Capillaries on cheek and sun spots

by Liz

I am the celtic colouring with freckles and high colouring on cheeks with a few prominent capillaries on upper cheeks and my first concern is the capillaries as we are currently having a hot spell here and as much as I can I seek the shade or I am in work but when I have to move around in the heat my capillaries get dilated and area looks very red I use spf50 cream hypoallergenic lotion and I wonder why no matter what one I use my cheeks get red surely with such a protective spf cream they should stay pale. Also the sides of my face have slightly darker freckles and no matter how much I cover them with spf cream they remain. The last query I have is the sides of my neck they get so angry in hot weather and high protection sun cream does not work on them at all and I have tried lots of different ones, I have now taken to wearing a large hat and covering my neck with a scarf and long tops but I would like to wear nice tops in summer without a bit scarf, etc. I would like to enjoy good weather and I feel I am developing a fear of the sun and the way I am dressing is reflecting that fear. Anyway hopefully you might be able to help. Thank you.

My reply

Hi Liz, thanks for your message. I understand! It's difficult to feel free to be in the sun when your skin develops such a severe reaction.

It may be that some of your facial redness is coming from another cause, in addition to simply being sun exposure.

I don't know for certain, but if your sun protection isn't having a lot of effect, (and if you're sure that your sunscreen is effective) then your facial redness may be your body's reaction to the excessive heat of the summertime.

Some of us have this kind of tendency towards facial redness and flushing in response to heat, and if that is the case, the best that you can do may be to do everything to stay cool and to protect your body and your skin from the excessive heat.

You will have to experiment and see what works for you. The simplest place to start is to do this is to reduce your exposure to excess heat, such as hot environments, foods and drinks. (I know that is much easier said than done!)

We have some articles here that may also give you some ideas or strategies ...

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Please let me know how this goes for you Liz!

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