Best Home Hair Color

How to Avoid Chemicals in Hair Dye

What are the best home hair color choices if you want to avoid the kinds of chemicals in hair dye that can cause allergic reactions and health problems?

More and more people are becoming aware of the health effects of the chemicals in hair dye and so are choosing more natural hair coloring options.

Men and women are busy these days and so they typically go looking for a boxed hair color in the closest drug store or even the grocery store to save time.

Yes, it's the quickest way to pick up what you need to get rid of the gray or change your hair color just for fun, but is it the safest way to color your hair?

Chemically-Laden Hair Dyes - Not the Best
Home Hair Color Choice

Did you know that hair dye contains several chemicals that have been linked to a higher risk of cancer? These are just some of the ingredients you should look for on the package when considering a hair dye product.

  • PPD - paraphenylenediamine; potential carcinogen
  • Parabens
  • DMDM hydantoin - formaldehyde based preservative
  • Propylene glycol
  • Fragrance
  • EDTA - preservative

Unfortunately, hair care products, like hair dyes, are unregulated, so manufacturers can use whatever chemicals they like in the product. Even if one or two ingredients are derived from natural sources, they can label it as an all-natural dye so that product will appeal to an eco-conscious consumer base.

That doesn't mean it's safe to use!

Sensitive skin can react adversely to the chemicals found in hair dyes, so it's important to try a bit harder to find safe hair color kits that you can still use at home, but with a clear conscience that you're doing nothing to harm your body.

Best Home Hair Color - Name Brands to Look For

Gorgeous hair without the potential health risks - that's what all natural hair colors promise. Can they deliver?

The hair colors listed here are the safest ones we found at the time of this writing, but that doesn't mean that one isn't better than another.

Try one to see how it works for you and if one doesn't work well, perhaps another one will work for you. Please let us know what you learn!

Remember that companies frequently change their product formulations and ingredients, so please do your own research even with brands we have listed here.

Advanced Cosmetic Technologies

  • PPD free
  • Resorcinol free
  • Ammonia free
  • Bleach and peroxide free
  • No synthetic chemicals or allergens
  • RBE Colors and Renewable Botanical Envirocolors - patent pending process for capturing pigments from plants
  • Effectively covers gray without damaging the scalp
  • Dyes are all 100% plant-derived ingredients
  • Gentle ingredients from sustainable resources
  • Environmentally friendly products

They even provide a color chart for you so it's a bit easier to make up your mind about a new shade. The color chart can be found at

Aubrey Organics

  • PPD free
  • Free of synthetic chemicals and dyes
  • Covers gray effectively
  • Natural ingredients leave your hair gorgeously shiny and healthy
  • Short ingredient list
  • Conditions the hair gently while coloring
  • Won't damage the scalp or hair
  • Certified organic product
  • Available in medium brown and dark brown

Palette By Nature

  • Free of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide
  • No synthetic dyes or chemical ingredients
  • No parabens or phthalates
  • No EDTA or PVC
  • 100% plant-derived pigments
  • PPD free
  • Excellent gray coverage
  • Uses natural coloring enhancing actives from nature
  • Herbal active extracts - nourishes and protects the hair
  • 50% of ingredients are organic
  • Approved product by ACDS

Light Mountain

  • Absolutely free of synthetic and chemical ingredients
  • Available in several different shades, including 8 to specifically cover gray
  • Botanical ingredients
  • Pure Henna as base
  • No peroxide, ammonia, or other allergens
  • Vegan product - no animal testing
  • Rich, beautiful color for healthy hair
  • No stripping of the hair
  • Add water only to mix color

Healing Scents - Color Me Henna Kit

Healing Scents offers what they call the Color Me Henna hair dye kit. They provide the henna blend you've chosen along with specific instructions for how to use the henna to color your hair. You'll have to provide a few items from the kitchen and some simple tools also found in pretty much any kitchen in order to do the job correctly.

They also provide a list of natural ingredients that will help to condition and protect the hair following the coloring process.

It's an all natural blend of henna free of chemicals.

Home Hair Colors with Fewer Chemical Ingredients

There are a few hair dyes out there that are sometimes found on lists of the best home hair color suggestions. The following are some hair dyes that have a lower concentration of chemicals, but are not chemical free.

They could still cause an adverse reaction for those with sensitive skin or chemical allergies, so please be cautious!

  • Sano Tint
  • Tints of Nature
  • Naturtint
  • EcoColors
  • Herbatint Herbal Hair Color

The best home hair color is really a personal preference. Trying different ones is sometimes the only way to determine which one works best for you.

It could be that the ones with fewer chemical ingredients work well for you, but it's also possible that one of the natural, 100% plant-derived products will work great too.

Choose Your Hair Dyes Carefully!

We can't stress enough that the chemically laden hair dyes that are on the shelf of every drug store, grocery store, and pharmacy are not what we consider the best Home hair color due to the adverse reactions that people with sensitive skin can have to them.

Even if you don't experience an allergic reaction to the chemically-derived hair dyes, that doesn't mean you're not putting toxins and carcinogens into your body which could affect your health later in life.

Yes, it's more challenging to find a truly natural, chemical free, healthy hair dye for home use, but the benefits of finding that one that works well without those harmful chemicals is well worth the peace of mind you'll have!

It is possible to have gorgeous, voluminous, shiny, and healthy hair using products that are good for your hair and for your scalp.

We always recommend that you use a safe, gentle and high quality hypoallergenic shampoo to keep your new hair color beautiful and your body and hair healthy!

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