Do Hives Stress You?

Tips To Clear Hives Caused by Stress

It's amazing how much hives stress you and make you feel like you’d rather stay home than go out of the house. These tips will help you to clear up hives caused by stress!

Hives Stress

Stress and hives are directly related, so it’s no surprise that when you are experiencing high levels of stress, hives can sometimes appear on your skin.

People with sensitive skin have an even greater chance of developing hives caused by nerves. When you are stressed, you get hives. When you have hives, you’re more stressed! So, what is the answer to preventing this domino affect?

Stress and Hives

First, it’s important to understand the connection between hives and stress. When we are anxious about personal issues, work dilemmas, finances, or simply life itself, our bodies are out of balance hormonally.

Sometimes, our bodies will manifest the presence of stress in the way of headaches, body aches, or stomach issues. However, for those with sensitive skin, you’ll likely see the appearance of hives on your skin as a result of being under stress.

It's no wonder hives stress you! These red or white bumps show up on the surface of the skin (many times on the face and neck) and can be itchy or even sting. Ugh, who wants that?

The body’s natural fight or flight syndrome kicks in when you feel anxious or stressed and as a result, hives can (unfortunately) reveal to everyone that you’re experiencing stress in your life.

Can you take control and not let hives stress you? Absolutely. There are some simple and natural solutions to help you reduce hive outbreaks (and hopefully lengthen the time in between).

Eleven Natural Solutions for Preventing Hives
Caused by Stress

Preventing Hives Caused by Stress

If stress causes hives, then it makes perfect sense to prevent hives outbreaks by reducing stress levels, right? Here are a few techniques that will help you prevent stress, and hopefully, hives!

  • Exercise – run a mile, walk a few blocks, or get in twenty minutes of tai chi, dance, or martial arts. It will feel great and reduce your stress level!
  • Drink plenty of water – you’ve heard this before, but it bears repeating. Drink at least 64 ounces of water a day to ensure your body is functioning as well as possible.
  • Get ample sleep each night – everything seems worse when you’re tired, so getting enough sleep gives you a better chance of thinking clearly and managing your stress more effectively.
  • Eat a diet that is healthy and balanced – avoid high amounts of sugar, fats, and artificial flavorings and preservatives. Focus instead on whole grains, vegetables, lean proteins, and fruits.
  • Make a list – make two if needed! Get things off of your mind and onto paper and you’ll find that as you check off each item (when completed), you’ll automatically lower your stress level.
  • Give yourself time to relax. In other words, give yourself permission to do something you want to do, “just because”, not because you “have to”.
  • Go easy on your skin by pampering yourself with gentle natural beauty recipes that provide nourishment for your skin.
  • Share and connect with others so that you can know that you are NOT alone!
  • Laughter really IS the best medicine for any kind of stress! Turn on a funny TV show, talk with a friend who can make you laugh, or get involved with Laughter Yoga!

    Yes, there are people all over the world who get together both in person and also through telephone conference calls ... to LAUGH together! It's called Laughter Yoga ... it is amazing and it really does work!
  • Reduce stress on your skin by using safe skin care products that are free from allergens and chemicals which can irritate sensitive skin and cause rashes. For more on this topic please see our safe cosmetics section.
  • Use Gentle, Natural Hives Remedies that help your body to heal itself. My favorite is Hive Away which is safe, and gentle enough even for pregnant women, and yet it works really quickly to reduce the itching, redness and swelling.

Really, what it comes down to is taking care of yourself each and every day. Give yourself permission to take a break now and then.

It’s okay to let some things slide in your home if it means taking thirty minutes to run off the stress of the day rather than cleaning the kitchen floor! :-)

Give your body what it needs to reduce your stress levels and you’ll reap the benefits by feeling better and enjoying clear skin!

The Real Hives Stress - When Nothing Works

When I was a baby I had a really bad case of hives that just wouldn't go away. My mom brought me to the hospital. I was too young to remember, but she often tells me how horrified she was to see these huge welts all over my body. It is such a helpless feeling to see your skin erupting like a volcano, over and over again, with NO idea how to stop it!

If you have chronic and recurring hives, and if your doctor hasn't been able to help you and your desperate, you've probably figured out that one or two treatments will not be enough to permanently rid you of the hives. In some cases the medical treatments for hives may actually have made your skin worse!

In a situation like this, I recommend that you take advantage of the hard won wisdom gained by fellow hives sufferers. I discovered a natural hives treatment program written by Nancy Summers that is fantastic. She goes into depth about the causes of hives, why so many hives treatments fail, and what you can do to clear up your hives naturally. Her natural hives treatment program Urticaria Solution is guaranteed to clear up your hives and produce a dramatic improvement in your skin.

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