Thanks for Your Affordable Advertising Payment

Important Information To Get Started

Thanks very much for your Affordable Advertising payment.  I look forward to helping you to promote your business!

Please use the form below to receive instructions on where to send your products for review.

You can also use this form to include your website address and any information you'd like me to know about your product review.

Sending Products for Review

I will need a small sample of whichever products you 'd like me to review.   I recommend you send at least a week's supply of each product.  The review will be most effective if I can document some "before and after" benefit.  

You can send up to 5 separate products to be reviewed.  The samples will not be returnable.

Most skincare products take up to several months to show their full benefit, but one or two weeks is usually enough to demonstrate a good result.

Please remember that I have extremely sensitive skin, just like my website visitors, and I can only review products that are chemically safe and that meet our Skincare Product Guidelines.  

Affordable Advertising Instructions

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Terms of Service

  1. After payment, you will send samples of your products for review at the address we provide.  I recommend a one week to one month supply of each product you'd like reviewed.  
  2. There is a minimum of 5 products to be reviewed at one time.
  3. Product samples are not returnable.
  4. I will use the products for a minimum of one week, and will record a podcast and write a 1000 word review to share my results.
  5. The review will be posted on my website, site blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, and the podcast will be posted on YouTube and Spreaker, our podcasting platform.
  6. Your review will be search engine optimized for the search terms that are most likely to attract your target customers.
  7. BONUS - I will highlight your review for 3 months with a 160 x 160 graphic at the top right column of my site.  
  8. Your advertising package is non-refundable, unless your site does not meet our quality guidelines. If that is the case, we will refund your fee, minus our Paypal Fees.