Big Pores

by Lisa
(New York)

I have noticeably big pores. If I use any kind of makeup the pores just look bigger. I've tried all kinds of cleansers and masks and serums but they are just temporary fixes. Is there any way to reverse this. Can you help? Lisa.

My reply

I understand Lisa, I have a similar problem. I am not aware of any kind of permanent solution to this. The only thing I know is that you can keep your pores smaller by using a good astringent and toner, and by regularly using an astringent facial mask.

I've tried a lot of facial masks but a lot of them cause my skin to break out. The ones that are gentler usually do not have enough cleansing action to tighten the pores.

I have had the best results with the Cleure Facial Mask which noticeably tightens the pores and removes excess oil, without irritating my skin.

You do need to watch how long you keep it on your face. I find 5 to 15 minutes is plenty, if I keep the mask on for longer, my skin gets a little red.

The other thing with this product is that it will last you quite a while, and it may dry out over time. I have found that I need to add water to the jar after a while.

I've had my one jar for over a year now and I use it once a week, and it still is at least 1/3 full.

Another help for enlarged pores is to keep your skin from becoming too oily, and to gently exfoliate regularly. Anything you can do to eat enough essential fatty acids will help to balance and normalize the moisture of your skin.

I haven't used makeup in quite a while, but I would imagine that a liquid mineral foundation makeup, rather than powdered mineral makeup, may provide more coverage without highlighting the pores.

Readers, any additional suggestions for enlarged pores and sensitive skin? Thanks so much for sharing!

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