Your Skin Rash Diagnosis

Identifying and Eliminating Your Itchy Skin Rash

You may already have a skin rash diagnosis from your doctor, or perhaps you're still trying to identify an itchy skin rash or a red bumpty rash. Learn how to safely and naturally reduce or eliminate your skin problems.

Perhaps you're under a lot of stress, or you have a new job. Maybe you've moved to a new location or taken a trip recently. Or, you decided to try that new healthy diet and lose a few pounds.

Whatever might have happened, you wake up one morning, look in the mirror and ... :( you discover an annoying, itchy skin rash, or even worse, a red bumpy rash that is prominently visible on your face. Yikes!

Skin Rash Diagnosis

Skin Rash Diagnosis - Your First Reaction

The first reaction when you see a skin problem may be shock or dismay, quickly followed by mortification and misery! Really, life is stressful enough, and it is SO embarrassing to have a red bumpy skin rash.

The next stage in the process might be a twinge or despair (oh no, not another skin problem!) OR if you are like me, a bit of hypochondriasis. What's that you may ask? In simple terms, it's being afraid of having a serious health condition.

I have to laugh at myself at some of the strange skin symptoms that can quickly cause a panic. Have you ever seen the "Star Trek Next Generation" episode Realm of Fear? It's a great example of hypochondriasis in the future! :)

Once you've moved past anger, fear and despair, you may be ready to move forward with rash identification, and to get some help.

Rash Idenitification - Should I Diagnose
My Skin Rash at Home?

In today's do it yourself and self help world, you may find it tempting to try your own hand at skin rash diagnosis, but I don't recommend it.

First, you don't have access to the most current and up to date health information that a trained doctor or health professional would.

Secondly, it's easy to jump to a conclusion without knowing all the ins and outs of skin problems, and how they relate to your whole body and health. Without having the complete knowledge, you aren't really qualified to do a skin rash diagnosis.

Without knowing the full picture, you may think you have eczema, or acne, or psoriasis, but there may be something else going on that is more systemic. For example, some conditions such as lupus manifest with a skin rash.

Third, when you don't really know what is happening in your body and you try skin rash identification yourself, you may end up treating the wrong problem, and in some cases, making things worse. I hear many sad stories about people who developed more severe skin problems after using treatments that were supposed to make them better.

For example, one of our readers developed thin skin from using steriod creams . Another of our visitors developed severe photo sensitive dermatitis from using a sunscreen treatment. It is my hope that our site can help to prevent these kinds of situations.

Fourth, as I mentioned, you can easily end up either getting into a panic once you do some research and discover all the different possible things that could be wrong with you!

I recommend that get a good skin rash diagnosis first, before going ahead and trying various skin rash treatments.

You are in Charge of Your Skin - Know
Your Options

Please understand that there is no law that requires you to take your doctors advice, or to use the treatments that she or he may recommend. A skin rash diagnosis is just the first step, so that you can understand what you are dealing with.

Dermatologists are well trained in treating skin disorders, but they are usually not trained in getting to the root of the problem, which is the question of why your skin developed the problem in the first case.

Here at My Sensitive Skin Care, we offer education about about other options for your sensitive skin so that you can more easily prevent skin problems.

For example, once you have your skin rash diagnosis, you can carefully weigh all you treatment options. In some cases medical treatments will be most helpful in stopping the immediate inflammation, but using medicines long term for chronic skin conditions can have other side effects.

Some alternative health modalities such as acupuncture and naturopathic medicine have ways of treating the underlying causes of your skin condition, which in some cases can result in a complete remission of symptoms.

Skin Rash Diagnosis - Help Your Doctor to
Help You

You can help your doctor to make an accurate skin rash diagnosis by making an appointment as soon as you have a concern, and by keeping track of exactly when you developed your skin problem, and whether you had any lifestyle changes during that time.

For example, did you notice your skin breaking out after eating a particular food, traveling to a new place, or moving to a different locale? Did you use a new skin care cream, or take a new herb or nutritional supplement?

Keep good records of when the problem started and make note of any changes to your daily life.

You can also help your doctor, nurse or health care practitioner by avoiding the temptation to treat your skin rash at home until you know exactly what is going on.

Unfortunately, some skin care treatments can actually make the problem worse, especially if you have sensitive skin, allergies or other health challenges.

This can really complicate a skin rash diagnosis because your original symptoms may change or even become worse depending on how your skin reacts to the treatment.

Skin Rash Diagnosis - How to Help Your
Skin Recover

OK, you've made an appointment with your health care provider and are waiting to see them. Now what? It's certainly a helpless feeling to look in the mirror and see a scary looking rash!

The good news is, there ARE things you can do as soon as you get a rash that can help to at least slow the spread of the rash, or in some cases to help it get better, even before you have identified the rash.

Remove Skin Irritants

Some skin rashes will go away on their own if you can eliminate irritations on your skin. For example, you may want to consider taking a break from most regular brand cosmetics and skincare products (unless the are safe cosmetics which do not contain irritants.

I know, when you have a skin rash it's the absolute worse time to think about giving up your nice foundation makeups and powders! Most cosmetics may actually have ingredients that could make your skin MORE irritated.

For example even the so called "natural" mineral makeups can contain Bismuth Oxychloride which can produce a very severe rash in some people.

There are many other skin irritants that can cause a reaction, such as wool clothing, certain chemicals found on clothes that have been dry cleaned, or even very hot or very cold weather. Some people find that eating certain foods will produce a skin rash.

Pay attention to what seems to produce skin rash, and try to eliminate that as soon as you can. My free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally has a helpful plan to remove skin irritants from your daily life.

Soothing Your Skin Rash Without
Making It Worse

Avoid the temptation to begin putting creams and lotions on your skin when you have a rash, until you know what it is!

Try simply solutions like putting a cold compress on the rash, drinking plenty of pure water (which helps your body flush out toxins) and if possible, allowing your rash to get some fresh air rather than be covered. This of course is not always possible, depending on the location of your rash!

There are some people with sensitive skin who have found that a homeopathic remedy can reduce the skin rash symptoms without causing a reaction. You'll have to see how your body responds. My own experience is that homeopathic remedies either work well, or you don't notice anything one way or another. I personally have never had a reaction from a homeopathic remedy.

One of the most popular homeopathic remedies on our site is Skin Doctor which is specially formulated to quickly reduce itchy skin rash symptoms.

Getting to Know Your Skin

Most of us take our bodies for granted until something goes wrong. Our bodies are forgiving, up to a point ... but sometimes too much stress, overwhelm, or imbalance in our lives can begin to express itself on our skin!

The "silver lining" to developing a skin problem is that we have the opportunity to look more closely at our emotions, habits and lifestyle.

If your skin could talk, what would it say?

  • Hey, slow down!
  • Grrrr, I'm so frustrated!!
  • I'm drowning in junk food!
  • I just want to hide....

Take some quiet time to get to know yourself and your skin. Regardless of what your skin rash diagnosis is, you'll be amazed at what you learn! Our bodies have an amazing and miraculous wisdom, which can help you to heal.

More Resources for Skin Rash Diagnosis

If you would like to learn more about exactly how your doctor will go about diagnosing your skin rash, please visit which shows you all the steps your doctor will take in examining you.

There are a number of photos of different skin conditions, and this isn't exactly for the faint of heart. If you are like me and prone to anxiety you may want to skip this and go straight to your doctor or health practitioner first.

Our site has an abundance of resources to help you, once you know exactly what kind of skin problem you have. I recommend our free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally which provides a helpful, five step program to help your whole body and your skin to become healthy naturally.

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