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Natural Allergy Remedies for Any Skin Type

The Internet is full of home remedies for allergies like calamine lotion or apple cider vinegar on the skin. Many lotions contain chemicals that can increase the skin's reaction making matters worse.

Even natural allergy remedies like apple cider vinegar applied to the skin can cause irritation if skin is broken.

What you need is a list of all natural health remedies for allergies that will work for everyone, not just a select few who do not suffer from sensitive skin!

Go Bananas When Skin is Irritated!

Bananas can be used to treat allergic skin reactions without risk of additional irritation. Consuming the banana meat is a great way to treat the condition from the inside, but it is the peel that really works wonders!

The anti-oxidants and potassium in the banana peel can help reduce inflammation and irritation associated with skin allergies.

Soothing Oatmeal to Calm Itching and Nourish Skin

Taking a warm (but not hot!) oatmeal bath is a simple and gentle way to sooth skin allergies and skin rashes. Take a handful of rolled oats and place them in a blender or food grinder.

Add the powder to your bath and soak in the tub for at least 20 minutes. The oatmeal will gently moisturize your skin and calm down itching and inflammation.

If you don't have a food grinder or blender, place the oatmeal in a clean nylon stocking and add to your tub. The oatmeal will steep like a teabag and release its healing properties into the water.

Green Tea is Great for Fighting Infections

There are not many ailments in life that green tea cannot help. Many people choose to drink green tea daily, but what happens to the leftover tea bags? Green tea bags are perfect natural allergy remedies because of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the herb.

After steeping tea, simply rub the tea bag on the irritated skin and watch the redness fade away. Green tea bags can be used multiple times a day to stop itching and swelling often associated with allergies.

Tea Tree Oil and Skin Infections

It is not uncommon for skin irritation to result in scratching of the affected area. In children, this scratching can quickly lead to a skin infection called impetigo.

Natural allergy remedies often avoid infections, but that is not the case with tea tree oil. This strong antiseptic works wonders on impetigo, skin rashes and swelling. The oil is applied to the affected area with a piece of natural cotton, several times a day for relief.

Please note that tea tree oil and other herbs are potent natural medicines which may or may not agree with you. If you have very sensitive skin, be SURE to do a skin test before trying even natural home remedies.

Cooling the Skin With Sandalwood Paste

If the home remedies for allergies are not relieving the burn often associated with skin reactions, sandalwood can come to the rescue. Sandalwood paste can be created with a rubbing stone, sandalwood stick and a few drops of water.

Simply drop the water on the stone and grind the stick until the paste develops. The more grinding, the thicker the paste will become.

Sandalwood paste, when applied to the skin, is perfect for relieving burn and irritation that can cause scratching. Scratching an allergic reaction on the skin can lead to infection.

Herbal Remedies for Allergies

If home remedies aren't working for you, a professionally formulated natural remedy may provide some relief. When you have sensitive skin, it is important to use remedies that have a shorter list of ingredients, which makes it less likely that you will react to one of them. I looked for a long time to find natural remedies for allergies that actually work.

Cold Compresses – The Simplest of All Treatments

There will always be one person who cannot use any of the common home remedies for allergies or even these listed as “safe”.

In the case of exceptionally sensitive skin, cold compresses can relieve irritation, swelling and redness.

A cold compress can be created with a wash cloth soaked in cold water. Adding ice to the water will help increase the effectiveness of the compress.

Not every one of the home remedies for allergies you may find will work with sensitive skin. The above mentioned methods, however, should cause no additional skin reactions.

Finding relief, naturally, is important to many people as the popularity of alternative therapy continues to increase in both the traditional and holistic branches of medicine.

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