Allergic Skin

by Rita

as I get older my skin has become literally sensitive to everything ! Natural , hypoallergic soaps etc . anything that has fragrance or natural like Ivory or coconut you name it I can't use it . I now only use water to wash up with , I have to use shampoo on my hair so my hands break out . High humidity also effects my skin . My skin is so bad I break out in itchy oozing bubbles on my hands and feet . Im very frustrated cause their are alot of things I can't do because of my skin problems . Thank you for your time sincerally, Rita

Our reply

Hi Rita, thanks so much for sharing. I am so sorry for the great difficulties you are experiencing with your skin rashes. That is especially difficult that your hands break out from using shampoo.

Some people who are sensitive to shampoos have found that a vinegar or baking soda rinse for your hair can be used in place of shampoo without as much irritation. You'd have to see if this would work for your hair type.

Do you remember if anything large or small changed in your daily routine when you developed the allergic reactions? You can reply in the comments box below. There are some suggestions here on how you can figure out what is causing your skin rashes.

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