Bad Gastrointestinal System and Acne

by dorothy

Hello, I am 25 years old and female. I suffer from various gastrointestinal problems and more specifically Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I read online that your digestive health is connected to your skin. I also suffer from severe acne breakouts that scar my face. I wash my face regularly and even change my pillowcases and tie my hair back at night to keep my face clean. No matter what I put on my face, I'm always breaking out. I try to stay away from junk food, too much meat, too much wheat (I'm mildly intolerant to wheat), too much oil and refined sugar etc but I still wake up with pimples or scarring on my face. Recently, I have started applying aloe gel which was working for awhile, but my skin is still breaking out here and there and still scarring.

Is there anything I can take internally to help with my condition? Are there any vitamins or herbal supplements that I should be taking? I don't want to take anti-biotics. Right now I am considering laser to at least get rid of the scars. I feel embarrassed and ashamed when I go outside because of my scars.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Our reply

Hi Dorothy, and thanks for your message. I'm so sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with acne. Yes, gastointestinal problems and digestive challenges can contribute to acne and skin rashes. Hormonal changes, food allergies, or allergies to other substances,
may also be adding to the stress your body is under. It can be a real challenge to find out what may be causing your acne.

If you've already seen your doctor and are not getting results from the treatments that they offer, you may want to consider a holistic approach. This is how I cleared up my acne when I was younger, using holistic methods. The one I like best is the Acne No More holistic acne treatment program. This is one of the most popular and effective programs I've seen, which is guaranteed to eliminate your acne using safe, natural methods. The program can be done on your own schedule and comes with three months of free nutritional counseling.

If you try the Acne No More program and follow all instructions and you are still not seeing a reduction in your acne, you may want to consider seeing a good natural health practitioner.

They can help you to find underlying health issues which may be contributing to your acne. They can also assist you in creating a cleansing and detoxification program which can be helpful in clearing up acne. We have several articles on this in our Homemade Cleansing section.

There are dozens of different types of cleanses available, and I would recommend you consult with a good nutritionist or Naturopathic Physician or other health practitioner. They are trained to help address the root of the problem so you can find out what is causing the acne.

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