Home Remedy to Cure Acne

Would you be surprised to hear that changing your diet could be the simplest home remedy to cure acne and encourage youthful, beautiful skin? It's an interesting topic given the fact that physicians can't seem to agree on whether or not certain foods can affect the occurrence of acne.

Acne and Inflammation - the Connection

You may be surprised to know that acne is actually the result of the body's immune system responding to what it perceives as infection. Inflammation and acne go hand-in-hand and it's this aspect of acne that is often overlooked when considering the connection between acne breakouts and certain foods.

When pores of the skin are blocked by dirt, bacteria, or dead skin cells, the body sees that as a threat and responds by swelling, creating a redness in the area being threatened, and sometimes even responds with pain. Pimples or redness of the skin, otherwise known as acne, is what happens!

Now that we know that acne and inflammation are related, how does that translate into changing our diet a bit to encourage healthy, acne-free skin?

The Simplest Home Remedy to Cure Acne - Eating Low-Glycemic Diet

Think of it this way - our body has a hormone called insulin, which is the most important hormone in the body. When the insulin balance in our body is upset or disrupted then insulin can spike or plummet. Either way, insulin has a direct impact on growth hormones in the body, so it's possible that the body's insulin levels could have an affect on the development of acne.

Eat Low-Glycemic Foods

Why is it important to focus on low-glycemic foods as a home remedy to cure acne? These foods naturally stabilize the body's insulin levels, which could potentially mean fewer acne breakouts.

We mentioned before that there is a connection to inflammation and acne breakouts, right? Wouldn't it make perfect sense then if we eat anti-inflammatory foods that acne breakouts would be fewer and far between or even eliminated?

Low-glycemic foods include fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, fish oil, seafood, foods high in Omega 3 fatty acids, and organic grass-fed meet.

Additional Acne Fighting Foods

Foods with a high Vitamin A content are also excellent foods to combat acne breakouts. Consider including dark, leafy greens in your salad along with carrots and dried herbs. Fruits like cantaloupe and apricots are excellent sources of Vitamin A, as well as sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

Include some foods high in zinc content into your diet. These foods have been linked to improved skin health and appearance because they help alleviate inflammation. Some examples include peas, mushrooms, sesame seeds, spinach, shrimp, yogurt, and pumpkin seeds.

Drink plenty of water daily! It's so important and yet so many people skip this step to healthier skin! Fresh water flushes toxic contaminants from the body naturally, helping the body's systems to work properly and gives skin ample hydration.

Another Great Home Remedy to Cure Acne - Natural Acne Treatment Program

Acne No More is an 8-week dietary approach to curing acne that focuses on detoxifying the body's systems, cleansing the body's internal systems, and then boosting your immune system to keep the body healthy and strong.

This program claims to cure acne rather than just improve symptoms, and they provide personalized support to help you to permanently eliminate acne. Many people have had great success with Acne No More which is the most popular natural treatment program on our site.

Home Remedy to Cure Acne - All
Natural Topical Choices

There are several topical natural skin care remedies for acne that you can use at home to alleviate itchy or flaky skin and to help inhibit acne breakouts as well.

  • Have a potato on hand? Lying down, place thinly sliced pieces of potato over the worst acne areas and allow it to rest for about seven minutes. Potatoes can help alleviate swelling while encouraging healing at the same time.
  • Need a quick fix for an inflamed pimple? Grab a few ice cubes and rub it over the pimple - you'll notice that it's less intense very quickly.
  • Pour a little bit of honey into a small dish and add some grated apple to it. Mix gently and then use it as a mask on your skin. Leave it on your face for about 20 minutes. If you find that the honey is too difficult to work with, dilute it a bit with a small amount of water.
  • Oatmeal is great for lowering your cholesterol, but it's also great for providing relief to skin that is red and swollen from acne. Put some oatmeal into a grinder or blender and grind it into a powder. Add a little water to the powder to make a paste. Spread the paste over your skin and relax for a bit until you feel your skin calming down. Rinse thoroughly.
  • A drop or two of Tea tree oil can be dabbed directly onto a pimple to make it dry up more quickly. One caution - don't use this remedy if you have sensitive skin that is allergic to salicylate acid.
  • Did you know that Olive oil is a fantastic cleanser, even for oily skin? Simply apply olive oil to your skin and then cover your face with a warm washcloth. Gently press the warm washcloth against your skin until the cloth cools. Rinse it out and then apply the warm cloth to your skin a second time. Once the cloth cools again, rinse your face thoroughly with water.
  • Mix together 7 ounces of water, 2 teaspoons lemon juice, and 2 teaspoons honey until it has a lotion-like consistency. Put this lotion on your acne-prone skin a few times per day.
  • Some people find that simply switching to nontoxic hypoallergenic skin care products is enough to completely clear up their acne. This simple and very affordable approach to acne skin care products is guaranteed because it works so well.

Advantages of Adopting a Home Remedy to
Cure Acne

First and foremost, the best reason to use home remedies to get rid of your acne is because your body will thank you! Natural ingredients are healthier for you and quite simply put, much better for your skin and body than chemical or synthetic ingredients.

When you make home remedies, you know what you're applying to your skin and that means you'll have little or no risk of causing more acne or inflammation to your skin.

You'll save money too because you're using products that are possibly already in your home. Even if you have to buy a few things, it's still much less expensive to utilize your own ingredients.

Think about changing your diet and perhaps trying some of these easy home remedies as a way to alleviate or eliminate your acne. Remember - eating healthy is the simplest and best home remedy to cure acne!

Tips for Severe Acne Prone Skin

If changes to your diet, home remedies and hypoallergenic acne skin care products do not help your acne-prone skin, you may need stronger remedies.

One of the quickest solutions is professionally designed natural skin care remedies which are more expensive but can provide more effective results for those stubborn cases of acne that just won't quit.

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