Hair Dye Allergy After Pregnancy

by Rottenstana

I developed a dye allergy during my first pregnancy, and did not realize what had happen until I was in the emergency room, hair seeping pus, face swollen, just miserable. I was told by 2 different doctors that as soon as I gave birth, my hormones would go back to normal, and i would be able to dye my hair again as usual. 3 months later I had my son, tried again, stupidly not doing a patch test. This time I lost the skin on my ears, as well as the other reactions again. Any time I did a patch test, my skin would burn away, my body would break out in places, and i would be itchy as heck!

I still am not sure what I am actually allergic to, and would love to figure it out. My reaction is worse with the darker color, double for black.

I found a product that claims to be a permanent dye, all natural non hypoallergenic hair dye called Palette By Nature. Any body have a opinion on that product? Let me know!

Our reply

I am so sorry for what you have been through with hair dye allergies. It is very sad that your doctors told you that you could use hair dye again! They just don't realize the dangers of PPD, the ingredient in most brown and black hair dyes. Our site has more information on the health effects of some of the chemicals in hair dye.

The best way to find out whether a hair dye is safe is to check the ingredients yourself. Don't believe the marketing hype, as some of the so called natural hair dyes contain PPD and other potentially irritating

Unfortunately the Pallette by Nature website does not list their product ingredients, so I would not be able to advise you on the safety of their products. They do claim to be free of PPD,parabans, SLS, peroxide and other irritants, however you would need to contact the company directly to get a full disclosure of their ingredients.

There are no simple or easy solutions to finding a toxin free hair dye. Many of them have problems of one sort or another. The reviews I've read of Pallete By Nature are mixed.

Positive Reviews of Pallete by Nature - those customers who liked this product say it covers their gray well, and is free of PPD and other harmful irritants. Some said it provide a natural looking color. It only lasts a few washes and then will fade, and you'll need to use heat to set the dye.

Negative Reviews of Pallete by Nature - some customers found the product dyed their scalp and skin, sink and surrounding areas ... yikes! Others said the product was very expensive and one box did not cover their whole head of hair. Some said the color looked flat and not natural, or had green or blue undertones. Others found it created dullness in the hair which remained even after the color had faded.

It is my hope that one day manufacturers will make it a priority to remove toxins and chemicals from our foods, cosmetics, clothing, environment, hair dye and other cosmetic products. Until that day, our options are limited. I have been looking for safer hair dye products myself, and so created this collection of the brands I am comfortable using. Good luck, please let us know what you learn!

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