Help for Darier's Disease?

by Camille
(Mount Prospect,Illinois)

I have Darier's skin disease. Have you had any other people inquire as to what might be helpful ?
I have tried many things in the last 35 years,but am curious to know what you have to offer in the way of relief advice.
Thank you

My reply

Hi Camille, thank you for your message. Yes, I understand how challenging Darier's can be. This is a chonic skin condition is also sometimes known as Keratosis Follicularis, which may be inherited.

It can manifest in many different ways... as dark, crusty patches on the skin, or acne like eruptions, it can appear like warts or freckles, pits on the skin, and it also can affect your gums, fingernails and mucous membranes. (See photos of Darier's disease)

Your 35 years of experience with this condition have given you a great deal of wisdom and knowledge about those things that may help. The only additional thing I can recommend is that you look for clues about what may have happened in your life right before the condition started. What changes or stresses were you experiencing?

Oftentimes, knowing what may have contributed to the onset on your symptoms can help you to find ways to lessen the frequency of symptoms. For example, if it appeared during times of hormonal change, then you would know that your hormonal balance affects the condition.

For some people, Darier's lesions can have an odor, which indicates that your body's systems of elimination are stressed and may need some extra help.

If this is the case, you may find it helpful to learn about and experiment with cleansing. This would best be done in partnership with a trusted health professional, doctor or naturopathic physician.

Another thing that may help if you have not tried this, is alternative health treatments such as acupuncture or Ayurvedic medicine. These can strengthen your body's overall balance of health, which will help your skin to stay as clear as possible.

If you decide to look at alternative treatments, I recommend that you ask your friends or community for referrals. It is important to find a reputable health professional who is licensed and qualified, and who can work with the specifics of your condition, including the medications you may be taking.

I hope this is helpful Camille. Please let us know how you are doing!

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