Facial Hair Removal for Sensitive Skin?

What is your main sensitive skin problem?: Hyper sensitive to everything

What problems do you face in taking care of your skin?: HI I am an Indian 25 yrs old girl. I have very sensitive skin. Whenever i do face wax my whole face get full of rashes and red spots. Do u have any idea which cream I can use to stop rashes?and can make smooth skin.
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Our reply:

Hi, and thank you for this excellent question. If you are breaking out from using a waxing product on your face, I recommend that you first look at the ingredients in your facial wax products to see if they might be irritating. You can learn more about how to do this here at our safe cosmetics page.

Sometimes it is the irritation of having your hair pulled out that causes the breakouts and rashes, but sometimes it is the combination of this along with irritating chemicals or preservatives. If that is the case, I recommend trying another brand of facial hair removal cream, or trying some other home hair removal systems that are available.

After doing some research on this topic, I think that I need to write more about this as there are a lot of other people with sensitive skin like yourself who are having trouble with their skin breaking out. Thank you for inspiring us to share more about this!

I will be adding a new section to this site on hair removal for sensitive skin in the near future and you can be notified when the page is ready through our newsletter list which you are welcome to join, it is available through our free eBook page.

We also have some recommended products for sensitive skin which may help you skin to be less irritated in between your facial waxing treatments.

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