Derma Rollers

Has anyone tried it?

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This is a great question, thanks for asking. I too have wondered how these work.

Derma rollers use a technique called micro-needling, which claims to open the pores on the top layer of skin without damaging the skin. The pores remain open for an hour or so and become more capable of absorbing creams and lotions.

They are used in conjunction with special skin care creams, and some people love the results, however I haven't done any research on derma rollers. My sense is that they would be too intense for sensitive skin, as they are an invasive procedure.

I personally like to try natural methods first, many of which can provide great results without the danger of causing damage to the skin.

For example, facial exercise can be a pretty dramatic non-surgical face lift (I find it works great and the results get better over time) and are much less expensive, although it does require a few minutes a day, three times a week in order to get long term results.

There are also some good quality antiaging skin care products that can create a significant result in reducing the signs of aging. I just found several new options which can provide more dramatic results, which I am still testing, but one that works right away is the MyChelle G2 Instant Firming Serum which makes a noticeable difference immediately, without the pain or concern about the long term effects of inserting needles into your skin.

This product works great alone or with MyChelle NoTox. I have used both of these products and they work well, however they are bioactive skincare products which will require a gradual period of acclimation for sensitive skin. I recommend just trying one at a time to start, and giving your skin 3 or 4 days to adjust to each product.

Does anyone else have experience with the Derma Roller?

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Feb 04, 2015
worried acne
by: melina

Guys my skin is full of pores caused due to the large cyst. Please help me guys. Is there any natural way to remove the pores and the cyst completely from me? I am always depressed due to this. Can anybody please suggest some low cost treatments?

Jun 21, 2012
Really Good Derma Rollering
by: Nathalie Martin

A lady from my yoga class went and had it done and she looked amazing afterwards! My best friend has acne scars and hears it is good for that so she is probably gonna go next week. Will keep you posted!

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