Safe Hair Removal Lotions

Are There Hair Removal Creams for Sensitive Skin?

There are several over-the-counter hair removal lotions available on the market today, but are you risking your health by using them? These are some safer hair removal creams and options that will work even for sensitive skin!

Women with darker hair color can experience frustration with unwanted facial hair in the areas of the lips, cheeks, and chin.

The removal of these unsightly hairs can become a real challenge, especially if you have sensitive skin. Some women with sensitive skin have reported inflammation, redness, and painful reactions to some of the over-the-counter hair removal products.

Laser treatments are available through dermatologists, but the cost associated with these treatments is often cost prohibitive for many people.

Dangers of Chemically Produced Hair Removal Solutions

Let's take a look at a few of the chemical products available on the market. One popular product is Nair Hair Removal Lotion. This product claims you can be free of facial and bikini hair in just three minutes. However, the ingredients this product contains should make you stop and think before purchasing and using it.

The harmful ingredients that Nair Hair Removal Lotions contain include:

  • Ceteareth-20 - this ingredient enhances skin absorption and can be irritating to the lungs, skin, and eyes. Research indicates that the nervous system and brain are affected if this ingredient is applied to the skin regularly, and that it should not be used on damaged skin.
  • Mineral Oil - research on this ingredient revealed cancerous tumor growths and toxicity to the organs when used consistently. It's also a known skin irritant and one people with sensitive skin should avoid.

    Mineral oil is derived from petroleum products, and it is inexpensive which is why it is used so frequently. Natural vegetable oils are much safer, and can provide healing benefits to the skin as well.
  • Fragrance - a true irritant to the skin, lungs, and eyes. Fragrances can also negatively affect the nervous system, and the immune system. Many people report allergic reactions to products with strong fragrances, including headache, sore throat, or watery eyes. See some of the research on fragrance.
  • Sodium Hydroxide - can cause skin irritation and research evidence suggests it may be toxic to the nervous system, brain, and organs.

Another popular line of hair removal lotions is the Veet name brand. Their product called Veet Rapid Action Hair Removal Lotion contains not only the harmful ingredients that Nair contains, but also a few additional ones that should be noted.

  • BHT is a chemical used as a preservative that can provoke allergic reactions and cause problems with the immune system, nervous system and reproductive system. It has also been shown to be hazardous to workers who are exposed for a long period of time
  • Lithium Magnesium Sodium Silicate is a synthetic clay which research indicates is toxic to the nervous system, and to organ systems of the body, and which may also be harmful to the reproductive system. There is some evidence that it can accumulate within the tissues of the body and within wildlife and the environment.
  • Propylene Glycol, although considered safe for people when used in food, is a skin, eye and lung irritant when used even at lower concentrations. It may also be toxic to the body's organs, and can cause allergic reactions.
  • Urea is a moiturizing and anti-static ingredient that is usually derived from the urine of animals. It can cause skin irritation and enhances the body's ability to absorb anything placed on the surface of the skin, and may also be implicated in cancer, although more recent research studies are needed on this.

Do these sound like chemicals you want to willingly place on your skin?

How Can I Safely Remove Unwanted Facial Hair?

It's possible to remove those unsightly hairs using all-natural products. Give these a try before resorting to the over-the counter hair removal lotions.

  • Sugar wax - this is great for people with sensitive skin and can be made at home using sugar, water and lemon juice. The mixture is cooked until it has the consistency of taffy, and then applied to the body or face. .

    A clean cotton cloth is placed over the hair and skin, and is pulled off in the opposite direction the hair is growing. Ouch! It does hurt, and the skin can become irritated from the removal of hairs, but the mixture itself is safe, nontoxic, and cleans off easily with water.
  • Honey wax is very similar to sugar wax, using honey, water and lemon juice as ingredients. It can also be miexed with sugar or corn syrup. The benefit is that it can be made more quickly, because it doesn't need as much cooking as the sugar wax, however is more expensive. Some people find the honey wax to be less sticky than sugar wax.
  • Revitol Hair Removal Cream - this is one of the few safe hair removal lotions that for the most part, does not contain harmful chemicals. It uses mostly herbal ingredients and takes longer to work than Nair and traiditonal hair removal creams which contain more toxic ingredients, however customers say that it does not burn sensitive skin.

    On the down side, it does contain fragrance, and some customers have had difficulty getting damaged product, and problems with the return policies. I recommend you carefully read the return policy of from wherever you purchase.
  • Spearmint tea - some women drink two cups a day and it is said to balance hormones and reduce the growth of excessive facial hair.

Keep in mind that every person's skin is different, so while one remedy may work for one person, it might not work for another person. Always test a product, whether purchased or homemade, on a small area of skin to check for an allergic reaction before applying it to the entire face or bikini area.

The encouraging news is that it is possible to remove unwanted hair safely and naturally!

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