entire body skin become dull and skin colour faded

dear madam,

first of all i would like to thank you for your e book.I am 26 yr old.61 kg weight and 153 cm height.Have 2 and half yr old son.I was very fair with soft and normal skin before giving birth.after my delivery my entire body skin become dull and faded .not only my face but also my whole body.my hair also becoming thin. i have black medium thin short hair .not too short up to my shoulder.consulted 3 or more famous skin doctors in our area .one of them gave me folic acid tablets for 3 months.but no any changes yet.

from last 1 month my diet is:

7 am morning-oil pulling using sun flower oil
nasya using sesame oil
brushing and face wash using raw milk with
colloidal oats
one hand full dried grapes and 10 badams which all
have soaked over night
one glass warm cow's milk with 1 tea spoon
liqorice powder.
dosa or idly(make using rice and urad dal) as
break fast.
at 11 am have 4 oranges
at 2 pm have lunch 1 cup cooked beans or peas ,rice ,fish or beef or chicken.any one of 3 mentioned before and mixed veg curry .
at 6 pm have an oil bath using nalpamaradi coconut oil.(only from last 2 weeks ago).have dabur amla oil in hair and wash using aritha powder.
at 9 pm night have little rice with same had at afternoon.one apple also. i go to sleep at 11 pm.have a little changes.but skin colour is dark now also.how can
get back my normal fairsoft skin .is this diet is enough?pls help me dear?

Our reply

Hi, thank you so much for your warm words! :) You're very welcome! I"m so glad you enjoyed my book.

A number of women have discovered that their bodies change after giving birth. Hormonal changes can darken your skin, and also medications and especially birth control pills can contribute to changes in your skin.

Also, stress and changes to your daily routine can change how your body utilizes nutrients, which can effect your skin.

One question... did your diet change after you gave birth? If so, look and see what foods you are no longer eating, and try adding them back into your diet.

There are two things I would recommend that you consider trying for your diet, if they feel right to you. Everyone is different and unique in what nutrients we need, and also what foods are available to us.

If you are able, I would add more of the following foods to your diet, and see if they help.

1. More vegetables, especially leafy green vegetables. Locally grown vegetables are best for health as they are maximally nourishing to your body which is located close to where the food is. :)

2. More healthy fats and essential fatty acids, also known as EFA's, which are found in foods like:

Flax seeds

This short list is arranged from the most EFA's to the least per serving.

Please let me know how this goes for you. Thank you!

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