of substances that are of questionable safety! Please see our Safe Cosmetics Guide for tips on which chemicals to avoid.
  • Avoid heavy aerobic exercise that produces a lot of sweating. Instead swim or do moderate endurance exercise in a cool room.

    Warm up slowly and drink plenty of water to cool the body so your race does not flush. You want to avoid the "burn" in your muscles which causes a build up of lactic acid.
  • Do not scrub your face or use exfoliants. Pat dry gently without rubbing.
  • One of the simplest, most affordable and most effective rosacea cures is to use cool water on your face several times a day.
  • Do not smoke, which adds toxicity to your body and makes it more difficult for your skin to heal.
  • Get enough sleep so that your immune system can function well. One of the best natural rosacea cures is to strengthen your ENTIRE body so it can heal itself more quickly.
  • Reduce stress ... I know that's difficult in today's world so you may need to 'work' at this by scheduling time to relax, have fun and decompress!
  • Keep your weight within normal range. Excessive weight adds to the load on your cardiovascular system which contributes to the flushing and redness of your face.
  • Change your facecloths and towels after each use. Use a fresh pillowcase and change it every two days, turning the pillow over the next night.
  • If you need to cover the facial redness, use a natural mineral makeup which does not clog pores.

Rosacea Cures - What About a Diet for Rosacea?

Herbal Remedy for Rosacea

May people have found that because there are no rosacea cures, that they need to focus on being healthier in general, and that this actually seems to eliminate their symptoms.

A low acid, high alkaline diet which is rich in vegetables and low sugar fruits, and which eliminates refined and processed foods, can help your body to reduce inflammation which will then reduce the facial redness, flushing and other symptoms.

Generally most fruits and vegetables and seeds are more alkaline. Red meats, wheat flour, beer, citrus fruits and sugar are more acid forming in the body.

Berries such as blueberries, cherries, blackberries are excellent and delicious natural rosacea cures! They help your body to constrict the blood vessels, which may help your skin redness.

Change your diet gradually, making one or two changes a week which will help your body adapt to new foods without creating detoxification symptoms.

Keep a food journal so that you can learn about which foods seems to trigger our outbreaks. This will help you to begin to see patterns between what you eat and when your face breaks out.

You may discover that specific foods like chocolate will trigger a rosacea outbreak. Sometimes even very healthy foods like spinach, tomatoes, or avocado can cause your skin to flare up.

Eat cooling foods rather than hot spicy foods.

If you're eating cooked food, wait until it cools.

Once you learn the foods to eat for rosacea, you will eventually be able to clear your skin and develop your own natural rosacea cures.

For a helpful free guide to creating a diet that works for you, please request our Free eBook Clear ANY Skin Problem Naturally which includes free access to our growing library of free reports for many skin conditions.

Simple, Natural Rosacea Cures

Even though there are no medically proven rosacea cures yet available, there is plenty that you can do to manage the symptoms and keep your face healthy and free from embarrassing redness, bumps and skin irritation.

Here are just a few suggestions for natural rosacea cures that you may not have heard about.

Gentle Facial Massage - increases circulation to the skin and helps it to release toxins and impurities. You can do this yourself, or with a partner.

You need to be gentle and start slowly to not cause more redness or irritation. Use jojoba oil which is most like the natural oils of your skin, and will not clog your pores. Always do a patch test first before using any new oil, cream or other substance on your face.

Facial exercise - tones the skin and restores more normal functioning. I am a big fan of facial exercise! Since I started doing facial exercise regularly for just 15 minutes a day, a lot of the skin blemishes, acne and rashes that have been plaguing me have disappeared. I use Carolyn's Facial Fitness which not only gives your face a great workout in a short time, but also acts to give you a natural face lift. Remember to go slowly and gently with any new facial treatment!

Use non-toxic hypoallergenic skin care - many skin care products contain irritating ingredients that can trigger a rosacea outbreak. Some people find relief from facial flushing, rashes, outbreaks and skin irritations simply by using safer skin care products.

Even hypoallergenic products can contain irritating ingredients, depending on the brand you use. It is very difficult to find safe skin care products that are BOTH free of irritating chemicals, AND that are free of plant allergens .... AND that also work well!

So far I've only found one hypoallergenic skin care line that is truly hypoallergenic, AND chemically safe, and that is effective. I've never had a reaction to these products.

Jojoba oil - If your facial redness is really severe, I recommend you stop using all facial care products for a while. Cleanse with pure water, and then use a drop or two of Jojoba oil on the face as a gentle moisturizer. Jojoba is one of the simplest rosacea cures, which many people find soothing for irritated skin.

Zinc Oxide - This is another one of the simplest and most effective natural rosacea cures. Many people have found relief using zinc oxide, either by itself or in formulation with other ingredients. You can also find zinc oxide in some natural sunscreen products such as MyChelle's Sun Shield .

Home Remedies for Rosacea

Some people treat their facial redness and flushing at home with borax and hydrogen peroxide. Both of these ingredients can be irritating to some sensitive skin and so I don't personally recommend these methods as rosacea cures even though some people swear by them. You can look these up on the Cosmetics Database to see whether you want to put these on your skin or in your body.

Here are some of the gentler home remedies for rosacea. You will need to do a patch test to see which of these may work for your sensitive skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar - dilute with water to 50% strength and dab onto your face with a Q tip. Let dry Can also be taken internally in small amounts such as one to three tablespoons in water or tomato juice, three times a day.

Drink fresh vegetable juices which are cooling, highly alkalizing and very nutritious. Go slowly, try juicing just one or two types of vegetables at first, to see how your skin reacts.

Sometimes drinking fresh vegetable juices can producing a cleansing reaction in the body which will increase your symptoms temporarily, so go SLOW!

