Eye bags and Rashes


It seems like i periodically have bags under my eyes. I also noticed that i have rashes when i use antiseptic soaps. Is it that my skin is to delicate for antiseptic soaps? I expect a smoother skin when i use them, only to discover rashes. The rashes only leave when i start using something very mild like fruity soaps or soaps like Palmolive, dove e.t.c. Please let me know: is it wrong for me to use antiseptic

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Hi, and thanks for your message. I definitely understand, the same thing happens for me. Yes, antiseptic soaps can be very irritating for sensitive skin. Many people with sensitive skin find that their skin breaks out when they use anything with soaps or harsh chemicals. You can learn more about this on our Natural Facial Cleanser page which tells you more about which ingredients can cause your skin to break out.

There are many ways that you can cleanse your skin effectively without using harsh ingredients or even soaps. You can find some of our best tips here at our Skin Care Tips for Sensitive Skin page which has many simple ways you can cleanse your skin without irritation.

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Apr 01, 2011
So glad!
by: My Sensitive Skin Care

I'm so glad your skin is getting better! Thanks so much for letting us know!

Apr 01, 2011
Thank you
by: Idongesit

Thanks a lot for this reply. My skin's getting better without the antiseptic soaps. "Mild" is just best for me.

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