Burning Skin

by Diane

I am telling you my utmost skin condition that I just cannot seem to improve on from your how to clear any skin problem download. I have fibromyalgia and have tried skincare and makeup lines from BeautiControl, Oil of Olay, Merle Norman and just plain nothing. I've even gone to the Clearly Natural bar soap hoping this would stop the pain. I have extreme burning pain across my cheeks into my ear area and around my eyes. Some days are better than others. I cannot seem to relate it to anything such as eye shadow, foundation, etc. I try and eliminate and then add products but there just seems to rhyme or reason behind this.

Have you heard of anyone having this problem before? And if so what did they do or use to help it?

Thank you for your time. I love your web site and all the fabulous information!


Our reply

Hi Diane, thanks for your message and I'm so glad you find our site helpful! :-) I'm so sorry to hear about this very painful burning condition that you are experiencing around your cheeks and face. It can be very challenging to discover the causes of our skin problems, and it takes a lot of patience. The reason is that one small change in your daily routine can cause a breakout, and so you need to be a bit of a detective and look at all aspects of your daily life, your diet, and especially the things you put on your skin.

takes a lot of time but it worth it ultimately, as once you figure out what you are reacting to, you can hopefully avoid whatever is triggering this painful burning skin rash. For example there is something called the Elimination Diet that helps you to find foods that you might be allergic to. You can do the same thing with your skincare. Eliminate everything for a few days until your skin clears up, and then just try one product at a time. Use products that do not contain parabens (which can irritate skin) and with fewer ingredients. For example Cleure products are very gentle and contain no plant allergens, and are often used by people with Fibromyalgia because they are free of salicyates.

If your skin does not clear up when you eliminate everything that you usually put on your skin, then the solution is somewhere else in your health. I find that Naturopathic Doctors and (ND's) and MD's who practice integrative medicine are the most helpful in these cases, as they can help you look for the root cause of the problem. Skin problems can develop when you have a hormonal imbalance, heavy metal toxicity, sluggish elimination, digestive problems or other health issues. Also, some practitioners of Acupuncture have been helpful in clearing up skin conditions, as they work to balance the body systems which would help to clear up the excessive heat in the body systems that could be causing the burning rashes. I hope this is helpful, and please let us know what you discover!

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