#1 Best Way to Heal Skin Problems

My Sensitive Skincare Show Podcast #1

On this show you will learn my #1 tip for relieving sensitive skin outbreaks, in three simple words which most skincare companies don't want you to know.   This one tip alone can speed your recovery from a skin rash and doesn't cost a penny!

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This podcast refers to a resource on our site, the Sensitive Skin Survival Guide.  If you prefer to read, the transcript is below ... although you might enjoy listening to the catchy music at the beginning of the show! 

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Hello everyone and thank you so much for joining me. This is my very first podcast and welcome to the My Sensitive Skin Care Show! Today, I’m going to share with you my number one tip, what I consider to be the absolute best way to heal skin problems.

You actually won't find this information on most skin care product websites, so this is information that I hope will empower you and help you to find some new solutions to the problem of chronic skin problems.

So first I just want to share with you for a brief introduction to me because I am mostly speaking from experience here. I am not a medical doctor, but I have had childhood rashes, skin problems, hives, inflammation, acne, welts, pretty much everything that you can imagine since I was a child.

I've actually heard stories about this from my mom, and it's always been rather difficult to find a diagnosis and so over the years I’ve had to learn to find my own solutions. So remember, I’m not a medical doctor or a dermatologist.

I highly encourage you to find a good doctor, to be a partner with your doctor. That's what I do and I feel very blessed to have found some good doctors that actually will listen to me and to my needs.

But there are some very simple things you might not know otherwise that I wanted to share with you when your skin breaks out.

We've been programmed by consumer society to fix problems, so the first thing that we think of if we get a skin rash is we reach for the skin cream or we ask the doctor "please give me a cream to fix my skin rash". I do too!

It's not anything bad, but what I have learned is that sometimes this can actually make the problem worse. I've actually had quite a number of visitors to my website say the same thing … that they had a skin rash, they put a cream on to fix it, and it actually got worse!

So I’m here to encourage you to shift your focus rather than trying to fix the problem right away. So if you can look out why your skin broke out, and if you do that first …

The other focus that I would like to encourage you to shift your thinking away from just fixing the problem, is thinking about how to support your body's own innate self-healing mechanisms.

So here are the three words that I think will help you when you are dealing with a skin problem. The three words are:

Less is more.

Less is more! So when you have a skin breakout, stop putting more things on your skin. Don't put more creams. Don't put skin care products. Don't even put a remedy right away. Just let your skin breathe!

Give your skin a break for a day or two because what it's telling you is, “Ah, I’m irritated, I need a break.” You know and sometimes it's your whole body's message not just your skin. So that's what I do and I have found that that actually makes a difference.

Now, while you're letting your skin breath so to speak, just think back and notice anything new in your daily routine that might have irritated your skin.

For example, maybe you ate a new food, tried a new form of make-up, a new skin care product or haircare product, maybe you were just in a new environment, maybe you actually, you know, you're in an airplane and the person next to you had a lot of perfume on and your skin broke out! That actually happened to me.

So just think back and notice what may have irritated your skin. You may not know that, but it helps because then you can try and not do that the next time.

And the next tip is, when you are ready to put something on your skin let's say in a day or two, the rash has come down a little bit and you feel like you can handle something ... whatever it is, if it's a home remedy or a treatment your doctor gave you … be sure to test it first before putting it right on your skin rash.

So take a little bit, put it on the inside of your arm, and then wait for a day or a half a day. Make sure that your body can tolerate that treatment. Then when you put it on your skin, hopefully, it will help!

So get to know your unique body and your unique skin and remember that less is more! If you allow your body's own self-healing mechanisms to supported, this can make a big difference in coming down those chronic skin rashes.

So that's all for today. Thank you so much for joining me at mysensitiveskincare.com. I hope you join me again and I’d like to hear what you think and feel about what you've heard,. Please join me on my website and also our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mysensitiveskincare. Take care. Love and blessings to you.

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