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How to Identify Skin Problems

Have you ever felt as though you’re practically begging your doctor when you say, “please diagnose my skin rash”? So many people suffer with mysterious skin problems, and sometimes even with your doctors help it is a real challenge to discover the cause of the rash so that a remedy can be found!

Even if your physician or dermatologist is unable to find the source of your rash, there are other avenues you can take to find relief.

If you would talk to a naturopathic or homeopathic doctor, they may suggest some of the following in order to discover the reason you’re experiencing that mysterious skin rash. Their answers to your plea, “diagnose my skin rash” could be very different than your dermatologist or physician’s recommendations.

  • Look for hidden allergies – Today's world is filled with chemical irritants and allergens. Are you possibly reacting to something new you’ve brought into your home or a new food you’ve tried?

    Examples might be allergic reactions to a new shampoo, conditioner, facial or body soap, toothpaste, air freshener, cleaning chemical, or a new food that you’ve recently added to your diet.

    Even products that are called "hypoallergenic" can contain allergy producing ingredients. Yes, that is sad but true ... please learn why here at our hypoallergenic products page.

    Did you know that most toothpastes contain an ingredients that can cause skin, eye and lung irritation, canker sores and other skin problems? Even the so called "natural toothpastes" may contain these kinds of ingredients.

    If you are experiencing a lot of skin rashes, consider choosing safer hypoallergenic skin care and personal care products.

    Unfortunately there are more difficult to find that you may think. I've only found one brand of truly safe hypoallergenic products that are BOTH free from toxins AND that are free of botanical and plant allergens.
  • Diagnose my skin rash - environmental stresses. This is another important possibility to consider. Did you recently move to a new home, start working in a new building, or being eating a different restaurant? Some people are sensitive to chemicals in buildings, and so this is something to consider as you try to identify the cause of your skin problems.

  • Reduce the Stress in your Life – Yes, I know! It seems impossible sometimes to think about reducing the stress in our lives because there is SO much stress for everyone nowadays!

    Sometimes I think that looking for help to diagnose my skin rash is the least of my problems. :-)

    We are living in extraordinary times, and everything around us is changing. Our climate, our society, our economy, our relationships, our beliefs and even our consciousness are all changing at an accelerated rate.

    I am not that old :-) but I typed my Master's degree thesis on a Selectric typewriter! Yes, you probably have never heard on one, right?

    That was before the days when computers were widely available, and I can't tell you how many other things have changed all around me, so quickly. Did you know that even positive change can be stressful?

    In addition to these larger movements that we are all a part of, we all have to make a living, take care of ourselves and perhaps family members, maintain a home, and maybe much more. Even that can be a big challenge these days!

    Many people are experiencing skin problems and other stress related health issues. In fact, more and more people (like me) are asking for help and saying "diagnose my skin rash, please!"

    In order to alleviate a skin rash that doesn’t seem to respond well to conventional treatments, reducing your stress level may be just the key.

    Reducing stress can be as easy as including some sort of relaxation technique, a half hour of exercise, a soak in the tub, getting ample sleep at night, and perhaps reducing the number of commitments you have currently.

    Sometimes a natural remedy for stress can be helpful if you are still feeling "over the edge" when your stress feels beyond the beyond.

    Even if you can't manage more significant stress reduction changes in your life, even a few extra minutes of rest, relaxation and recreation added into your day will make a significant dent in your stress levels.

    I can't tell you how many times watching a funny TV show helped me to forget my problems even during the direst of difficult times!

    Some friends of mine here have starting doing something called laughter yoga which apparently is a big hit in India, and spreading fast in different parts of the world.

    People get together regularly either in person or on a conference call to LAUGH! I know it sounds pretty funny but it really works! Like they say, laughter IS contagious!

    Take time to de-stress and your body will thank you!

  • Modify Your Diet – There are foods that have been proven to increase inflammation and cause skin to react negatively. Yes, you probably won't like me telling you this, but these are often the fast foods, sweets and comfort foods we all love to eat!!

    Now, I know it isn't easy to think about, but your skin will thank you! Start slowly by eliminating foods that are high in sugar, high in fat, and that contain high amounts of chemicals and preservatives.

    Opt for whole, fresh foods whenever possible and if it’s in the budget, organic meats and vegetables. In short, let go of the fast food and make fresh alternatives at home.

  • Diagnose My Skin Rash - Consider seeing an alternative practitioner – If conventional medical wisdom cannot diagnose your skin rash, consider working with an alternative health practitioner.

    Most alternative practitioners are well educated in the field of homeopathic and natural alternatives for creating long-term health via healthier foods, relaxation techniques, acupuncture, yoga, and the use of herbs and vitamins for natural healing, not to mention prevention of potential diseases!

    Diagnose my skin rash with Acupuncture? I know it sounds strange to imagine a stranger putting needles in your body, but it really work! And, in my experience it doesn't hurt.

    Acupuncturists in particular have good success rates in helping to reduce or even eliminate skin problems. They have their own system of diagnosing and treating illness that is based on energy flows in the body.

    Acupuncture has been in existence for at least 5000 years, so there is a huge body of wisdom and knowledge in their system. A good acupuncturist not need a medical diagnosis in order to reduce or even heal skin problems.

    I've had excellent results working with acupuncturists for a number of mysterious ailments that were not effectively treated with western medicine.

    Diagnose my skin rash with a Naturopathic Physician? Yes, there are actually "natural doctors" which are called naturopaths.

    They have traditional medical training but are also trained in nutrition and the use of herbs, exercise, cleansing and detoxification and other natural healing modalities such as homeopathy.

    Some naturopathic physicians will refer their patients to other natural health treatments such as colonic irrigation to help with skin problems.
  • Drink a lot of water – It seems so basic to say this, but most people neglect their daily water intake! Water is vital to our organs and our bodies as a whole.

    Plus, water flushes the toxins and chemicals from our bodies that can potentially cause skin rashes.

So, the next time you’re ready to ask your dermatologist or physician to “please diagnose my skin rash”, be ready to share with her or him the changes you have made to your lifestyle or eating habits.

Those facts may be the very thing that helps them to diagnose why your skin is breaking out in a rash and have a method for curing it. You’ll feel more in control of your health and possibly be able to eliminate that mysterious skin rash once and for all!

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