Anti Aging Solutions For People With Sensitive Skin

by Clare Steffenson
(Brisbane, Australia)

Just because you have sensitive skin does not mean that you should steer clear of anti aging products and the like. It just means that you have to be smarter about your skin care choices. With the right beauty routine and a little TLC, you’ll have that youthful glow in no time.

But before we get down to the solutions, let’s take a quick look at the problem.

Sensitive Skin

What exactly is sensitive skin and how do you know you even have it? Stinging, redness, maybe a burning sensation- a lot of people believe that these are the signs of sensitive skin, when they experience any of these side effects after applying some product of sorts.

Well, that much could be true. After all, skin reactions do make the list, skin bumps, erosion, and pustules to add a couple more. But aside from that, another sign of sensitive skin is very dry skin- so dry that it doesn’t do it’s job of protecting your nerve endings anymore. Yes, it can get that bad. One other sign of sensitive skin is frequent flushing and blushing.

But, the best way, and quite frankly the only real way, to know if you have sensitive skin is to go to a pro. Have a dermatologist check your skin. It may be sensitive or there may be some other cause to a certain skin related problem you may have.

Once you have that covered, it is time to move on to a solution.

Safe And Simple Regime For Sensitive Skin


Do it in the morning, do it just before you hit the sack. Cleansing is very important. It may seem like a bad idea when your skin is acting up, but that is actually the time when you need to do it more than ever.

This is when you should really keep your skin nice and clean. After all, I’m talking about cleansing, not exfoliating. But be sure to choose the right cleanser.

Think foam, think gel. These types are much softer, so to speak, thus greatly reducing the risk of further irritation.


When it comes to taking care of your skin, sensitive or not, remember that your number one best friend is and always will be sunscreen.
Slather it on even on a cloudy day. Those pesky UV rays still do damage even when you least expect it. Look for an SPF with at least 18 for everyday use. But, you have to be extra careful when picking one out when you have sensitive skin.

Make reading a habit. You want to look for the words “zinc oxide” as well as “titanium”. They do a really good job at protecting your skin plus, as an added bonus, these also soothe inflammation. Two anti aging birds, one stone!


Since dry skin is one of the main signs of sensitive skin, you want to do your best to combat it- moisturize. Remember that hydrated skin is wrinkle free skin. But again, you want to be careful with what you put on. This is kind of like a more is less case, ingredients wise. But for the top two, be on the lookout for something that is non allergenic and fragrance free.

You want to forget the night cream and just moisturize in the morning. You don’t want to risk waking up to pimples galore, after all.

Guide To Safe Products For Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin requires special attention. As mentioned earlier, you have to be careful with what you put on unless you want outbreaks and harsh reactions. So instead of grabbing the first product off the shelf, also mentioned earlier, make reading a habit and be sure to go through the label, especially when trying something out for the first time.

What To Look For

Rule of thumb, when it comes to sensitive skin products, the simpler, the better. Look for products that have just a few ingredients. And, as much as possible, get ones that are fragrance free.

What To Avoid

Here are the top ingredients that you should avoid. If you see it on the label, put the product back on the shelf. Alcohol, Retinoids, Alpha hydroxyl acids, and Antibacterial ingredients.

Learn more about cosmetics, other skin care products and tips for anti-aging from the inside out at The site covers looking after your skin on a holistic level rather than ways to cover up signs of aging or reacting to aging. Preventative care always beats having to treat a problem.

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