Feel Bad About my Skin

by Lryn

am 28 and started having skin problems when at the university have tried some cosmetics have failed. am now afraid of going out or meeting people. hope will get help

Our reply

I am so sorry that you are having difficulty with your skin. Yes, skin problems can be really embarrassing, and can make you feel badly about your appearance. I hope the information on our site can be helpful to you in finding a solution to your sensitive skin. These pages are a good place to start:

Causes of Sensitive Skin

Natural Skin Care Products - Why Some Natural Products Can Cause Skin Irritation

Safe Cosmetics - How Skin Care Product Ingredients Affect Sensitive Skin

Hypoallergenic Products - Why Most Hypoallergenic Products Can Cause Skin Irritation

Natural Beauty Secrets - Our free eBook Clear Any Skin Problem Naturally offers a simple, five step program to clear your skin problems

Safe Skin Care Products - These are the products we have found that are less likely to irritate sensitive skin and that also work well.

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