Colloidal Silver can be applied externally and also take internally, but it is not made for long term use.

Lysine - these are amino acid supplements available from any health food store, and they strengthen your immune system.

Vitamin C, multivitamin and mineral supplements and antioxidant supplements have helped some people to clear up facial flushing, redness and inflammation.

Herbal Remedy for Rosacea

Some people looking for rosacea cures find that by eating a whole foods diet and using herbs to cleanse the body of toxins and parasites can clear up rosacea, sometimes completely.

Some herbal cleansing programs also contain anti-parasitic herbs like black walnut, garlic, wormwood.

Other herbs that may help to calm an inflammatory outbreak include

  • Licorice
  • Green Tea
  • Chamomile

These are easy to use if you can tolerate them. Simply make a cup of tea, cool, and apply to your face.

Essential oils have also helped some people to reduce facial redness and inflammation. Tea tree oil and lavender essential oil can both be applied directly to the skin.

Other essential oils such as helichrysum and patchouli need to be diluted with Jojoba oil before applying to the face.

Natural Rosacea Remedy for Sensitive Skin

One of the most effective natural treatments for rosacea we've found is Rosarex , which works well for those with sensitive skin who cannot tolerate other types of treatments.

Some people see immediate results, others find it takes a few days. It has very few or no side effects, and help to reduce flushing, facial redness and red skin bumps.

Like any natural remedy, there is no 100% guarantee that it will work for you, and so the company will offer a full refund if you don't find relief.

Rosarex is one of our most popular natural rosacea remedies for those with sensitive skin.

Laser Treatment for Rosacea

Even though lasers have been used since the 1980's to treat facial flushing, rashes and redness, there is not a lot of information on the safety and effectiveness of these treatments.

The FDA does not require more stringent, long terms studies on the effectiveness of laser treatment for rosacea. For this reason it is best to be cautious and try other treatments first. Laser treatment is most often used in more severe cases.

In the mid 1990's a new technology called Intense Pulsed Light or IPL became available that uses a non-laser light source.

These IPL's generate multiple wavelengths of light that can treat more of the skin. This has been helpful to some but not all of those who suffer from the disorder.

Laser treatments are not rosacea cures and you will likely need several treatments and follow up visits to maintain the treatments.

They are generally expensive, between $300 - $600 per session, and are not covered by insurance. Usually you will need two to five sessions spaced from three to eight week apart plus follow ups.

Laser treatment is generally not painful but can produce some discomfort. Afterwards you can experience swelling for up to several days, some redness for an hour or two, and some bruising from four to seven days.

Important - You need to find a dermatologist who is experienced and skilled with treating rosacea for your laser treatment, as it requires a different approach that treating facial veins.

If your doctor is not experienced, they could over treat an area of your face which would leave white marks that look like scars.

The white marks are actually your regular skin color, but the treatment needs to be done carefully enough to create a uniform color on the face. Learn more at our Rosacea Laser Treatment page.

Ocular Rosacea Treatment

This is one of the more upsetting symptoms of this chronic skin condition. Over half of all people with the disorder suffer from ocular rosacea.

Symptoms are redness, itching, dryness, blurred vision and tearing of the eyes. It feels like you have sand or grit in your eye, and you are sensitive to light.

Ocular rosacea can have serious consequences for your vision so please consult your doctor right away.

Treatment options include:

  • Using a humidifier
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Keeping the eyes and eyelids clean
  • Hot compresses applied to the eyelids
  • Artificial tears
  • Omega 3 nutritional supplements
  • Replacing eye makeup every few months
  • Avoiding irritating eye creams
  • Using chemically safe hypoallergenic skin care products.

In more severe cases, a doctor may recommend treatments that includes antibiotics, topical medications or surgery. Treatment for this varies a great deal, because it is a chronic condition that often recurs.

Rosacea Cures - Medication

If natural rocacea cures do not work, please consult a qualified dermatologist who can prescribe a rosacea medication. Sometimes if our bodies are very stressed, a medication can help "jump start" our own natural self healing mechanisms.

Most medications have side effects and you will need to weight the potential benefit of the rosacea medication with the potential risks.

Rosacea is often treated with antibiotics and antibiotic creams. Antibiotics can reduce the pus filled pumps on the face, but they have side effects and kill off the friendly bacteria in your intestines, which can weaken your immune system.

For this reason antibiotics are used as a short term treatment. Antibiotics can sometimes reduce skin redness within a few weeks, but are not effective in treating the thickening, redness and bumps on the nose.

Other rosacea medication that your doctor may recommend are:

  • Metronidazole
  • Azelaic acid
  • Sulfacetamide products
  • Tretinoin
  • Isotretinoin

Rosacea Cures - Helpful Books

There is a new book out that is written by a fellow rosacea sufferer that you may find helpful. Robert Jan Whitteman has written a detailed, 75 page manual which not only lays out everything he has learned to eliminate his rosacea naturally, but also includes many valuable tips for preventing the endless psychological embarrassments that you suffer.

For example, there are tips for preventing your face from turning beet red while you are working out or playing sports, how to immediately stop an episode of facial flushing that is triggered by emotional stress, and how to reduce stress and increase the support in your life. This is an electronic book which has some significant advantages as you will always have access to the most up to date information. Please visit Rosacea No More for more information.

Rosacea Cures - New Hope!

No matter how severe your rosacea is, it IS possible to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms. Learn my own personal secrets to reducing or eliminating chronic skin problems by requesting my free eBook How to Clear ANY Skin Problem Naturally .

Right now I'm offering this eBook absolutely free, and I encourage you to request a copy now while it is still available without charge!

What Rosacea Cures Work for You?

What rosacea treatments have helped you to control your rosacea symptoms? Your contribution will help other visitors who are struggling with rosacea!

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