Confused About Skincare

by kim
(los angeles)

Hi! I love your site and am ready to order some products. I'm confused about ordering cleure or the wholesale skincare products. I guess my main concern is breakouts and second is aging. I've tried everything for my sensitive-acneic skin and currently la roche posey is sort of helping it to stay calm but my skin feels starved. When i try to fix the breakouts i get irritated (essentials oils send me through the roof) but when i try to fix the irritation my skin breaks out(clogging substances). Less is more but i want a real change!

Our reply

Hi Kim, and thanks for your message and for your warm words about our site! Yes, with sensitive skin it can be a real challenge to find the cause of your breakouts, and so many times our skin gets overloaded from having so many different substances on it.

Essential oils are very potent natural medicines, which can be helpful but can also cause allergenic reactions or detoxification reactions on the skin. Also, essential oils are absorbed by our whole body, and can even interact with other herbs or medicines we may be taking.

It may be useful for you to go a few days with very little or no skin care products, to give your skin a "breather" so that there are no additional substances going onto your skin which may be causing irritation.

In regards to your question about
which product line may be most useful for you skin, I did write something about this here:

What is the difference between Cleure and the Wholesale Skincare Products?

In addition to that information, I recommend that you consult your intuition, which is often (though not always) a good guide when you are not sure what your body needs.

Purely on the practical levels, the Cleure Skincare products are a good first choice to try for several areasons ...

They are safe, affordable, easy to purchase, and if you are dealing with a lot of breakouts, they will likely not cause further skin irritation. I've never had anyone report skin breakouts or problems from using their products.

The wholesale skincare products that we recommend offer a particular benefit, which is that they can cause a noticeable cosmetic improvement in your skin. They contain many natural bioactive ingredients which reduce inflammation, even out skin tone, lighten and brighten the skin, and reduce wrinkling. These products are quite active and do contain some essential oils, and so if you were to use them, you would start slowly by introducing one new product every week or ten days.

These products are less easy to purchase as you need to set up a wholesale account which costs a little extra on your first order, however after that you get the lowest price.

I hope this information is helpful to you Kim, and thanks again for your questions.

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