Botanolution, LLC

(San Jose, CA)

all-natural organic skin care company

all-natural organic skin care company

Botanolution is an online boutique company specializing in all-natural, organic beauty and skin care products. Botanolution’s portfolio of products includes organic facial cleanser, mud mask, anti-aging cream and moisturizer, lip balm, body scrub, body butter, rose water toner, etc. Botanolution is also an advocate of healthy living and green initiatives. ‘Like’ the company on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to get health and beauty tips, industry updates, how-to guides, and special offers. For more information about the company and its product offerings, go to or call (408) 642-5302.

All-Natural Organic Skin Care Products:
Awaken - anti-aging face moisturizing cream
Illuminosity - exfoliating face wash
Miracle Mud Mask - cleansing facial mud mask
Platinum Peppermint - moisturizing lip balm
Rose Blush - all-natural skin/facial toner
Skintense - moisturizing body butter - effective on extra dry skin
ZenFresh - invigorating sugar body scrub
and more...

Botanolution, LLC
1580 Old Oakland Road Suite #C105
San Jose, CA 95131

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