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I first noticed my food allergies around 20 years old. I am 37 years old now and they have worsened over the years. I tried everything. I cant wear make up but i wear it anyway. I cannot wear eyeshadow under any circumstances. it cause my eyes to burn. My eyes are burning right now because I wore eye liner i have to suffer with burning eyes for the next couple of days. But i need make up. I don't know what im reacting to this time. Its something new everyday. i am sooooooooo desperate. How can I wear eyeliner without pain again? I guess i have what is called multiple chemical sensitivity. Please advise.

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Thank you for writing and sharing. I'm so sorry for the pain and difficulty you are experiencing with multiple chemical sensitivity. Yes, this is a very challenging condition, and I know how difficult it is to find products to use when you are reacting to so many things. One of the challenges with chemical sensitivity is that even one product that you are sensitive to can trigger reactions and the cause your body to react more to other irritants as well.

There is hope however, once you are able to eliminate exposure to the substances you are reacting to, your body can begin to heal. Later on, you will find that you are less reactive. Many people with chemical sensitivities find that it responds well to alternative therapies such as naturopathy, acupuncture or energy healing.

A lot depends on the practitioner and how skilled and experienced they are, and also your rapport with them. For example there are many styles of acupuncture, and the skill level and experience of the practitioners can vary widely. I have found that the acupuncture style known as 5 element acupuncture, also known as the Worsley Method of Acupuncture has been most effective in creating significant positive changes in my health.

I don't know which substances you are reacting to in your current eye makeup products, or which products you've already tried, but one of the product lines we recommend makes hypoallergenic cosmetics and these are less likely to be irritating. They are free from salicylates,many plant allergens and they also have a money back guarantee so you don't need to spend more money if they don't work for you.

Hypoallergenic Eyeliner

Hypoallergenic Eye Makeup

I hope these can be helpful for you. Please, if anyone else with this kind of condition has some suggestions, add your comments below!

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