Fragrance Free Hair Products

Are These the Best Sensitive Skin Shampoo?

What are the benefits of using fragrance free hair products? Discover why the best sensitive skin shampoo is likely to be one without perfumes!

People who have allergies to perfumes or are especially sensitive to chemicals can tell you that finding and using hair products that are truly free of fragrances is well worth the effort for many reasons.

What Does a Fragrance Free Label Really Mean?

The definition of a fragrance free product means it has been manufactured without the use of synthetic chemicals that produce a particular scent. It also means that no natural ingredients such as essential oils have been used to produce a scented shampoo, conditioner, spray, gel, or hair dye.

Unfortunately, there aren't strict standards to which companies are required to adhere when it comes to labeling their products, so even hair products labeled as natural can contain synthetic chemicals that may carry a scent.

Benefits of Using Fragrance Free Hair Products

Why should you consider using fragrance free products for your hair?

Think of it this way would you purposely eat or drink something that wasn't healthy for you?

Of course not! Why then would you purposely use hair products that contain ingredients or chemicals that are potentially harmful to you?

Here are some great reasons to avoid fragrance-filled products:

  • Experience fewer breakouts and skin rashes
  • Reduced risk of toxins building up on the skin and in the body
  • Less risk of carcinogens entering the body through the scalp
  • Better hydrated skin appears younger and healthier
  • Safe for every family member to use
  • Hair that smells fresh and clean rather than covered in perfume
  • Freedom from adverse reactions to fragrances no more sore throat, runny nose, instant headaches, coughing, sneezing, or symptoms mimicking the flu
  • Feel good about using environmentally friendly products
  • Beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair

One other benefit worth mentioning is that even if you yourself are not chemically sensitive to fragrance, there are many people these days who suffer terribly if they have to sit next to or be around someone who has used hair products with heavy fragrance.

Using fragrance free hair products can be a gift to those around you who may suffer from chemical allergies or who are ultra sensitive to scents and perfumes, especially in a group setting or work environment.

What You Might Not Know About Your Skin and Hair Care Products

Skin is the largest organ of the body and is our first line of defense when it comes to keeping us healthy, but it is not immune to all toxins or chemicals, especially when those things are applied directly to the skin.

The actual percentage of substance that the skin can absorb is varied depending on the source, but scientific studies have proven that skin does absorb some of what is applied to it.

Substances such as preservatives or fragrances entering the body via the skin don't pass through the kidneys first, which means the full force of the toxins or chemicals is unleashed on the body's organs. This can cause toxins to build up in our system over time and could possibly cause serious health issues.

That's a pretty good argument for choosing fragrance free hair and skin products, isn't it?

The Challenge of Finding Truly Safe Fragrance Free Hair Products

Searching for just the right shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, hair dye, and hair spray can prove to be challenging for those with sensitive skin, chemical allergies, or perfume allergies.

Lists of fragrance free hair products may be ones that don't contain fragrance or scent, but they can contain other ingredients that are just as harmful and irritating to the skin.

For example, a shampoo can be labeled as hypoallergenic, natural, or fragrance free, and at the same time contain other chemicals like parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. These two ingredients alone can cause adverse reactions for anyone with sensitive skin.

Some fragrance free shampoos have chemicals added to mask the natural scents that are part of most shampoo ingredients.

Hair products that are simply fragrance free can be great alternatives for those who don't suffer with sensitive skin, but for those of us who do, it's imperative to be aware of all the ingredients in the products we use every day to cleanse and style our hair.

Keep in mind that anything that touches your hair can affect your facial skin area too, so always read the ingredient list in full so you know what the product actually contains.

Potentially Irritating Ingredients in Hair Products

Fragrances aren't the only ingredients that can prove harmful or irritating to sensitive skin. Be sure to read the ingredient list of any product you're considering and avoid the following ingredients if at all possible.

  • Parabens such as propylparaben, methlyparaben, butlyparaben - see our paraben free products section for more on this.
  • BHT or Butylated Hydroxytoluene; a preservative used in foods and cosmetics and also in the embalming process
  • Mineral oil is a byproduct of oil used to make gasoline
  • BHA or Butylated Hydroxyanisole is a petroleum-derived ingredient
  • Preservatives with a formaldehyde base
  • Coloring agents
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Fragrance of any kind, including essential or botanical oils
  • Ammonium laureth sulfate
  • Lauryl ether sulphate
  • DEA - Diethanolamine
  • TEA - Triethonalamine
  • Phthalates plasticizers that act as a preservative
  • Bronopol - preservative agent
  • Botanical or essential oils some people with sensitive skin react to even natural ingredients

Where Can You Find Safe Fragrance Free Hair Products?

One recommended option for anyone with sensitive skin is a shampoo by a small family-owned company called Cleure . Their products are produced without any fragrance and are also free of parabens and salicylates, both of which can be irritants to sensitive skin.

I found their products when I was looking for a fragrance free, volumizing shampoo that would actually make my hair look good! I've had a terrible time finding products for my fine, thin hair. Most of the fragrance free shampoos made me look like a wet cat! :(

Their shampoo made my hair shiny and soft, and since I found them it's the only shampoo that both my husband and I use. I periodically run out and whenever I try another brand of fragrance free shampoo, my hair becomes flat and dull, and I remember why I love Cleure!

Their products don't contain harmful color dyes or other chemical irritants either, so it's a truly safe hypoallergenic shampoo that the entire family can use without worry.

Fragrance Free is a New Trend

I've been using fragrance free shampoos for over twenty years now, and I've seen a lot of brands come and go. Nowadays there are more choices available which can even be found at the local health food store!

I'm very glad that companies manufacturing shampoos, conditioners, hair gels, hair sprays, and hair dyes are slowly coming to realize that there are a great number of consumers who prefer fragrance free hair products, so they are beginning to meet that need with some new product lines.

Although not all of them will actually make your hair look good, at least there is now the option to not put fragrances and chemical irritants on your sensitive skin!

Still, the regulations for health and beauty manufacturers aren't as strict as they could be, so again we stress the importance of reading all the ingredients listed on any skin care product before making a purchase. That's the best way to make certain you're buying something that is safe for you and your family.

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