Natural Beauty Recipes

Home Made Skin Care for Sensitive Skin

Natural beauty recipes are a fun and affordable way to keep chemicals and toxins away from your sensitive skin. Here are some of our favorite home made skin care recipes, homemade acne treatments and home remedies for eczema.

Natural Beauty Recipes

Natural Beauty Recipes for Your Skin

There are so many fun ways that you can take care of your sensitive skin using natural foods, healing oils and gentle herbs. Here are just a few! Have fun with these, and experiment to come up with your own natural recipes for skin care.

Facial Steam - This is a gentle way to open pores and cleanse your skin. Boil some water and then drape a towel over your head. Place your head over the steam, close enough to feel the warmth but not too close! Breathe and relax for three minutes, then gently tone and moisturize your skin. If you have acne you can add a little cider vinegar to the mix.

Sea Salt Body Glow - Mix 2 parts sea salt or dead sea salt to 1 part baking soda. Blend in enough natural, cold pressed oil such as coconut, grapeseed, or jojoba oil to make a paste. Stand in the shower and scrub your skin gently with it, and then rinse. Aaaah, you'll feel great!

Gentle Make up Remover - Blend equal parts castor oil and olive oil, and slightly less of grapeseed oil. For example, use 1 tablespoon castor and olive oil and 2 teaspoons grapeseed oil. If you are allergic to olive oil, try coconut oil. Apply to your face, remove with a warm cloth and rinse. Can be used to remove eye makeup too!

Gentle Facial Cleanser - Mix a few tablespoons of organic whole milk yogurt with some fresh chamomile tea. Apply to your face and rinse off with a warm facecloth. Will keep in the refrigerator for a few days.

Gentle Facial Toner - Mix a little aloe vera juice with an equal amount of water. Splash on your face after cleansing for a soothing and invigorating toner.

Gentle Facial Exfoliation - Grind ten to twenty almonds to make a fine, smooth almond paste. Now place 2 tablespoons of organic whole milk yogurt into a cut and add enough of the ground almonds to make a smooth paste. Apply to your skin, GENTLY. You can also leave on your face for a few minutes as the yogurt is nourishing and has natural alpha hydroxy acids which will exfoliate your skin.

If you have hyper sensitive skin, use smaller amounts of almond meal or just use the yogurt. Yogurt is one of my favorite natural recipes for skin care because it is gentle for sensitive skin, and it provides cleansing, toning, moisturizing AND also exfoliation for the skin!

Fun and Simple Natural Beauty Recipes for Facial Masks

Avocado - Take a ripe avocado, mash it well and apply to face, leaving for a few minutes. Yum!!!

Banana - simply mash a banana and apply to your face. If your sensitive skin can tolerate a few more ingredients, add a dab of cream or yogurt, some honey, and a touch of ground oatmeal. Mix and apply to your skin and let sit for a while.

Chocolate! Blend one tablespoon organic raw cacao powder (which is the raw form of chocolate) with one tablespoon organic full fat yogurt or cream. Apply to your face and let it set for a few minutes. Do this in the morning, as the natural caffeine in the chocolate is energizing.

Pumpkin - Take one or two tablespoons of organic canned pumpkin and apply to your face. Your skin will be soft and moist and dewy! Add a touch of honey and butter for extra moisturizing.

Manuka Honey is a special kind of honey that has a higher percentage of beneficial natural ingredients and healing properties, and it is absolutely wonderful for the skin. Simply apply a little to your face and relax for 20 minutes and voila! Your skin will be moist and radiant, blemishes will begin to heal and you can even use it on your lips ... yum!

Natural Beauty Recipes for Hair

Warm Oil Treatment - Apply a few tablespoons of warm coconut oil to your hair, wrap with a towel and let it sit for an hour. OR you can leave it on overnight. When you are finished, wash your hair twice with gentle sensitive skin shampoo.

Natural Brunette Hair color - brew a nice strong cup or two of organic coffee. Mmmmm, I love the smell of coffee!! Apply to your hair in the shower, then cover with a shower cap and then relax in the tub for 20 minutes. Rinse and dry. Do this in the morning as you'll absorb the caffeine! If you are very sensitive to caffeine, you may want to avoid this one.

Brunette Hair Rinse - after shampooing your hair, rinse with a mixture of half water and half apple cider vinegar. Rinse out, and your hair will be soft and with beautiful highlights! This is a popular home made skin care recipe that has been passed down through the generations!

Blonde Hair Rinse - After shampooing, rinse your hair with a mixture of half water and half lemon juice. Be sure to keep out of your eyes!! This lemon hair rinse will give you beautiful blonde highlights and will also have a lightening effect on your hair.

You can see more natural beauty recipes for hair at our Home Hair Dye Recipes page.

Natural Beauty Recipes for Your Teeth

Natural Mouthwash - Many mouthwashes are TOO strong for people with sensitive skin. Here is a safe and simple natural beauty recipe. Brew a cup of organic peppermint tea and add a teaspoon of rosemary leaves. Let your tea steep for a few minutes, then cool, strain, and pour into an empty bottle. This will keep in the fridge for a few days.

If you are allergic to salicylates then instead of mint tea, use this salicylate free mouthwash which is hypoallergenic and free from alcohol and other irritants.

Natural Tooth Whiteners - Mix a little lemon juice and salt together and apply to the yellowed stains on your teeth. Don't overdo on this as it is a potent mixture and you'll need to rinse it out of your mouth.

Another Natural Tooth whitener - One of the simplest natural skincare recipes of all! Rub the inside of an organic orange rind onto the stains on your teeth. This will whiten your teeth and also give you healthy bioflavanoids that help your skin!

Natural Beauty Recipes for Anti-Aging

If you look in the mirror and are started to get frightened by what you're seeing (yes ... I've been there!!!) then its time to put mother nature's healing powers to work for your sensitive skin.

My friend Sue has created an impressive collection of 150 natural beauty recipes for anti-aging using fresh, natural ingredients that are reknowned for their antiaging skin care properties. She's even been on the news sharing what she has discovered!

I love these home made skin care recipes, which are effective and are a fraction of the cost of many expensive anti-aging skin care treatments. AND Sue looks great so you know that her recipes work!

Natural Beauty Recipes - Home Remedies for Eczema

Eczema is a challenging chronic skin condition which creates dry, red, itchy patches of skin that drive you crazy because they itch so much! Eczema can often be treated naturally with home remedies.

Natural Beauty Recipes - Home Remedies for Acne Scars

Acne is bad enough, and even worse are the leftovers once your acne has cleared. It can take a while for acne scars to go away, and so you need to be patient and focus on the overall health of your skin. These acne scar home remedies will help your body's own natural self healing mechanisms to work efficiently to clear up your acne scars naturally.

More Natural Beauty Recipes

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