Cleure line and silicones

by Katie
(Portsmouth, NH)

Hi there, I have sensitive skin and have rash like reactions to various products, which I do not know the source yet but am working on trying to distinguish. I found my way to your page and it has brought me great help! I like your view on things and I just ordered samples of the ***z-cleure.shtml*** line. I stated your site in the "where did you hear from us" line, hope that helps your great site.

I had a reaction to the facewash, only used it 2 days and got freaked out so I stopped. I believe it may be because my face has been ravished by "PanOxyl" which my dermatologist gave me. It is waaayyy too strong for my face, I have to decrease it to 2-3 times a week at most. I do like it because it prevents pimples, but makes my face SO sensitive to the sun, which makes my hyperpigmentation worse. I want to slowly wean myself off of this, as I used to be able to use just water and be fine!

I do not have acne skin, just reactive skin to mystery ingredients (at this point) SO my question is, Is it possible to gradually introduce Cleure cleanser while still using a diluted (with water) mixture of PanOxyl 2-3 times a week. And also, I notice Dimethicone/other methicones are in all the products I get rash/breakouts with, I understand these are silicones. Cleure contains these ingredients. How reactive do you think they are?

Thank you so much for any of your help you can provide. People like me really appreciate the information you provide. Skin care is a wild wild world. ;)

Our reply

Hi Katie, thanks so much for sharing, and for your warm words about our site! :) Yes, if you are taking any kind of medication internally, or using a medication
externally, you may find that you react to skincare ingredients such as dimethicones, that are not overtly toxic, but that
somehow create an irritation or skin reaction.

Yes, it can be quite a journey to discover exactly what may be causing your skin breakouts. And, if you are like most of us nowadays who are living through multiple changes and stresses, it can seem almost impossible to figure out exactly which product, product ingredient, food, medicine, stress, hormonal change, or environmental change may have produced your skin problems.

In answer to your question about whether to try to gradually increase your exposure to the Cleure ***z-cleure-hypoallergenic-facial-cleanser.shtml*** , this could work, but you may want to explore some other options for skin cleansing that do not cause irritation.

For example, some people find yogurt to be a gentle but non-irritating creamy cleanser for facial cleansing. Others may react to it because they may be allergic to dairy. We have several pages on natural facial cleansing and also other tips of finding the best cleansers for sensitive skin.

I have been learning recently about how profoundly taking medications can change how your body reacts to skincare and haircare products. I was having a great time recently exploring different types of essential oils for haircare, but then I became ill from a bug bite and have needed to take antibiotics. Suddenly, I couldn't handle any kind of essential oils at all! It's really amazing how our bodies somehow manage all the different things we eat and apply and are exposed to.

Whenever I find myself reacting to something in my skincare or health routines, I stop, and either reduce or take a break from whatever was causing the problem. I've found that this prevents MORE problems and often helps me to clear up the inflammations. I hope this is helpful Katie! :) Thanks again for sharing.

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