Best Skin Care for Dry, Sensitive Skin


I am 48, and have always had very dry skin; but as I age, it feels more itchy and dry. I have tried many skin care lines (some very expensive) and nothing seems to work. What is the safest skin care line to use that will give me results?

Our reply:
Hi, and thank you for your question. Yes, dry skin does tend to get dryer as we age and we have a lot of recommendations that you may find helpful at our Dry, Sensitive Skin page.

I would recommend that you try the Cleure skin care products, for several reasons. First, they are extremely gentle and they are made with shea butter which is very moisturizing for dry skin, especially the Day and Night Facial Creams.

Secondly, these products are very safe. They are free from plant allergens and irritating chemicals that are often included in other hypoallergenic skin care lines.

I would also recommend that you be sure to include plenty of essential fatty acids in your diet, as this often can make a really big difference in moisturizing the skin. Essential fatty acids are found in fish oil, flax seed oil, walnuts and can also be taken as supplements.

I hope these suggestions are helpful, and please let us know how they work for you. Also, other visitors who may have suggestions on how to help dry, sensitive skin please share your comments here on this page.

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