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Aug 09, 2014
Blood type diet was way off the mark
by: Anonymous

I also tried the blood type diet and I am a type A, the *vegetarian* sort according to his theory. Unfortunately that was a disaster for my body (leading to a full on bout of rheumatoid arthritis) and it wasn't until I found metabolic typing and started to follow that approach that things started to change. I now eat more like a blood type O person and my health has improved dramatically. I have found that my body cannot tolerate any grains and I have noticed that eating them makes my skin worse. I think most people with rosacea are probably sensitive to grains, including corn, whether they realise the connection or not.

Feb 18, 2013
Thank you
by: My Sensitive Skincare

Hi Jo, thanks so much for sharing what has worked to help your rosacea. I've heard many people say that this approaching of eating for your blood type has been helpful to them in improving their skin and overall health. I think there must be something to this approach, as when I look at the foods that work best for my skin and health, a lot of these are what is recommended for my blood type! I notice that there are also guides written for your blood type such as the Blood Type O Food, Beverage and Supplemental Lists, and there are also guides for the other blood types as well. Thanks so much for sharing what is working for you!

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